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Special Announcement: Rainbow Gathering for Peace &
Call for Stewards of Start-Up Retreat Garden
San Luis Valley, Colorado

[Photo of Land at Wirikuta]

[Earthship Chapel onsite at Wirikuta]Rainbow Gathering for Peace
Crystal Moon 22-24, Kin 128-131 (June 20-23)

Where: Wirikuta, Southern Colorado in the San Luis Valley
Bring: Tent and sleeping gear.
Food: We have a kitchen/dining room so if people bring food we can share food
Cost: Donations appreciated

There will be ceremony/music/discussions/activities with focus on communication and expression all designed to inspire us in the year ahead.

Info: call Tetsuko at 719-852-2868 or email for directions and more information.

Wirikuta Peace Project
Calling Stewards for Start-Up Garden Retreat Center

[Tetsuko of Cold Mountain]When: Crystal 3 - Electric 11 (June 1 - Sept 30, 2013)

Tetsuko of Cold Mountain (Blue Electric Monkey) is an artist, long-time peace activist, meditation teacher and also a long-time student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. She believes the Dharma is a very practical way for people to get their body and mind and life together, and that is what she does.

She owns a parcel of land in southern Colorado which is in need of care-takers for the Crystal - Lunar Moons (Gregorian June through September).

The land, Wirikuta, is located near a stream encircled by powerful mesas and buttes. There is a yurt on site and an Earthship chapel under construction. The space is envisioned to become a Garden Retreat Center. Tetsuko is in need of two to three people who can stay on the land to help develop the land: trees, bees, well for water, etc. A stipend of $100 per week to one person will be available.

Tetsuko is paraplegic and is putting the call out for fellowship, and is also seeking a strong helper in the Monte Vista/Alamosa area who can assist her personally with day-to-day needs. Pay is also available for this position.

If you are interested in assisting on the land and/or becoming a part-time helper for Tetsuko please contact her directly at: