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Untying the Knots - Return to Sacred Time, 13-day meditation program
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The Untying the Knots ceremony is practiced globally, every 13 days until 21 December 2012, as part of what is called the Harmonic Convergence of 2012: a rolling wave of globally synchronized meditations for creating unification consciousness in anticipation of the shift.

The Untying the Knots meditation was originally promoted by the Copalaa (Guatemala) community of Queqchi Mayan elders and, thanks to participation of some Costa Rica kin, is now also being coordinated with the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. These synchronized meditations are paced to occur every 13 days until December 21, 2012, while every 52 days a major fire ceremony is convened. These ceremonies involve “untying six astral knots” that were tied up blocking our energy from the energy of the Earth due to our following linear time (Gregorian calendar and mechanical clock). The Maya elders emphasize how we must all unite in our spiritual groups to untie these astral knots so that by 2012 we can make time circular (and sacred) once again.

So in this practice we are cleaning the energies within ourselves. These energies are: Intelligence, meditation, memory, flowering, healing and love. These energies or qualities of our mind and being which should be so natural have become particularly flawed. In your meditation – individual or group - thinking of each of these knots, free them: Free your intelligence; open up your meditation; tune into your cosmic memory; assume your personal power; trust in your power for self-healing; expand your heart in selfless love.

We can locate these energies in some of our main chakras and so provide an area to focus our healing light:

Intelligence as our intrinsic curiosity and knowing – Throat chakra
Memory, as the natural recollection of original cosmic nature – Throat chakra
Meditation as a natural gift for having a clear mind – Solar plexus chakra
Love as an unconditional response to the world – Crown chakra
Flowering as our natural expression of radiance – Root chakra
Purification/Healing as a natural gift of our own being – Root chakra

On the 13 Moon calendar, these knots refer to the following solar seals:
Intelligence – Warrior
Meditation – Mirror
Memory – Dragon
Flowering – Seed
Purification/Healing – Moon
Love – Dog

Currently, the ceremonies occur on every tone 3 of the wavespell (tone 8 in the long count calendar). If the tone 3 falls on one of the six seals, then special focus is on the quality of that seal as listed above. Special fire ceremonies occur every 52 days, Day out of Time and any other special days and should be held, if possible, outside with a fire providing the center of focus, and may be thought of as burning past obstacles. Do the practice preferably in the morning, or at whatever time is most convenient, as long as it is on the designated days.

13-day Untie the Knots, Return Time to the Sacred Round meditations

2011: January 10*, January 23, February 5, February 18, March 3*, March 16, March 29, April 11*, April 24, May 7, May 20, June 2*, June 15, June 28, July 11, July 24, August 6*, August 19, September 1, September 14, September 27*, October 10, October 23, November 5, November 18*, December 1, December 14, December 27.

2012: January 9* January 22, February 4, February 17. March 1*, March 14, March 27, April 9, April 22*, May 5, May 18, May 31, June 13*, June 26. July 9, July 22, August 4*, August 17, August 30, September 12, September 25*, October 8, October 21, November 3, November 16*, November 29 December 12, December 13-21, all day vigils for returning time to the sacred round.

* Indicates ceremonies every 52 days.

(For more information go to www.lawoftime.org, www.noosphereforum.org)