3-day Retreat at Mt. Shasta
Cosmic Moon 26-28 (July 22-24 2013)


How can we go beyond our present state and condition of being to become telepathic receptors of the Higher Mind? How can we shift our self-perception into that of a galactic being?

Join us for three days in the transformational vortex of Mt. Shasta for an interactive workshop where we release our conditioned programming and embody our galactic archetype. We will explore themes such as: What is the future identity for the human? And, how do we transition from personality into archetype and reenter the mythic realm in our day-to-day reality?

In the New Cycle there is no competition, only mutual love and admiration for each of our unique gifts. Our galactic signature unlocks the galactic archetype of our mythic self, which opens a portal that reveals new aspects of our being.  By embracing our galactic archetype in a space of unconditional love, synchronicity is heightened and our star memories awaken as we recognize that we are part of one vast synchronic web that extends to other dimensions. This group realization is the battery that transforms reality, entering us into noospheric consciousness.

This three-day retreat will be led by Stephanie South (Serpent Initiate)/Red Queen, lineage holder of the Galactic Mayan Mind transmission (GM108X) as transmitted by Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles. The event is organized by the Foundation for the Law of Time, a nonprofit which all proceeds benefit. Full program details coming soon.

Note: This event concludes on the final day of the Blue Resonant Storm year and is followed by the Day out of Time (July 25) and Galactic Synchronization: Ceremony of Planetary Resurrection (Magnetic 1: July 26), which is free and Open to Everyone. More details coming soon.

Now, for the 3D details...

Stewart Mineral Springs, Mt. Shasta
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Cosmic Moon 26-28, Kin 160-162
(July 22, 23, 24, 2013)

$260 per person for the 3-day Retreat. All proceeds benefit the Foundation for the Law of Time.

Spaces are limited to 60!
So Register NOW

Registrations & accommodations are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once your registration is confirmed you will want to book your accommodation at Stewart Mineral Springs ASAP. All participants staying at Stewart Mineral Springs will be given an Event Code to book their room.

IMPORTANT: Please make reservations with Stewart Mineral Springs by Crystal Moon 1 (May 30) to guarantee your accommodation. If you don’t make reservations with them by that date, we cannot guarantee that a space will be available for you. 

The Retreat will be followed by two events, both FREE and open to the public.  The Day out of Time celebration, Kin 163 (25 July) and then Galactic Synchronization: Ceremony of Planetary Resurrection, Kin 164 (Magnetic 1: July 26).  Stay tuned for more details on these events!

NOTE: Stewart Mineral Springs (SMS) has another event commencing July 26 so if you’re planning to participate in the Day out of Time and Resurrection Ceremony you will need to arrange other accommodations for these dates. Click here for a list of options in the area. Click here for travel information. For all inquiries contact Sarah Spectral Seed and Jacob Rhythmic Dragon at or call the Foundation for the Law of Time office at +1 541-488-0714.


Foundation for the Law of Time is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity