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Featured Time is Art Artist - Issue #84

Nathan Anderson

Photo Collage of Artist - Nathan Anderson

What is your artform and/or vision?

My art is a range of moments that are captured 50 years ago and 50 minutes ago. It's amazing to see something you've never seen before, no matter when the original was captured. I'm just trying to share that with a lot of people. That's why I even give away most of my work ( The thing my grandfathers' photos never found was an audience, now he's got one heck of an audience. 

Who are your main artistic inspirations/influences?

Unsplash & Unsplash. Let me explain a bit. When I found boxes of my grandfathers' slides I wanted to go through them all in 5min. There being over 5k photos, that was impossible. I started to go through them and find amazing things, which didn't help my urge to instantly go through everything. I had used Unsplash before for web projects and when I looked at their site again, I thought of something. They only feature 10 photos every 10 days. That's pacing. Maybe not three years ago when they launched but it is now. They have a lot more photos than that. Unsplash is an example for me on how to truly pace myself. They also inspire most other aspects of the project. 

What does the phrase "Time is Art" mean to you?

Most of what people love, from Les, wouldn't be art without time. I think it makes the photography you're doing so much more important. It doesn't even only apply to the city shots you see, even the landscapes change so capturing what it is now, today is a big deal. Time is everything to art. 

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