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Tomb Lid with Clear Signs locations HighlightedThe 13 Clear Signs of Pacal Votan

The Thirteen Clear Signs are the thirteen galactic signatures along the four edges of the sarcophagus lid of the tomb of Pacal Votan (see Telektonon manual, pp.25-26). This is a living prophecy, so in many ways the meaning of the Clear Signs depends on your awareness of being in the synchronic order and what occurs at those points in the synchronic order, or even, whom you might identify as being one of those clear signs.

The sum of the tones of the thirteen signs, 78 (13 x 6) is the same as the sum of the 13 Worldbridger, the last sign, when you multiply its code number 6 by its tone 13. This sum yields a further hidden clear sign, Kin 78, Cosmic Mirror which closes the Wavespell of Death (thirteenth tone, wavespell six). This means that 78 is a key synchronic fractal: 7:8 = 7.8 hz., Earth resonant frequency; 780 = number of days in synodic cycle of Mars; and in general as sixth power of thirteen, 78 is a fractal key to the sixth-dimensional light codes. The South edge 8 Sun and 6 Mirror are the birth and disincarnation of Pacal Votan, tonal sums 14 = ½ 28.

The first four signs on the eastern edge are divided into two interlocking pairs, 5 Earth and 9 Hand (tonal sums = 14) and 7 Warrior and 7 Sun (tonal sums = 14). Then, again the sum of kin numbers: 5 Earth, kin 57 (3 x 19) plus 9 Hand, kin 87 (3 x 29) = 144, key number of prophecy Telektonon; while kin numbers of 7 Warrior, kin 176 + 7 Sun, kin 20 = 196 = 28 x 7 or 14 squared = Bode number of planet Uranus (see Telektonon manual p. 50). This is the key to the 28 day cycle divided into 4 sets of 7 (7:7::7:7). 196 is also the sum of Bode numbers of planets of Tower of Babel: Mars 16 + Maldek 28 + Jupiter 52 + Saturn 100 = 196. Note that 28 x 7 = Maldek 28 x Venus Bode number 7.

The tonal sums of the first four signs of the eastern edge (28) combined with the tonal sums 2 + 11 (=13) of the other two signs on the eastern edge refers to the prophecy of the 13 moon 28 day calendar. 11 Serpent refers to the destruction of Maldek, 2 Human is the fourth kin of the mystic Harmonic 33 and refers to the redemption of the human through the 13 Moon calendar, hence Lunar Human. 11 Serpent also refers to Carlos Salinas Gortari, the President of Mexico when the Telektonon Prophecy was decoded (1993-94).

The 2 Worldbridger on the North edge is the key because it is the only sign there, and refers to the destruction of Mars. The tonal number 2 is the factor which multiplies the 14 to become 28, and the 7 of the first two signs of the west edge to become 14. The 3 Monkey combined with 4 Dog, tonal sums = 7, directly opposite the two signs on the eastern edge whose sums are 13. 13 and 7 are the two key numbers of the Tzolkin (=20). The combination of 1 Sun with 13 Worldbridger refers to the resurrection in the new time (tonal sums again = 14).

When you add all of the kin numbers of the thirteen clear signs, they equal 1248, a very magical number which is also a factor 78 = 1248 = 78 x 16, Martian Bode number and key to the 16 unit Cube of the Law (Study 1248 — it is an amazingly harmonic number and can be factored by perhaps 20 other numbers).

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