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Planetary Service Wavespell

The Planetary Service Wavespell utilizes the 13-unit architecture of the adventure wavespell to create its annual program. The adventure wavespell has two gates, two towers and three sets of chambers. The adventure wavespell can be used to plot action over any cycle of time operating by the wavespell: 13 days, 13 moons, 13 years, etc.

Wavespell as 13 Moon Year - Planetary Service Wavespell

Tone One: Magnetic Gate
Point of entry, identify purpose. What is my goal?

Establish base of action:

Tone Two: Lunar Chamber
First chamber, identify challenge. What are the obstacles?

Tone Three: Electric Chamber
Second chamber, identify service. How can the goal be attained?

Tone Four: Self-existing Chamber
Third chamber, identify form. What is the form of action?

Tone Five: Overtone Tower
Command post, take command. Gather resources.

Extend rhythm of action:

Tone Six: Rhythmic Chamber
Fourth chamber, command equality. Administer challenge.

Tone Seven: Resonant Chamber
Fifth chamber, command attunement. Attune service to action.

Tone Eight: Galactic Chamber
Sixth chamber, command integrity. Action attains form.

Tone Nine: Solar Tower
Mobilization post, formalize action. Action set into motion.

Convert action:

Tone Ten: Planetary Chamber
Seventh chamber, manifest challenge. Action and challenge meet

Tone Eleven: Spectral Chamber
Eighth chamber, liberation of service. Action dissolves service

Tone Twelve: Crystal Chamber
Ninth chamber, cooperation of form. Round table meets, past action formalized, future action prepared.


Tone Thirteen: Cosmic Gate
Exit point, take magic flight. Magnetic return.

For more information on the 13 Moons, please see: 13 Moon calendar Tutorial or download Thirteen Moons in Motion, and Stopping Time and Getting on With the Second Creation.

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