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Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time - Issue #64

Welcome to the 2015 Cosmic Turtle Moon Edition of the Noos-letter

[Turtle]Welcome to the Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence, the thirteenth moon of the Planetary Service wavespell.

This is the thirteenth and final Moon of the 13 Moon calendar, holding the power of Cosmic transcendence, where we amplify authentic presence of our true essence.

This Moon we exit the Red Solar Moon Year and prepare for entry into the White Planetary Wizard Year of manifestation. All the work that we are doing to create a positive future is ultimately for the next generations. The following are words from 7-year-old Lautaro, Blue Cosmic Night, from Uruguay. He said that in order for the planet "not to be destroyed" the following advice should be heeded:

    1. Care for the Earth: Don't take crystals and quartz from the heart of the Earth so that earthquakes don't occur.

    2. Don't dig (drill) the earth.

    3. No smoking.

    4. Stop killing animals.

    5. No eating animals.

    6. Don't cut the forests.

    7. No polluting.

Good things human beings can do:

    1. Hugs.

    2. Smile.

    3. Drink a lot of water.

    4. Bathe in water.

The totem animal for this Moon is the turtle; the turtle is the great keeper of time carrying 13 moons on the back of its shell. The turtle also reminds us to stay grounded with the Earth.

In the pulsar geometry, the thirteenth tone represents the conclusion of the fourth-dimensional time pulsar: tones 1-5-9-13, readying us to take magic flight into a new year and new movie script.

This Moon concludes with the Day Out of Time, Kin 113, the day to celebrate peace through culture and universal forgiveness. You are invited to create a Day Out of Time festival, ceremony and/or meditation in your community! Please send your event announcements by email or via Facebook.

Day Out of Time - July 25, 2015 - Kin 113, Red Solar Skywalker

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Cosmic Moon-At-A-Glance

[13 Moon calendar]

Star Traveler's Synchronicities

[Seal & Tone]Continuing our One Moon = One Kin count which began in the Magnetic Moon of the Yellow Overtone Seed Year (1997), this Moon corresponds to Kin 234, White Cosmic Wizard:

I endure in order to enchant
Transcending receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of endlessness

(Click here to see all the White Cosmic Wizards on galacticSpacebook!)

Just as each daily kin has a fifth force oracle, so does the entire moon have a fifth force oracle. For this moon, the oracle is based on the White Cosmic Wizard:

[Fifth Force Oracle graphic for Kin 234]Kin 234, White Cosmic Wizard (SP Maldek) is supported by Kin 65, Red Cosmic Serpent (GK Maldek); Guided by Kin 78, White Cosmic Mirror (SP Neptune); Challenged by Kin 104, Yellow Cosmic Seed (GK Jupiter); and receives hidden/occult support from Kin 27, Blue Magnetic Hand (GK Earth).

This Moon, the fourth-dimensional planetary influences are Earth, Maldek, Jupiter and Neptune. In the Telektonon board, the orbits of Earth and Uranus hold Circuit 3: the telektonon earth spirit speaking tube circuit; the orbits of Maldek and Jupiter together hold Circuit 5: the internalizing intelligence circuit; and the orbits of Venus and Neptune hold Circuit 2: the allied memory/instinct circuit.

Book of the Transcendence describes these circuits as the following:

Allied memory/instinct circuit (2nd Circuit):

[Dragon Seal][Star Seal]GK (Galactic-Karmic in-breath) - Cosmic memory/akashic access codes/power of total recall (Neptune/Red Dragon); Instinctual + innate aesthetic structures and skills (Venus/Yellow Star)

[Mirror Seal][Monkey Seal]SP (Solar-Prophetic out-breath) - Supreme powers of cosmic samadhi (Neptune/White Mirror); Instinctual powers of innate cosmic magnetism (Venus/Blue Monkey).

Telektonon earth spirit speaking tube circuit (3rd Circuit):

[Wind Seal][Hand Seal]GK - Innate telepathic spiritual programs (Uranus/White Wind); Instinctual biotelepathic structures of knowing (Earth/Blue Hand).

