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Harmonic Convergence of 2012
Program and Schedule of Synchronized Meditations
Rhythmic 20 (1 Jan 2012) – Rhythmic 9 (21 Dec 2012)
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The Harmonic Convergence of 2012 is the fulfillment of the 25-year Harmonic Convergence initiated on 16-17 August 1987. At that time, the call went out for a minimum of 144,000 “sun dancers” to gather at sunrise on those dates at sacred sites everywhere around the planet, and to create a synchronized meditation for world peace. An untold number – perhaps millions – answered the call.

While many saw it as an end in itself, the opening to the New Age, in actuality the event was the fulfillment of an ancient Mexican prophecy, announcing the conclusion of a major cycle of 1,144 years, and the beginning of a final transitional period of 25 years.

This 25-year cycle – the time of prophecy – spans the period between 16 August 1987 and 21 December 2012. This now widely publicized date marks the Closing of the Cycle, the last day of the Mayan Great Cycle of 5,125 years or thirteen baktuns of 144,000 days each – a total of 1,872,000 days. This cycle effectively encompasses the cycle of history; from its beginning at 3113 BC to its conclusion, in 2012 AD.

The basis of the original Harmonic Convergence event and the cause of its success and positive effect on the world were in the principle of synchronized global meditation.

Timed to occur at sunrise, wherever that might occur on the planet, not only were people synchronized in their particular time zones, but as the planet made one rotation on its axis, every point of sunrise was synchronized in a slow motion sweep around the Earth.

The point of the synchronization was two-fold: to establish a common unified field of mind and intention, and secondly to create a type of mental network or field around the planet over a period of two days – a proto-noosphere.

Now we approach the conclusion of the 25-year Harmonic Convergence cycle. The world changes initiated since then have catapulted the planet into its ultimate crisis. The population has increased by almost 2 billion; the Cold War has been replaced by the even uglier war on terror; man-made and natural catastrophes occur at an accelerating frequency; deforestation and global warming continue unabated; while the technosphere has spawned the cybersphere – the pseudo-noosphere, and with it an increased personal and social confusion and anarchy.

Against this backdrop and in the midst of a growing foreboding and anxiety concerning the 2012 date, the call is made for the conclusion to the 25-year time of prophecy, the Harmonic Convergence of 2012. While the first Harmonic Convergence was a two-day event, the Harmonic Convergence of 2012 spans the year, from 1 January to 21 December 2012.

The essence of the concluding Harmonic Convergence will consist of two concurrent cycles of synchronized meditations: a thirteen-day cycle and a seven-day cycle. There are also special synchronized meditations for certain key event points such as the Venus Transit, Crystal 8 (June 6, 2012) and Harmonic Convergence of 2012, Magnetic 22-23 (August 16-17, 2012), etc. See complete schedule at the end of this document.

The thirteen-day cycle – one synchronized meditation every 13 days – is fundamentally for cleansing and purifying the errors and corruptions of the entire 13-baktun cycle, but especially the corruptions and errors occurring during the thirteenth baktun. These are the errors due to living in the deviation from natural time – the linear, mechanistic time of the 12:60 frequency.

The whole of the thirteenth baktun – AD 1618-2012 – is characterized by the overlay of mechanical 12:60 time on the whole Earth, and with it, the suppression of the Indigenous peoples and the triumph of industrialization. So the meditations every 13 days are for the cleansing and purification of our minds, the healing of the Earth and for untying the knots to six of our creative powers resulting from living in linear time.

These six knots are: intelligence, meditation, memory, flowering, healing and love. In doing these cleansing meditations we are also looking forward to the return of the sacred circle of the unity of all peoples and living once again in the cycles of natural time.

Note: The 13-day ceremonies were initiated by the Queqchi Maya of Guatemala and in the long count calendar always occur on tone 8 days, which synchronizes with 13 Moon/Dreamspell tone 3.

The seven-day meditation cycle – one synchronized meditation every seven days (every “Silio” day on the 13 Moon calendar) – is the enactment of the second creation, the opening to the seventh day of creation, the new cycle that begins after 2012. This is represented by the circumpolar rainbow bridge meditation.

The purpose of this synchronized meditation is to create a strong image in the mass consciousness of the actual phenomenon of the circumpolar rainbow bridge that would be the result of a “telepathic engineering” project intended to connect the two auroras – borealis (northern) and australis (southern) – at the equator.

