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13 Moon Calendar

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13 Moon Calendar Basics

In the 13 Moon calendar the names of the 13 moons correspond to the thirteen galactic tones of creation. Each of the 13 moons is saturated with meaning and altogether they form a whole vision sequence of cosmic order. Each year also serves as a planetary service wavespell. Before we introduce the names of the thirteen moons, please consider the meanings of the 12 months of the Gregorian calendar:

  • January is the God of the Doorway.

  • February is an obscure reference to a type of entrails used in a form of divination.

  • March is named after Mars, the God of War.

  • April and May are named after obscure floral goddesses of the springtime.

  • June is named after Juno, the wife of Jupiter.

  • July is named after Julius Caesar.

  • August is named after Augustus Caesar. August used to be the month called Sextile, which means 6, and Augustus Caesar figured that if Julius had a month named after him, then Augustus also wanted a month named after himself. So he changed Sextile to August and at that time it only had 30 days, February had 29, so he took the 29th day from February and added it to August so it would have 31 just like Julius did with July. 

  • September means 7 (“sept”) but is the ninth month.

  • October means 8, but is the 10th month.

  • November, which means 9, is the 11th month.

  • December, the 12th month, means 10.

In the 13 Moon calendar, the meaning of each of the 13 moons corresponds to that particular number frequency having three key words. These numbers are known as the thirteen galactic tones of creation that together form the cosmology of movement. These 13 Moons can be put into the format of a wavespell:

  • Moon 1: Magnetic          Unify purpose                    Attract

  • Moon 2: Lunar                Polarize challenge             Stabilize

  • Moon 3: Electric             Active service                    Bond

  • Moon 4: Self-existing     Define form                       Measure

  • Moon 5: Overtone          Empower radiance            Command

  • Moon 6: Rhythmic          Organize equality              Balance

  • Moon 7: Resonant          Channel attunement         Inspire

  • Moon 8: Galactic            Harmonize integrity          Model

  • Moon 9: Solar                 Pulse intention                  Realize

  • Moon 10: Planetary        Perfect manifestation       Produce

  • Moon 11: Spectral          Dissolve liberation            Release

  • Moon 12: Crystal            Dedicate cooperation       Universalize

  • Moon 13: Cosmic           Endure presence               Transcend

Here are the full names and Gregorian dates of the 13 Moons: 

1. Magnetic Bat Moon (July 26-August 22)
2. Lunar Scorpion Moon (August 23-September 19)
3. Electric Deer Moon (September 20-October 17)
4. Self-existing Owl Moon (October 18-November 14)
5. Overtone Peacock Moon (November 15-December 12)
6. Rhythmic Lizard Moon (December 13-January 9)
7. Resonant Monkey Moon (January 10-February 6)
8. Galactic Hawk Moon (February 7-March 6)
9. Solar Jaguar Moon (March 7-April 3)
10. Planetary Dog Moon (April 4-May 1)
11. Spectral Serpent Moon (May 2-May 29)
12. Crystal Rabbit Moon (May 30-June 26)
13. Cosmic Turtle Moon (June 27-July 24)
       Day Out of Time (July 25)