[Earth Seal][Human Seal]SP - Telepathic powers of time travel + interdimensional navigation (Uranus/Red Earth); Instinctual free will wisdom of the divine plan (Earth/Yellow Human).

Internalizing intelligence circuit (5th Circuit):

[Seed Seal][Serpent Seal]GK - Telepathic powers of authority (Jupiter/Yellow Seed); Internalizing instinctual life force programs (Maldek/Red Serpent).

[Eagle Seal][Wizard Seal]SP - Visionary perceptual structures (Jupiter/Blue Eagle); Transcendent internalizing perceptual structures (Maldek/White Wizard).

*Note: The disrupted circuits represent the focalization of the karmic debris of all of the lost worlds as they are contained in the orbits of planets Maldek (the Asteroid Belt) and Mars. The repair of these circuits  is a major purpose of the codes of the Law of Time and 13 Moon calendar. The repair/activation of these circuits represents the Sun's attainment of its next stage of evolution, and entry into cosmic civilization.

Note the four powers of the four solar seals that hold these circuits:

Red Serpent - Sex/Life Force [Disrupted, needs repair]
White Worldbridger - Death [Disrupted, needs repair]
Red Skywalker - Prophecy/Space [Disrupted, needs cultivating]
White Wizard - Timelessness [Disrupted, needs to be activated]

See also the opening chapters to Accessing Your Multidimensional Self.

Star Traveler's Synchronicities - Cosmic Moon - Red Solar Moon Year

NOTE: Numbers in magenta indicate count of days in the 812 days to Solar Consciousness.

Also, this Moon we will link the Kin in the Star Traveler's Synchronicities to a list of all the people whose signature is that Kin! If you feels so inspired, click the signature and wish them a happy galactic birthday!

[Seal & Tone]Dali 1 - Kin 85, Red Resonant Serpent (27 Jun) Day 317 of 812

This 28-day Moon has whopping 10 galactic activation portals! These 10 GAP days include today, Red Resonant Serpent the first day of this Moon. This Moon is Days 317-344 of the 812-days to Solar Consciousness.

[Seal & Tone]Alpha 5 - Kin 89, Red Spectral Moon (1 Jul) Day 321 of 812

Today is marks the sixth 260-day galactic spin since the ascension/paranirvana of Valum Votan.

Today also begins the 20-day vinal meditation: "Located in the correct place where the food of divination is obtained..."

11-Year-Old Raw Foodist, Cappi Osborne

[Seal & Tone]Limi 6 - Kin 90, White Crystal Dog (2 Jul) Day 322 of 812

Full Moon White Dog day. The Dog's analog/support partner is the Moon, as described in the Fifth Force Oracle of the Dreamspell Codes. The Moon is also coded with the power of "Purification" as is the radial plasma for today, Limi. Feel the supportive purification power with the Full Moon!

[Seal & Tone]Dali 8 - Kin 92, Yellow Magnetic Human (4 Jul) Day 324 of 812

Today begins the 13-day Yellow Human Wavespell:Yellow Human tribe ripens Crossing through power of Free Will - Truth of solar Earth remembered..

.[Yellow Human Wavespell]

Free Will wavespell day synchronized with "Independence Day" in the United States. Hold a ceremony of Independence from illusion!

[Seal & Tone]Limi 20 - Kin 104, Yellow Cosmic Seed (16 Jul) Day 336 of 812

Today is the last day of the White Northern Castle of Crossing, the second 52-day castle of the 260-day galactic spin.

[Seal & Tone]Silio 21 - Kin 105, Red Magnetic Serpent (17 Jul) Day 337 of 812

[Blue Castle]Today begins both the 13-day Red Serpent Wavespell and the 52-day Blue Western Castle of Burning: Court of Magic: Red Serpent tribe initiates Burning through power of Life Force - Truth of galactic Maldek remembered...

[Red Serpent Wavespell]

[Seal & Tone]Dali 22 - Kin 106, White Lunar Worldbridger (18 Jul) Day 338 of 812

Today is the first day of TEN galactic activation portals in a row! This 10-day "GAP Run" will end on Kin 115, Blue Spectral Eagle (27 July 2015), the second day of the White Planetary Wizard Year!

