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Book of the Transcendence
Cosmic History Chronicles, Volume VI

by José Argüelles/Valum Votan & Stephanie South/Red Queen (GRI)

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276 pages, 65+ full-color graphics
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We are at a time when knowledge is being renewed. We are being called to turn inward, away from the virtual cyber-world into the vast realm of our own mind - the ultimate supercomputer.

Book of the Transcendence offers a comprehensive vision of new time knowledge and its path into the next stage of human evolution. This volume is packed with new information, new methods, and new forms of yoga or yogic discipline that help us bridge into galactic consciousness, which is governed by synchronicity. This text also contains new programs of information, and new practices to orient your mind and heart in the direction of full noospheric engagement.

This text also features an introduction to New Earth Geomancy as viewed through a fourth-dimensional lens.  In fact, this volume unfolds a new whole system program that can be studied, followed and applied. It is a whole system that relates the whole person to the whole planet - and then to the galaxy beyond. The text includes numerous full color graphic illustrations making it easy to follow the new practices, and concludes with an introduction to the Galactic I Ching, with its 128-codon and 12-strand DNA.

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Book of the Transcendence,
Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. VI

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Book of the Transcendence,
Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. VI



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