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The 13 Moon 28-day calendar is the only calendar used by humans that takes into account the unity of planetary and galactic time.  For this reason, the 13 Moon, 28-day calendar is often referred to as a synchronometer - a device for measuring synchronicity.

The 13-Moon 28-day measure is actually a fourth-dimensional harmonic function of galactic time. It is synchronized with the 260-day galactic spin or Tzolkin, the galactic synchronization standard, otherwise known as the 13:20 frequency. The 365-day solar cycle synchronizes with the 260-day galactic spin precisely every 52 years, to create the measure of the solar-galactic cycle.

It is the meshing of the 365-day solar and the 260-day galactic measures that makes the 13-Moon 28-day calendar a perfect synchronometer.

As a synchronometer, the 13 Moon calendar is a cosmic tool for harmonizing ourselves with the galaxy. Being a matrix of harmony, the 13 Moon calendar also synchronizes the phases of the moon in a pattern that demonstrates its regularity and order.

All calendars and counts can be plugged into and synchronized with the 13 Moon 28-day matrix; this includes all lunar calendars, the Mayan Long Count, all indigenous calendars as well as the Gregorian calendar. Keep in mind that, at its height, the Maya civilization operated by at least seventeen different calendars, or more appropriately synchronometers. The more counts you can keep track of the greater increase in consciousness you will experience. The 13 Moon calendar is an all inclusive matrix of harmony. It is the fourth-dimensional umbrella that unifies and synchronizes all third-dimensional systems into patterns of harmony.

By working daily with the synchronic order of time, beginning with the synchronization of a 260 and a 365-day cycle, we open up to greater levels of consciousness, cosmic insight and synchronicity.

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