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Solar Ring of the Yellow Galactic Seed
Annual Read-out: The Psychozoic Revolution and Resurrection of Fourth-Dimensional Mind!

"Just as the falcon entering its gyre henceforth spins without turning back, so once a planetary kin has entered the Magnetic Dragon Gate of the Castle of Turning, there is no turning back, only turning and turning again through the endless and infinite castle spires of the mighty Timeship Earth."
—Dreamspell manual

On Magnetic Moon 1 – Yellow Galactic Seed – we entered the fifth castle of Timeship Earth: The Green Central Castle of Enchantment, Court of Synchronization – Merlyn’s Enchanted Tower. This is the the Age of the Center; the era of the Noosphere and entry into radial time travel. This is also known as the Psychozoic Revolution! This is the revolution of the union of mind and heart revealing a new cosmic timespace inviting us to co-create the spiritualization of all life and matter.

We have now completed the 16-year program of the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time (1997-2013). The purpose of this program was to give the humans a system to reorganize their life and mind in accordance with the synchronic order of the fourth dimension.

This 16-year cycle established the fully exploded cube as the 16-year construction of the Cube of the Law as the New Genesis and Second Creation, in preparation for a third and final explosion of the Cube of the Law, the fifth force synchronization of AD 2013. In this program, each 13 Moon year was a fractal of an entire wavespell, where each Moon was the fractal equivalent of one Kin (16 years x 13 Moons = 208 Kin).

The year of the Yellow Galactic Seed is New Sirius Cycle 26 (1.26) and marks the first year of the Galactic Seed-Spectral Storm Seed-Storm year bundle (2013-2017), the first four-year bundle of the New Cycle.

Rhythmic Moon 9, Kin 207 (December 21, 2012) marked the phasing out of a particular galactic synchronization beam loaded into 13 baktuns: the 5,125-year cycle of history. Now a new galactic beam commences.

This beam inaugurates a new 7-baktun cycle where we are given the opportunity to reverse, transform, transcend and create reality anew! This 7-baktun cycle is also known as the Seven Galactic Mind  Dynasties of the Seven Generations of Timeship Earth 2013 – entry into the Sixth Sun of Solar Consciousness.

Though the new cycle begins this year, the actual Seven Galactic Mind Dynasties of the Seven Generations span from 2016-4772 AD (Arcturus Dominion).  Each of the  seven Dynasties corresponds to  the regeneration of the Seven Lost Generations of the Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan.

The initial 7-year cycle (2013 - 2020) is the cycle of the new Solar Human, also known as the cycle of the Sirian Surveillance of the unification program of the new Timeship Earth. This is followed by a 13-year cycle (2020 - 2033) where Earth Wizards establish the Noosphere (Noocracy) of Timeship Earth.

The 20-year cycle (7 and 13) inaugurates the sounding of the lost chord, revealing a new script and a new song that enters us more deeply into the Dominion of Time, where all time is radial. Within the Dominion of Time we align ourselves with the Divine Plan according to our own unique harmony and rhythm.

In the Dominion of Time, the Law of Time is understood as the supreme creative power to make all movement and measure into ART! The mathematical codes of the Law of Time create the basis of a telepathic knowledge base that unifies ourselves with the cosmic order of reality.

Just as the 16-year Telektonon established the Cube of the Law and 7 year Heptagonons of Mind, in the next 7 years we establish the Heptagonon of Heart: Cube of Creation. The Heptagonon of Mind is the master code of the power of divine creation. The Heptagonon of Heart is the master code of the power of divine love: the 13:20 Love Revolution.

[plasma seal]Dali 2013-2014 – Yellow Galactic Seed NS1.26 – Victory targets the Heart of Creation
[plasma seal]Seli 2014-2015 – Red Solar Moon NS1.27 – Victory flows the Heart of Creation
[plasma seal]Gamma 2015-2016 – White Planetary Wizard NS1.28 – Victory pacifies the Heart of Creation
[plasma seal]Kali 2016-2017 – Blue Spectral Storm NS1.29 – Victory establishes the Heart of Creation
[plasma seal]Alpha 2017-2018 – Yellow Crystal Seed NS1.30 – Victory releases the Heart of Creation
[plasma seal]Limi 2018-2019 – Red Cosmic Moon NS1.31 – Victory purifies the Heart of Creation
[plasma seal]Silio 2019-2020 – White Magnetic Wizard NS1.32 – Victory discharges the Heart of Creation

During these 7 years we have the perfect opportunity to expand our hearts and practice unconditional love as we realize that our mind is inseparable from each other and from the mind of the Earth.

These 7 years also give us the opportunity to perfect the practices of Synchrogalactic Yoga and Synchronotron, the master of all codes.  The daily practice of the Synchronotron overlays offer us a program to consciously advance to the next stage of cosmic evolution by tuning into the Holomind Perceiver, the evolutionary time coding system of the One Mind.

