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Timeship Earth

Timeship Earth

Earth is a timeship, voyaging through galactic time. Every single one of us, whether we are aware of it or not, is a galactic kin upon this timeship. Up until now we might have thought it was “spaceship Earth.” But that is only because we were in the wrong time – we didn’t know what time really was!

The meaning of this time lies in our waking up to the actual nature of time.  Once this occurs we will see that time is the fourth dimension, that Earth is not a spaceship but a timeship, and that the purpose of operating in the 13:20 frequency of galactic time is to transform the planet into a work of art. We are aboard the timeship to learn and practice the planetary art of galactic time. The first stage of this is the rainbow bridge.

Timeship Earth is how we navigate the new evolutionary cycle - the noosphere, the time of universal peace, harmony and telepathy. Soon, Earth will no longer be operating in the 12:60 frequency, but in the natural 13:20 frequency of synchronization. To advance the coming of the new time of harmony, the call is put out for the synchronized celebrations at sacred sites around the world. This planetary awakening will be the conclusion to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, and the appropriate groundwork for entry into Timeship Earth.