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Special Message for the Galactic Moon of Integrity
from the Financial Advisor to the Foundation for the Law of Time


In light of the New Time that we have entered and are creating, I would like to bring to you a new transparency of the Financial status of the Foundation.

In 2007 I was invited onto the Foundation's Board as Finance Advisor by virtue of my empathy with the vision and goals of the Foundation and my commercial experience of 30 years. Until now, my voluntary role as Financial Advisor has been internal and solely to advise the Foundation's Board on financial matters.

I feel now that it is important for me to extend this externally and provide information to all kin, and from time to time request specific assistance when required.

The Foundation's office in Ashland, its services, and tireless staff and volunteers deserve recognition. In its short lifespan of less than 14 years, Foundation has published over a dozen books, 9 years of 13 Moon calendars, 13 years of free 13 Moon pocket calendars, some 1000 free online articles and downloads via 5 different websites, 46 Free newsletters, over 70 blogs, created several free eBooks (including Synchrogalactic Yoga, Planetary Geomancy, The Galactic Handbook, The GalacticTimes Illusory eZine from Other Worlds), over 13 free Intergalactic Bulletins for Synchronotron Studies, dozens of synchronized meditations, and several retreats and courses.

All of this is accomplished by a very small permanent staff: Stephanie South Electric Serpent (Vice President & Creative Director) and Jacob Wyatt Rhythmic Dragon (Operations Manager & Communications Director), and with the generous assistance of numerous volunteers.

I would like to extend my profound thanks to those volunteers who have worked directly with the Foundation for major projects and those who work on a daily basis for the New Time and Galactic Culture, and the dozens of international volunteers who translate the materials into their native language; and countless others across the globe who share and teach the 13 Moon calendar.

Indeed we are entering a New Time, in which we envisage us operating beyond the current financial paradigm. Yet, at this moment, there is still the requirement for this form of exchange necessary for the continuing function of the Foundation's services and facilities (a one-room Operations office in Oregon, a Research office and a mini-storage unit). The reality at this moment is there is still an ongoing need to provide more information and services in the times ahead and, presently, funding is required to continue to do this.

We are very excited about the Foundation's upcoming initiatives, such as the upcoming 7+ year Vision Plan to Anchor Galactic Culture, the creation of a Galactic Training Center and more! These projects will require your support, and when they are launched, I will bring you more specific details of how you can support their direction.

For now, we are many. We reach over 9,000 people in many different countries with our free Moonly Noos-letter, over 13,000 free pocket calendars distributed annually, we have over 1900 active members of our social network galacticSpacebook.com, over 5500 followers on our Facebook page, countless free downloads of the hundreds of articles on Lawoftime.org, etc. However, presently, there are only a few who give continuing support – I am extremely grateful to them, though I hope more will be inspired to join them.

In general, fundraising initiatives such as the Foundation's "Light up the Tzolkin" have been supported by only a few. But if all kin donated the price of a coffee once or, better still on a Moonly/continuing basis, then the financial challenges for the Foundation would be resolved immediately, allowing any additional funding to go directly toward new projects!

So starting in the Galactic Moon Noos-letter I will be posting the level of support that has been received for each Moon in the form of both "One-Time" and "Moonly" donations which will be found just before the "Moon-At-A-Glance".

Please follow your heart; this letter is intended to start a process of awareness and openness around the support received and required on a Moonly basis.

I will be updating you regularly via the Noos-letter and also directly as our projects take shape and become active and support is required.

In love and peace

[Kin 187]Ishram Blue Overtone Hand
Financial Advisor to the Foundation for the Law of Time

Donations Received Last Moon - Moonly Donations: $144 - One-Time Donations: $144

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