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Foundation for the Law of Time
Who We Are

President, Creative Director - Stephanie South/Electric Serpent
Treasurer, Director of Communications - Jacob Wyatt/Rhythmic Dragon
Secretary, Business Manager & 13:20 Community Coordinator - Ishram Tansley/Overtone Hand
Graphic and Web Design - Jacob Wyatt and Kelly Harding - Sunshine Design
Distribution - Sarah Bronson/Spectral Seed
Director of Banner of Peace/Alliance Outreach - Ruben Llinas/Solar Skywalker
Event Organizer - Nickki Lee Hill/Rhythmic Hand
Copy Editor - Forrest O'Farrell/Planetary Sun
Galactic Spacebook faciliator - Juryt Abma/Solar Night
Spanish Law of Time website - Mertxe Zuza/Crystal Storm
Dutch Law of Time website - Marjon/Planetary Serpent
French Law of Time website & 13 Moon calendars - Veronique/Planetary Eagle
Bulgarian Law of Time website - Vasil/Resonant Serpent and Rujka/Overtone Worldbridger
Chinese Law of Time website - Rafeeka/Lunar Eagle
German Law of Time website - Rob Men/Spectral Eagle
Italian Law of Time website - Antonio Giacchetti/Self-Existing Serpent
Croatian Law of Time website - Vesna
Brazilian Portuguese Law of Time website - Andre/Lunar Skywalker
Portuguese Law of Time website (Portugal) - PAN Portugal
Russian Law of Time website - Matvey/Galactic Storm
Liaison to Spanish-speaking world - Aida/Lunar Wind
Brazil coordinator - Andre/Lunar Skywalker
Chile coordinator - Rodrigo Urrea/Crystal Mirror
Argentina and 13:20 community - Flaviah/Lunar Star
Chinese Liaison - Rafeeka/Lunar Eagle
Serbian Liaison - Katarina/Magnetic Storm & Ana Zikic/Planetary Wind

Avner Nahmias (Hebrew), Rujka Kalinova & Vanya Ivanova (Bulgarian), Marjon Planetary Serpent (Dutch), Mertxe Crystal Storm (Spanish), Luis Electric Mirror (Spanish), Aida Lunar Wind (Spanish), Noelle Overtone Eagle (Spanish), Paola Rhythmic Wizard (Spanish), Anibal Galactic Wizard (Spanish & Portuguese), Andre Lunar Skywalker (Portuguese), Antonio Giacchetti (Italian), Radmila Vukadinović Electric Mirror (Serbian), Rafeeka Lunar Eagle (Chinese), Rob Men Spectral Eagle (German), Heaven (Chinese), Kozo Kuramoto (Japanese).

There are many more who have contributed and the foregoing is a current list. If you would like to contribute and assist in any area then please contact us. If you have contributed your services to the Foundation and we have left you out, please send the details and your contact info to us for inclusion.

Thank you for your interest and support of the Foundation for the Law of Time.
For further information, comments or questions, please contact us at:


Phone: +1 (541) 488-0714

Mailing Address:
Foundation for the Law of Time
PO Box 156
Ashland, OR 97520

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Ashland, Oregon, U.S.A.