By placing the seven heptad gates within a complete structural system of seven chakras and seven mental spheres, on a weekly (heptad-to-heptad) basis, through Synchrogalactic Yoga we now have a method to reconstruct and reorganize our inner being or soul body according to the principles of the 441 matrix.  This system includes 48 new rune keys and 6 octaves of the Second Creation as well as 128-strand DNA. These codes are inscribed with keys to the co-creation of our evolutionary process.

The Oracle: Kin 164 Yellow Galactic Seed


Kin 59 - Fifth Force Oracle

I harmonize in order to target
I seal the input of flowering
With the galactic tone of integrity
I am guided by the power of elegance.

In the oracle, the Yellow Galactic Seed (GK Jupiter) completes the first harmonic of Harmonic Convergence Spin 37. 37 is a key number – the indestructible vajra prime. 3 x 7 = 21, the basis of the 441 matrix (21 x 21).

Yellow Galactic Seed, Kin 164 (41 x 4), is the measure of the divine interval and the frequency of the law of the galactic whole. 164 is written in vigesimal as 8.4  –  and written 4.8 for glyph and tone (Seed = 4, Galactic = 8).

By fractal analogy the 13 Moons of the Yellow Galactic Seed Year (2013-2014) are the first 13 steps of the Moon genesis within the Green Central Castle of Enchantment: Court of Synchronization, the ultimate Harmonic Convergence. The Moon Wavespell of Universal Water/Purification codes the Galactic Seed Year. Moon corresponds with Galactic-Karmic Mercury. The White Planetary Mirror codes the 10th moon corresponding to the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan.

The fifth force oracle consists of: the guide 8 Star (GK Venus), Kin 8; the analog 8 Eagle (SP Jupiter), Kin 255; and the antipode 8 Wizard (SP Maldek), Kin 34; along with the occult 6 Earth (SP Uranus), Kin 97.  Note that the Guide, Kin 8, is also this year’s Day out of Time, and the antipode, Kin 34, codes the beginning of the Dreamspell count.

Yellow Seed corresponds to Solar-Prophetic Jupiter and is coded by the galactic archetype of the Innocent in the Hunab Ku 21. The Innocent holds the keys to the Second Creation, the harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order heralding the return of the People of OMA (Original Matrix Attained). True wisdom can only be attained by first contacting our own divine innocence.

The Second Creation is the ancient future memory informing each present moment. The more fully we surrender and enter the NOW, the more we experience the Second Creation.

We can read the yearly oracle as follows: The Primal Force opens the gate of the Throne, the Galactic Innocent enters, guided by the Artist; supported by the Seer/Visionary, challenged/straightened by the Wizard and receives hidden help from the Rhythmic Navigator, the keeper of the synchronic codes

If we lay this oracle out on the Hunab Ku 21 board we see that it forms a perfect tetrad around the court of the Pathfinder – the master intelligence agent. This oracle connects heptad paths 16, 17, 51 and 52. 16 = Awareness evolves timelessness; 17 = Awareness evolves vision; 51 = Navigation evolves timelessness and 52 = Navigation evolves vision

The layout of this oracle on the 28-day Telektonon interplanetary circuit indicates a big reconnection of the fifth circuit: internalizing intelligence, reminding us that inner awareness opens the portal to vision. Through this inner portal we can reclaim our galactic storehouse of innocence: the Kingdom of Heaven within. The occult frequency – Red Rhythmic Earth –  is located on the third circuit – the Telektonon earth spirit speaking tube; while the guide Galactic Star is on the second circuit of allied memory instinct. This 28-day Telektonon circuit is keyed into the 13 Moon calendar and is also a function of the interplanetary time map coordinated by the Dreamspell Genesis.

The Day out of Time, Yellow Galactic Star, Kin 8 (GK Venus), is the same as the guide for the entire year, indicating a time of great creativity reminding us that Art opens the Portals of Magic!

The Galactic Seed coincides with Time Lens 4: Third-dimensional mind pulsar (tones 4, 8, 12). This is Time Lens 288 (144 x 2) Template of the Sphere of the Harmonic of Polar Light. Tone 8 value = 8 x 288 = 2304 galactic frequency power of holonomy.

We are now entering the return of Galactic Camelot or Shambhala. This represents the mythic fourth/fifth-dimensional kingdom where true love, loyalty, understanding and service is completely reestablished on Earth. In this cycle of Camelot, universal redemption and planetary resurrection becomes the way of evolution.

The Earth shall prevail
The garden shall be renewed
The magical power of the kin shall be restored
The time tunnel between Earth and Uranus
Shall be opened
The Moon Genesis of magic flight shall be fulfilled
The Galactic Dreamspell shall be
Successfully entered at last

—Dreamspell manual

Red Queen in dedication to Valum Votan/Galactic Research Institute
Planetary Moon 5: Resonant Storm year. Kin 55, Blue Electric Eagle.