The goal is to make a permanent effect in the upper atmosphere. This would characterize the actual manifestation of the noosphere, and signal the seven baktuns of the cycle of Peace on Earth.

Both of these sequences of meditations have been occurring in some form or another for some time before 2012. The rainbow bridge meditations were begun in 1996, while the 13-day meditations began in the Galactic Moon of the Red Overtone Moon Year (February 2010). The point is to activate them at the broadest levels possible. It is possible to begin the meditations at any time on the scheduled dates.

During this time we visualize the two cycles as creating a synchronic weaving over the planet – a seven-day weaving and a thirteen-day weaving. Please note: Every 7 thirteen-day meditations there are 13 seven-day meditations. So where those cycles intersect – precisely every 91 days or thirteen weeks – we are making an interwoven connection in the noosphere. As in any weaving these points of intersection are the junctures of threads that hold the weaving – in this case the noosphere – in place. These intersections are shown below in the full schedule of 13 and 7-day meditations.

General Guidelines for the Meditations

Recommended preliminary practice for all of the synchronized meditations and visualizations:

Light incense and/or burn sage. Then experience at least 15 minutes of natural mind meditation, dissolving all thoughts as they arise and clearing your mind. When you feel a clear mind then begin the visualization and/or specific meditation.

Recommended concluding practice for all of the synchronized meditations and visualizations:

When you conclude the particular meditation or visualization take three deep inhalations. As you inhale visualize that you are taking in all the darkness, ignorance and suffering of the world. As you hold your breath, feel the pain of the world being transmuted in your heart into light, compassion and love for all beings. As you slowly exhale, breath out light and compassion for all beings without exception.

The meditations may be done either individually or as a group. If group meditation, people should sit in a circle.

7 and 13-Day Meditations

7-Day Meditation – Rainbow Bridge

Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge VisualizationVisualize yourself inside the Earth’s octahedron crystal core (with two red and two white sides on top, and two blue and two yellow sides below). In the center of this core is an intensely blazing point of white light. An etheric column extends North and South from the blazing center to the tips of the octahedron.

Now visualize that from the center of the crystal a great stream of multicolored plasma-filled light flows along the axis toward both of Earth’s poles, shooting out from them to become two rainbow bands 180 degrees apart. As Earth revolves on its axis, this rainbow bridge remains steady and constant, unmoving.

Now take the whole vision of the rainbow bridge around the Earth and place it in your heart. Imagine the two streams of rainbow light rushing through your central column, shooting out from above your head and beneath your feet to create a rainbow bridge around your body. Now you and the rainbow bridge are one. The rainbow bridge of world peace is real. Visualized by enough people in a telepathic wave of love, the rainbow bridge will become a reality.

Silio 28 – Special Rainbow Bridge Instructions:

On the 28th day at the end of each of the 13 Moons, we practice a slightly longer meditation. Do the same as the 7-day but after visualizing the octahedron in the center of the Earth, we amplify the visualization to include a more complete description of the center of the octahedron, which is as follows:

Coiled around the etheric axis like two strands of DNA, are the red and blue flux tubes. In the crystal core are four time atoms. A red time atom strung on the northern axis, and a blue one on the southern. The gravitational plane of the octahedron emanates horizontally from the luminous center point. Along this plane are two more time atoms, a white and a yellow one, which turn like paddle wheelers making a counterclockwise motion around the center.

Then complete the meditation as in the 7-day practice.

It is recommended to do the 28 day practice in a larger group, seated if possible in a circle with a globe in the center perhaps surrounded by four (or more) candles. The idea of meditating the whole Earth feeling it as a total simultaneity of experience is very important for the cultivation of noospheric consciousness.

13-day Meditation – Untie the Knots

This program is promoted by the Copalaa (Guatemala) community of Queqchi Mayan elders and is also being coordinated with the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement.

This ceremony and meditation involves “untying six astral knots” that were tied together, blocking our energy from the energy of the Earth due to following linear, mechanical time (Gregorian calendar and mechanical clock). The Mayan elders emphasize how we must all unite in our spiritual groups to untie these astral knots so that by 2012 we can make time circular again.

So in this practice we are cleaning the energies within ourselves. These energies are intelligence, meditation, memory, flowering, healing and love. These energies or qualities of our mind and being, which should be so natural, have become particularly flawed.

Thinking of each of these knots, free them: Free your intelligence; open up your meditation; tune into your cosmic memory; assume your personal power; trust in your power for self-healing; expand your heart in selfless love.

