One Earth One People One TimeNoos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time

Featured Time is Art Artist - Issue #90

Pam Trebes

Photo Collage of Artist - Pam Trebes

What is your artform and/or vision?

I am an evolving self taught artist. I am currently having fun with acrylics. I am painting on “used” boards and canvas’ to create movement from my soul. I am an expermenter having fun moving the paint and piling it up Also, changing and adding opacity with glass beads and acrylic gels. My newest pieces show best in the sunlight. They sparkle!

Who are your main artistic inspirations/influences?

Being an evolving artist I started with landscape photography and still life photography. My daughter Heather knew she was an artist before I knew I was. I recognized it in her at a young age. Heather is an inspiring watercolorist. So I learned watercolors as my first painting experiences. It is fun watching the paint move on the paper mixing itself. But what was this with “acrylics” had to find out. Love the way Bob Ross moves the paint with his oils, but I don’t want to use oils, yet. I became disillusioned by the X’s and lines in the sky and decided to paint from my mind. Again Inspired by another artist, Richard Davies. Former astrophysicist and father to a great friend of mine Helena Davies. I made him business cards and was so drawn in I wanted to paint the Cosmos too. Just not one dot at a time. I like to move fast.

What does the phrase "Time is Art" mean to you?

I am new to the 13 Moon Calendar, but knew it was right for me from the start. I like allowing my body to paint whatever it wants, not knowing where I am headed exactly. I will have a vague idea and just start. Funny thing about acrylics is you can go over the canvas all you want and no mud like watercolors.The (new to me )13 Moon mindset is expansive. I am starting to understand and see that art is in everything. (even the lines in the sky) I always did see the connection between the cosmos and the atom and cell structures and wondered where I fit in. I practice the Rainbow Meditation every Silio and I am starting to see myself as ART.

Time is Art