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Featured Time is Art Artist - Issue #91


Photo Collage of Artist - Penny G

What is your artform and/or vision?

Esoteric/Visionary Art awakens the soul and illuminates the spiritual path of each person by providing access to the highest mystic truths. It provides a bridge between the material, creativity and spirituality.

Who are your main artistic inspirations/influences?

When I was young I loved Salvador Dali’s work, then the Pre Raphaelites, John William Waterhouse, Rossetti, later I joined the Society for Art of Imagination and discovered Ernst Fuchs’ work, the Founder, Brigid Marlin taught me the Mische Technique, which is something the Old Masters used. Other members of the Society who I greatly admire are Martina Hoffman, Alex Grey.

What does the phrase "Time is Art" mean to you?

Academics want to label ‘art’ with names such as Symbolism, Expressionism, Surrealism, but I believe Art in all forms comes from the Collective Unconscious Mind. It is derived from ancestral memory and experience, recognised by all humankind. Art is ‘Timeless’ information, captured and stored in the imagination, just waiting to be released by either the artist/scientist or mystic who can tap in……. inspiring us all to look beyond the veil of cultural, linguistic and historical limitations. Art helps us perform Alchemy of the Soul.

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