We can locate these energies in some of our main chakras and so provide an area to focus our healing light.

Intelligence as our intrinsic curiosity and knowing – Throat chakra
Memory as the natural recollection of original cosmic nature – Throat chakra
Meditation as a natural gift for having a clear mind – Solar Plexus chakra
Love as an unconditional response to the world – Crown chakra
Flowering as our natural expression of radiance – Root chakra
Purification/Healing as a natural gift of our own being – Root chakra

In the 13 Moon calendar, these knots refer to the following solar seals:
Intelligence – Warrior
Meditation – Mirror
Memory – Dragon
Flowering – Seed
Purification/Healing – Moon
Love – Dog

Every 52 days the ‘Untie the Knots’ meditation also includes a major fire ceremony, see below for full list of dates.
This type of synchronization program is precisely what is required for establishing the 13:20 frequency of the noosphere, based as it is on a unification of the Indigenous Mayan long count and the 13 Moon/28-day calendar, both of which already operate by the 13:20 frequency. By uniting worldwide, the idea is to build a gathering 13:20 frequency mind-wave synchronized to 13-day oscillations that will peak at the prophetic climax. When time becomes circular again, the center of that circle will once again be our home, the eternal ever-occurring now.

Schedule of Synchronized Meditations
Harmonic Convergence of 2012

7-day Rainbow Bridge Meditations

See also: lawoftime.org/rainbowbridge, www.noosphereforum.org,
and “Galactic Synchronization” on Facebook.

Rainbow Bridge Meditations are done on every “Silio” day of the 13 Moon calendar, with major Rainbow Bridge Meditations every “Silio 28”, Day Out of Time (July 25, 2012), and all-day Rainbow Bridge vigils on December 20-21, 2012.

Schedule is as follows:

March 6 to July 24, 2012: every "Tuesday" Morning 8 AM.
July 25, 2012: Day Out of Time, 8 AM.
August 1 to December 19, 2012: every "Wednesday" morning 8 AM.
Dec. 20-21, all-day Rainbow Bridge vigils to 11 AM GMT 21 December 2012.

13-day Untie the Knots Meditations – 2012

See also: lawoftime.org/untietheknots and “Galactic Synchronization” on Facebook.

✳ Indicates ceremonies every 52 days; these are of special importance and
should be held if possible outside with a fire providing the center of focus

White Rhythmic Wizard Year

January 9 (Rhythmic 28, Kin 121, 4 Dragon) + Rainbow Bridge Meditation.
January 22 (Resonant 13, Kin 134, 4 Wizard)
February 4 (Resonant 26, Kin 147, 4 Hand – galactic activation portal day)
February 17 (Galactic 11, Kin 160, 4 Sun)
✳March 1 (Galactic 23, Kin 172, 3 Human)
March 14 (Solar 8, Kin 185, 3 Serpent)
March 27 (Solar 21, Kin 198, 3 Mirror) + Rainbow Bridge Meditation.
April 9 (Planetary 6, Kin 211, 3 Monkey – Pacal Votan clear sign and galactic activation portal day)
✳April 22 (Planetary 19, Kin 224, 3 Seed)
May 5 (Spectral 4, Kin 237, 3 Earth)
May 18 (Spectral 17, Kin 250, 3 Dog)
May 31 (Crystal 2, Kin 3, 3 Night)
✳June 13 (Crystal 15, Kin 16, 3 Warrior)
June 26 (Crystal 28, Kin 29, 3 Moon) + Rainbow Bridge Meditation.
July 9 (Cosmic 13, Kin 42, 3 Wind)
July 22 Cosmic 26, Kin 55, 3 Eagle (Harmonic Convergence of 1987)

Blue Resonant Storm Year

✳August 4 (Magnetic 10, Kin 68, 3 Star)
August 17 (Magnetic 23, Kin 81, 3 Dragon) – Harmonic Convergence 25
August 30 (Lunar 8, Kin 94, 3 Wizard)
September 12 (Lunar 21, Kin 107, 3 Hand – galactic activation portal) + Rainbow Bridge Meditation
✳September 25 (Electric 6, Kin 120, 3 Sun)
October 8 (Electric 19, Kin 133, 3 Skywalker)
Oct. 21 (Self-Existing 4, Kin 146, 3 Worldbridger – galactic activation portal)
November 3 (Self-Existing 17, Kin 159, 3 Storm)
✳November 16 (Overtone 2, Kin 172, 3 Human)
November 29 (Overtone 15, Kin 185, 3 Serpent)
December 12 (12-12-12) (Overtone 28, Kin 198, 3 Mirror) + Rainbow Bridge Meditation.
December 13-21 (Rhythmic 1-9, Kin 199-207), all day vigils for returning time to the sacred round.

