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Invitation to Participate in a Global Telepathic Experiment

*Experiment has already been held, results forthcoming

Introduction: ISRICA, Russian Cosmism and the Kozyrev Mirrors.

ISRICA - Institute for Scientific Research in Cosmic Anthropoecology - is an organization within the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Siberia, with which the Galactic Research Institute of the Foundation for the Law of Time has entered into a collaborative relationship. The work at ISRICA is largely based on original research of N. A. Kozyrev, and to a lesser degree, V. I. Vernadsky, as elaborated upon by V.Kaznacheev and Alexander Trofimov.

Kozyrev’s work in particular has been of interest to the Galactic Research Institute because of his extensive investigations into the nature of time. Through his astronomical and mathematical studies, Kozyrev concluded that time is actually a kind of information frequency beam transmitted from stellar cores (which his studies showed to be not hot and dense but relatively cool and more hollow, though quite complex in nature). Based upon Kozyrev’s findings, the second axiom of the Law of Time states: The velocity of time is instantaneously infinite. It is this principle of time that accounts for the transmission of telepathy.

Several different streams of thought and research have arisen from Kozyrev’s profound and often controversial work. The ISRICA represents the stream based upon and often utilizing the “Kozyrev mirrors,” and of which V. Kaznacheev has been the principle researcher.

The Kozyrev mirrors are installed in such a way as to create a closed space in which there is a weakening of the magnetic field of the Earth, and which thereby provides more human access to solar and galactic information. Through numerous experiments using the mirrors with this intention, the ISRICA has focused studies in a number of areas, including human psychophysiology, pathology of disease and health, and the evolvement of telepathic fields and remote sensing. In 1990-91, a precursor of the rainbow bridge experiment was conducted entitled, “The ‘Aurora Borealis’ Global experiment on Investigation of Distant-Informational Interactions in the Noosphere and their Role in the Planet-Biospheric Homeostasis of the Earth.” The conclusions the ISRICA scientists have drawn from the experiments with the Kozyrev Mirrors are often startling to the Western mind, and can best be understood within the context of the Russian school of thought known as Cosmism.

Originally derived from the research of the famous pioneering scientist of the biosphere, V. I. Vernadsky, the grand perspective of Cosmism is stated in the opening paragraph to the book, Cosmic Consciousness of Humanity: Problems of New Cosmogony (Kaznacheev and Trofimov, 1992):

“The total world human Intellect in its cosmoplanetary motion is neither derivative from nor some procreation of, the social movement (social cultural historical development). It is the peculiar cosmoplanetary phenomenon in the organization and motion of the Universe Living matter in its earth-adapted manifestation.” (p.6)

"This point of view plants the notions of mind, thought, intellect and science in the cosmic realm as functions of self-existing thinking layers dispersed throughout the universe and which are adapted by temporal conditions to the evolving states of planetary biospheres or planetary/stellar noospheres. However, the nature of modern historical civilization has been to separate society from science and to isolate science as a sociocultural mechanism apart from its genuine reality as cosmoplanetary thought stream. Establishment science regulated by totalitarian legislation becomes merely another belief system, so that new science is denounced as false science, and the “defenders of ‘science’ invisibly dress themselves in an infallible cloak of Belief, not science.” (p.7)

"According to Vernadsky, the “natural science crisis is the main cause of the close doom of humanity and the planet.” This summary reflection of Vernadsky’s forms the basic premise of the research at ISRICA. “As a matter of fact,” write Kaznacheev and Trofimov, ‘”in the XXth century, Mankind’s world culture and its total intellectual space diverge in the direction of the Necrosphere. The world of the unknown is the only world of our possible salvation.” (p.9)

As a consequence, the research of V. Kaznacheev, utilizing the mirrors in order to engage in cosmoplanetary experimentation, demonstrates that there are shifts in the human intellect at a new horizon, where virtual reality and virtual brain nature - the paranormal activated through ether torsion properties - begin to loosen up, evolving us into a period of new kinds of transpersonal interactions of the human mind. As Kaznacheev himself comments:

“Obviously, it is a great research step, having a possibility of combination of physical methods with psychophysiological human intellect possibilities and its field of ether-torsion properties. Maybe this technology is proposed to study biospheric complexes, considered as basic solar units, as the state of the nearest and least removed cosmic space.

“Thus, a new principle of observation in planet information space is proposed. This principle may open unknown properties of the holographic flows of a living substance in combination of this space with the known substance of the inert world, mentioned by V. I. Vernadsky.”

