Day out of Time 2013 worldwide events listing!

Start planning now for the Day out of Time peace through culture festival (25 July) and Galactic Synchronization (26 July). This marks the climax of the 26-Year Harmonic Convergence cycle!

This is a call to ACTIVATE the NEW CYCLE by creating a Global 13:20 Love Revolution based on Art, Synchronicity and Imagination! 

The Day out of Time is the last day of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar, a day which is no day of the week or month at all, but a day to celebrate our galactic heritage and creative unification! It is up to us to co-create the world that we would like to see.

Synchronized events are the KEY to lighting up the Noosphere, the mind of the Earth! Let's create LIVING TZOLKINs all over the planet, igniting the Rainbow Bridge!

"But we come from Heaven through Water by dreams."
–Australian Aborigine

Let's dive deep into the ocean of Time and synchronize our festivals with Global Water Blessing ceremonies on behalf of World Water Appreciation Day (25 July) put forth by Water Messenger Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Honor the Mother (Earth)
Honor the Water that came from the Mother
And everything will go well

One Time; One Earth; One People; One Ocean; One Blood

People who can gather 10 people, gather 10 people.
People who can gather 100 people, gather 100 people.
People who can gather 1,000 people, gather 1,000 people.

Galactic Synchronization (26 July) is the climax of the 26-year Harmonic Convergence. This is a call to create worldwide ceremonies for Planetary Resurrection! and the Launching of Timeship Earth 2013! Unified intention is everything.

Create a prayer or ceremony in your community in reverence and gratitude to the Earth, Creator, all ancestors, prophets, sages, messengers and seers who have walked before us. Let's Open the Rainbow Portal and become the Realization of the Highest Dream of all ancient and future civilizations – Let's become a Living Galactic Prayer made manifest!

"Resurrection indicates the elevation of consciousness from lower to higher states –especially from cosmic identification to superconsciousness, Christ consciousness." –Yogananda.

Day out of Time: Kin 163, Blue Resonant Night

[Blue Resonant Night]I channel in order to dream
Inspiring intuition
I seal the input of abundance
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of vision

Galactic Synchronization: Kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed

[Yellow Galactic Seed]I harmonize in order to target
Modeling awareness
I seal the input of flowering
With the galactic tone of integrity
I am guided by the power of elegance

Let us harness the magick of this energy as a unified collective force and channel it into a globally synchronized celebration of Time is Art and ceremonies of Planetary Resurrection!

Send your Day out of Time and Galactic Synchronization event flyers and info to info@lawoftime.org. You can also register your event with www.unify.org to synchronize with the Harmonic Convergence of 2013/Day out of Time at Stonehenge and Mt. Shasta. (Harmonic Convergence 2013 on Facebook.)

[Dr. Masaru Emoto with Stephanie South/Red Queen]
Stephanie South presents Dr. Masuro Emoto with Banner of Peace on behalf of his tireless mission as Water Messenger (and on behalf of the continuance of the work of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan as Time Messenger). Galactic Moon 5 – White Overtone Mirror (2 March) Hilo, Hawaii.

[Dr. Jose Arguelles receives the Nihcolas Roerich Medal - 2010]
José Argüelles receives the highest award of the International Committee of the Banner of Peace (Non-governmental Organization of the United Nations): The Nicholas Roerich Medal (2010)

[Biospheric Rights]

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