Synchronized Meditations for Key Event Points

See also: lawoftime.org/untietheknots and “Galactic Synchronization” on Facebook.

The following dates may vary according to time zone.

Rhythmic Wizard Year (26 July 2011 – 25 July 2012)
Solar Eclipse: May 20 (Spectral 19, Kin 252, 5 Human)
Lunar Eclipse: June 4 (Crystal 6, Kin 7, 7 Hand)
Venus Transit: June 6 (Crystal 8, Kin 9, 9 Moon)
Solstice (Summer N./Winter S.): June 20 (Crystal 22, Kin 23, 10 Night)
July 25, Day Out of Time (Kin 58, 6 Mirror)

Resonant Storm Year (26 July 2012 – 25 July 2013)
Harmonic Convergence 25: August 16 (Magnetic 22, Kin 80, 2 Sun)
Equinox (Autumn N./Spring S.): Sept 22 (Electric 3, Kin 117, 13 Earth)
Total Solar Eclipse: Nov 13 (Self-Existing 27, Kin 169, 13 Moon)
“12-12-12” - Dec 12 (Overtone 28, Kin 198, 3 Mirror)
Closing of the Cycle: Dec 21 (Rhythmic 9, Kin 207, 12 Hand)

The following are the global telepathic meditations co-created by the five Earth Families. Feel free to circulate these at the appropriate time. For those new to this there are five Earth Families in the synchronic order, each corresponds to a different chakra and has a different function: Polar, Cardinal, Core, Signal and Gateway. Each Earth Family also codes the Planet Holon in five horizontal rows. For further explanation about Earth Families, click here.

Complete description of these Meditations can also be found in the free "Galactic Handbook & Synchronized Meditations 2012-2013" eBook. (Or click here for a printable version).

Core Family Meditation: Solar Eclipse

May 20, 2012 (Spectral 19, Kin 252, Yellow Overtone Human)

Begin with Pranayams: 4x through both nostrils plus 3x alternating nostril breaths. Next chant the seven Solar Mantras for the seven chakras, starting at the root:

"Hram" (Root)
"Hrim" (Sacral)
"Hrum" (Solar Plexus)
"Hraim" (Heart)
"Hraum" (Throat)
"Hraha" (3rd Eye)
"Om" (Crown)

Image showing symbols "Sem Kar Dual" at Crown, Throat and HeartFollowed by "Hraum" (Throat chakra) seven times.

Visualize the symbol “Sem” at the Crown, “Kar” at the Throat, “Dual” at the Heart. (“Sem kar dual” (contains life) is a principle symbol of Cosmic Science. This is the formula for life, or for how life comes about and is maintained).

In your heart visualize a four-petalled green lotus gently pulsing radiant light. Now look outward and become aware of planet Earth. See the Earth also gently pulsing radiant light.

Now become aware of a gold and silver cord connected from your navel to the center or navel of the Earth. Feel this cord gently pulling you toward the Earth until you have fully merged with Her.

Feel yourself as our beautiful Mother Earth. Feel the breeze on your body. Feel the trees gently swaying. Feel the warmth of the Sun’s rays. Now feel yourself going deeper, deeper, deeper into the crystal core of the Earth. Feel the moment of darkness …

“I am one with the Earth, the Earth and myself are One Mind”.

Above you a doorway opens, penetrating the darkness with the Sun’s rays. Bring the Sun into your heart. Feel your heart fully open and radiating love and light. Pulse the love from your heart to your family … your friends … to all beings …

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Cardinal Family Meditation: Venus Transit

5 June 2012 (Crystal 7, Kin 8, Yellow Galactic Star) or
6 June 2012 (Crystal 8, Kin 9, Red Solar Moon)
Find transit times for your region!

[Venus Transit Image]In the Venus Transit, the planet Venus will cross the face of the Sun – this will even be visible from Earth in certain areas. It can be seen as a little black dot moving across the fiery disk of the Sun.

Venus, as the loving feminine artistic archetype will be like a lens or amplifier of the massive solar activity that we are now experiencing. Since we are now also in the midst of the alignment of our solar system with the galactic center (Hunab Ku), there is a four-part galactic alignment: Hunab Ku, the Sun, Venus and Earth. As the humans on the surface of the Earth, it is our task to ground this energy!