[Seal & Tone]Seli 23 - Kin 107, Blue Electric Hand (19 Jul) Day 339 of 812

Galactic activation portal day. The 339th day of the 812-day cycle. 339 = 113 x 3. (Also note that the Day Out of Time on July 25th is also Kin 113).

Number 113 in popular culture...

[Seal & Tone]Gamma 24 - Kin 108, Yellow Self-Existing Star (20 Jul) Day 340 of 812

Galactic activation portal day. Kin 108, code of the GM108X Galactic Mayan mind transmission, spiritual stream. "The GM108X is the underlying stream that connects all systems of thought as it winds its way through the entire subset of human history in all of its multi-faceted manifestations." Book of the Initiation, Cosmic History Chronicles Volume VI

[Seal & Tone]Kali 25 - Kin 109, Red Overtone Moon (21 Jul) Day 341 of 812

Galactic activation portal day. Today begins the 5-day Uayeb cycle, the final five days of the 13-Moon 28-day Galactic Standard Time calendar. These five days are a special time of inner purification, culminating on the fifth day/the Day Out of Time every year. The code for the Uayeb is: "All that is needed in order to obtain the precious stone..."

The Hexameride of the Octave practice ends with the final five days as a 5-day pentatonic scale - today is the music note "C Sharp"....

[Seal & Tone]Alpha 26 - Kin 110, White Rhythmic Dog (22 Jul) Day 342 of 812

Galactic activation portal day. Today is international WORLD NOOSPHERE DAY.

In the practice of the Hexameride of the Octave, today is the music note "E Flat"...

[Seal & Tone]Limi 27 - Kin 111, Blue Resonant Monkey (23 Jul) Day 343 of 812

Galactic activation portal day.

In the practice of the Hexameride of the Octave, today is the music note "F Sharp"...
Note that today is day 343 of the 812-day cycle - 343 = 7x7x7...

[Seal & Tone]Silio 28 - Kin 112, Yellow Galactic Human (24 Jul) Day 344 of 812

Galactic activation portal day. Final day of the 13th Moon. Day 364 of the year (=13x28).

In the practice of the Hexameride of the Octave, today is the music note "G Sharp"...

[Seal & Tone]Day Out of Time - Kin 113, Red Solar Skywalker (25 Jul) Day 345 of 812

In the practice of the Hexameride of the Octave, today is the music note "B Flat"!

Day Out of Time - July 25, 2015 - Kin 113, Red Solar Skywalker

Heptad Path Codes for the Cosmic Moon

In the 52-week journey through the 52 heptad paths of the Hunab Ku 21 Galactic Tree and Life and Knowledge, the following heptad paths are activated for the Cosmic Moon:

[Chart showing Hunab Ku 21 grid with Heptad Paths for this Moon highlighted]Red Week 1 - Initiate
[Sun Seal][Monkey Seal]Heptad 49: Enlightenment transmits Universal Fire of Magic (Cosmic Moon Dali 1 - Silio 7 / June 27-July 3)

White Week 2 - Refine
[Sun Seal][Human Seal]Heptad 50: Enlightenment transmits Universal Fire of Wisdom (Cosmic Moon Dali 8 - Silio 14 / July 4-10)

Blue Week 3 - Transform
[Earth Seal][Wizard Seal]Heptad 51: Navigation transmits Synchronization of Timelessness. (Cosmic Moon Dali 15 - Silio 21 / July 11-17)

Yellow Week 4 - Ripen
[Earth Seal][Eagle Seal]Heptad 52: Navigation transmits Synchronization of Vision (Cosmic Moon Dali 22 - Silio 28 / July 18-24)

The Cosmic Moon holds completes the paths that contain the Court of the Prophet (Red Skywalker/Space) and the Court of the Pathfinder (Yellow Warrior/Intelligence)). This Moon is when, according to the Cosmic History Chronicles, the "power of prophecy and intelligence are cosmisized". Remember, intelligence is a propery of the cosmos, and we are all part of a vast cosmic prophecy!

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