(From a paper, “About Some Observations in the Planet Information Space,” by A.V.. Trofimov (ISRICA, 2001))

It is this methodological premise that informs and is the basis of the ISRICA PAKAL VOTAN Project. It is most interesting that not too long after the discovery of the tomb of the great Pakal in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Russian researchers, also at the Novosibirsk Academy of Sciences, produced a monumental four-volume mathematical analysis of Mayan hieroglyphic texts, the findings of which were confirmed by the Dreamspell codes some 30 years later. Now comes the PAKAL VOTAN Project whose purpose is to create a remote sensing-Kozyrev mirror experiment which combines the research methods of Russian scientists with the hypotheses of holographic resonant information transmissions first presented in the Mayan Factor (1987). Herein we reproduce the ISRICA project proposal, and the dates and times of the séances which are to occur between May 29 (Spectral Moon 28, Resonant World Bridger), and June 3 (Crystal 5, Blue Crystal Monkey), 2005 - Blue Crystal Storm year:

The PAKAL VOTAN Project, ISRICA: Working Out and Proof of Methods of Distant Information Interactions Between Civilizations

The project, realized by the Institute for Scientific Research in Cosmic Anthropoecology (ISRICA), is devoted to the study of the Mayan Factor, which is not only of the past, but an actively operating system of the present and future. Correct application of this system may help to involve humanity in the Galactic Community and persons who have realized their past and future will be able to become interstellar mediators: to direct and receive galactic information from different levels of the universal electromagnetic ocean. (J. Arguelles, 1987,1989)

Following the route of resonant transmission between star systems by use of an installation, condensing energy-time (Kozyrev mirrors), and allowing (according to N.A. Kozyrev’s hypothesis) to transmit (and receive) messages instantly to different points of the universe - and also as an installation, weakening the magnetic field of the Earth more than 600 times, thus bringing the human into an almost direct interaction with cosmic energy-information flows, we should be able to “see” and study in detail the Mayan information flow which reached our planet nearly three thousand years ago.

The project includes a series of ten séances of distant-image translation of information on the basis of a 260-element fractal model as a special holographic scanner - a part of Galaxy’s “mirror” for entrance into another measuring of being and consciousness.

The séances of transmission and receiving of image-symbolic and landscape-architectural information - will be carried out from 29 of May to 3 of June, 2005, from different points of our planet, and in Novosibirsk - from “Kozyrev’s mirrors,” and an installation, weakening the Earth magnetic field. Transmission of information will be carried out by specially trained operators. Other participants may verify their abilities in information transmission only twice: in the second and the eighth séances (see Time Table). It will be necessary to include not less than 5 symbols (signs), being chosen arbitrarily in the program, and state them in the transmission protocol.

Receiving information, in accordance with adjusted timetable, may be held by all comers. During the time designated in the time table, persons who are trying to receive information must stay away from external irritants and stimuli, stay in a state of meditation, and then draw and comment on all information received, and send it on the same day by e-mail: <>, by fax +07 (383 2) 39 14 33, or by post address: A. Trofimov ISRICA, 2 Acad. Timakov’s Street, 630117 Novosibirsk, Russia

It will be necessary to sign a protocol and indicate one’s date (day, month, year) and place of birth, exact time of séance, place (city, town, type of building: reinforced, brick, or wooden house) and situation (at home, in nature, in presence of other people, switching off TV etc.), during which information was received, and also one’s contact information (e-mail and post address). All participants will be notified of the results following analysis of the data received.

The Institute directors thank in advance all who take the decision to participate in this investigation.

TIMETABLE: séances of distant transmission and receiving of image-symbolic information

No. of Séance

Date Time of beginning and ending Duration of séance in minutes
*(P.M. Greenwich) receiving             transmission
1. 29.05 17:00-17:30 30 -
2. 29.05 20:00-20:30 20 10
3.  30.05 17:00-17:30 30 -
4. 30.05 5:00-5:30 30 -
5. 31.05 17:00-17:30 30 -
6. 1.06 16:00-16:30 30 -
7. 1.06 18:00-18:30 30 -
8. 2.06 17:00-17:30 20 10
9.  3.06 17:00-17:30 30 -
10. 3.06 20:00-20:30 30 -


*Note: Greenwich Time = five hours ahead of New York, eight hours ahead of Pacific daylight time. 17:00 = 5 PM Greenwich - 9 AM Pacific.

Daily Time-table converted to Pacific Standard clocktime

No. of Séance

Date Time of beginning and ending Duration of séance in minutes
PST receiving             transmission
1. 29.05 10:00-10:30 am 30 -
2. 29.05 1:00-1:30 pm 20 10
3.  30.05 10:00-10:30 am 30 -
4. 30.05 10:00-10:30 pm 30 -
5. 31.05 10:00-10:30 am 30 -
6. 1.06 9:00-9:30 am  30 -
7. 1.06 11:00-11:30 am 30 -
8. 2.06 10:00-10:30 am 20 10
9.  3.06 10:00-10:30 am 30 -
10. 3.06 1:00-1:30 pm 30 -


Prepared by the Galactic Research Institutute
Foundation for the Law of Time