If you wish, bring your favorite crystal or power object to this group meditation. In your communities, stand, sit or lie down in a circle or mandala, and begin a rolling chant of the syllable “Ahm”. (Rolling chant simply means you chant as long as your breath can sustain the syllable and continue endlessly – thus each person will have a different rhythm, creating a rolling sound vibration).

Visualize the alignment of the galactic core/Hunab Ku, the Sun, Venus and the Earth – feel this alignment – it is happening! The Universal Love of the One Supreme Source spirals as a serpentine rainbow through the Hunab Ku, into the Sun, passing through Venus and finally toward us on Earth! This absolutely loving energy dissolves all false illusions and limiting preconceptions of love. At the same time, Venus, as the place of the feminine artistic archetype, fills this energy with trust in the power of the imagination.

Feel this energy passing into the Earth and into your heart, opening it completely. As you are filled with this Universal Love, visualize a rainbow around the Earth, symbolizing the unification of all. Taking the power of this love into the future, project yourself forward in time, beyond the great shift and imagine, in the greatest detail possible, the highest, most magnificently beautiful vision of the Earth. Ask yourself: If we could create the entire Earth as a work of art, what would it look like?

Tune in to the multitudes of people participating in this meditation all around the globe – feel the web of light connecting us all.

Continue to chant “Ahm” as you hold the visualization of the alignment of the Hunab Ku, Sun, Venus and Earth – receiving the serpentine rainbow energy and sending it around the Earth. Hold this visualization, continuing to chant this mantra as long as you will – the longer the better!

Now your heart is inscribed with your vision and prayer for the future – if you brought your power object to the meditation it is now also charged with this vision. From now until the great shift, return to this vision in your meditation.

Signal Family Meditation: Solstice

Summer Northern/Winter Southern
20 June 2012 (Crystal 22, Kin 23, Blue Planetary Night)

Join people around the world in honoring Solstice with a very simple meditation. Our intention on this natural sacred holiday is to feel the unity of ourselves with the Earth, with the Sun and the Galactic whole.

Simply gather 13 leaves which represent the power of 13 in its many natural forms. Also these leaves symbolize that we are all part of One Tree (Gaia, Earth, Tree of Time).

In the center of the leaves place a crystal that represents you.

At the exact moment of solstice, let us all connect to the heart of the planet (Central Core). (Solstice Time is June 20, 23:09 GMT).

From here we connect to the Sun (Kinich Ahau). From the Sun we connect to the center of the galaxy (Hunab Ku).

Now take a deep breath and as you exhale look at planet Earth from space and see a circumpolar rainbow bridge surrounding it, emanating harmony, healing and peace for all beings. Now place this image into your heart to have it with you always.

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World Noosphere Day
22 July 2012 (Cosmic 26, Kin 55, Blue Electric Eagle)

This year the official day of celebration of the Noosphere falls on Electric Eagle, Kin 55, the 34th spin of the Harmonic Convergence. This day also begins the Blue Galactic Spectrum, the 65-day cycle of the Season of Vision.

This cycle concludes on Electric Moon 5 of the Resonant Storm Year (24 Sept. 2012). On this day the psi chrono unit is Kin 58, White Rhythmic Mirror, the second clear sign on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan, signifying his disincarnation. Of course Kin 58 is also this year’s Day Out of Time.

On this day create ceremonies for the purification and regeneration of the Earth. The ceremony can include gatherings in circles, meditations on the one Earth as described above, completed by Vows of uniting as one mind with the mind of the earth, drumming and singing circles, chants for the Earth, displays of the banner of peace, earth flags, rainbow flags. Also see the Noosphere Meditation in this Handbook from Manifesto for the Noosphere.

As a ceremony for the noosphere, the gatherings represent the coming of the new consciousness: Respect, tolerance, patience, withholding criticism, judgment and arguments, thinking always of what will make others happy before thinking of what will make you happy. We are here to invoke group mind and collective consciousness born out of a willingness to serve and surrender to unconditional love.

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Harmonic Convergence 25 – Synchronized Global Meditation for Peace
16-17 August (Magnetic 22-23, Kin 80-81) – Local Sunrise or Sunset

The 25th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence to create a unified field of harmony and peace connecting in time with the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 and to the 144,000 Sun Dancers that were called by José Argüelles/Valum Votan on that day to celebrate the end of the Prophecy of Quetzalcoatl.

If with a group of people, lay down in a circle with your heads toward the center. Visualize the Earth. Feel the love for this beautiful planet. Bring your awareness to the rising (or setting) Sun. Visualize yourself inside the Earth's octahedron crystal core with two red and two white sides on top and two blue and two yellow sides at the bottom. In the center of this core is an intensely blazing point of white light. An etheric column extends north and south from the blazing center to the tips of the octahedron.

Now visualize from the center of the crystal a great stream of multicolored plasma-filled light flowing along the axis toward both of the Earth's poles, shooting out to become two rainbow bands 180 degrees apart. As Earth revolves on its axis, the Rainbow Bridge remains steady and constant, unmoving. Bring this image inside your heart and extend the rainbow from your crown and your root forming a rainbow around you.

Now move yourself to outside the Earth, looking at it from space, see the rainbow and the Earth rotating on its axis. Now visualize all the people of the Earth with blazing points of white light in their hearts and the rainbow bridge around them. Visualize all the points of white light (including yours) connecting at the center of the Earth and shooting out towards the Sun connecting our heart to the heart of the Earth and the heart of the Sun. Visualize the rainbow bridge around the Sun. Chant the solar mantra "OM" connecting yourself and all beings with solar consciousness and submitting to the Creator. Visualize all the people in the world smiling and with peace in their hearts. Hold this visualization for 15 minutes.

Close with the affirmation of the day, creating a circle and chanting "OM".

Affirmation for August 16:

[Kin 80]
Kin 80, Yellow Lunar Sun:
I polarize in order to enlighten
Stabilizing life
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the lunar tone of challenge
I am guided by the power of free will.

Affirmation for August 17:

[Kin 81]
Kin 81, Red Electric Dragon:
I activate in order to nurture
Bonding being
I seal the input of birth
With the electric tone of service
I am guided by the life of life force.

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Last Total Solar Eclipse Before the Closing of the Cycle
13 November (Self-Existing 27, Kin 169, Red Cosmic Moon)

Find local eclipse times here.

The Galactic I Ching Perpetual 28-day Creation Cycle (see CHC, Vol VI): Codon 29/23: Heart/Moon Crystal informed by Moon of Time, Space flows as cosmic awareness within moon of time. The divination reads:

Seek no recognitions in the shadows of mind
In the absence of sun comes illusions of space
Fill the moon with visions of light

38 days before the Closing of the Cycle, we enter consciously into the play of light and shadow, contraction and expansion, yin and yang, masculine and feminine. This absolutely synchronizes with the seal of the day of this event: Kin 169, Red Cosmic Moon, to transcend and purify the flow of emotions.

The eclipse also breaks linear time, as it occurs in the day of the Cosmic Moon over most of the world, whilst simultaneously occurring in the Bioregion of the Night as the dawning of the day of the Magnetic Dog signifying the unity of love.

Being the last eclipse to occur before the closing of the cycle, its significance represents a handing over or passing over from the old paradigm of male dominance to a new order, the feminine, that of unconditional love and compassion.

Practice the Rainbow Bridge Meditation with your communities and finish with the Whole Earth Meditation to align your mind to this event.

Note the following on this day:

  • 38 days to the Closing of the Cycle (Kin 38 is Crystal Mirror and Codon 38 is "Discriminating")
  • Psi Chrono Unit 211, Blue Electric Monkey (PV Clear Sign)
  • Heptad 16 (Awareness Evolves Timelessness)
  • 6th Heptad Gate: BMU 402, Hyperneutron – URH 81, Radiogenesis Establishes Galactic Life Whole.
  • Limi (Solar Plexus) purifies: "I consume dualistic thoughts as food, I purify the mental electron at the North Pole."
  • Jera is the Law of Alternation that ripens the transcendence.
  • Harmonic 43, Biphasic Codon 63, Accomplished, "Galactic Octave Universalizes Space"
  • MOAP Zone of Refinement – Kin 41 (1.2); Kin 105 (5.1); Kin 169 (9.13) and Kin 233 (13.12) "Lunar birth initiates crystal space".
  • Visualize a red petal in the root chakra: Teams in the north send a blue magnet which is received in the red petal at the root chakra by teams in the south.
  • 7th 113-day Cycle of the Return of Quetzalcoatl
  • 6th 144-day Cycle of the Return of Sacred Power


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