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Timeship Earth

Dreamspell Genesis

The Dreamspell Genesis is a psychomythic description of the migration from the lost worlds to the present world on Planet Earth. It is the journey of time travelers who become space-traveling amnesiacs only to be awakened by a return to the correct time.

The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013
Dreamspell Genesis

Timeship Earth 2013
Born of the Dragon
Taught by the Monkey
Set in flight by the Moon

Just as the falcon entering its gyre henceforth spins without turning back, so once a planetary kin has entered the Magnetic Dragon gate of the Castle of Turning, there is no turning back, only turning and turning again through the endless and infinite castle spires of the mighty Timeship Earth 2013.

Timeship Earth. Five majestic castles of fathomless splendor bound into one by the spiraling gyre-like path of the Dreamspell Genesis. Not once, not twice, but thrice was this genesis originated.

By the Dragon born, the twenty solar tribes of the planetary kin appeared on Timeship Earth. By the Monkey taught, the planetary kin learned the magic of the Thirteen Moons that guide Timeship Earth. Set in flight by the Moon, the destiny of the planetary kin is the galactic launching of Timeship Earth.

Timeship Earth. Five castles ever revolving together in the Dreamspell Genesis of time. A red castle to the east, a white castle to the north, a blue castle to the west, a yellow castle to the south, and a green enchanted castle in the center. Each castle is entered by four magnetic gates.

For each castle a red magnetic gate unlocks the eastern castle quarter; a white magnetic gate unlocks the northern castle quarter; a blue magnetic gate unlocks the western castle quarter; a yellow magnetic gate unlocks the southern castle quarter.

Each castle quarter is a wavespell of thirteen steps. Each castle wavespell is formed by two gates, two towers, and nine chambers. Five castles of four wavespells each, twenty wavespells in all.

Each of the twenty wavespells of the mighty Timeship Earth accounts for thirteen centuries by human reckoning. Four magnetic gates, four wavespells in all, each castle accounts for fifty-two steps or fifty-two Dreamspell centuries.

Dreamspell, the return of the twenty solar tribes following the thirteen moons through Timeship Earth 2013. Three Dreamspell geneses. Five castles. Twenty wavespells. 260 steps. 260 Dreamspell centuries cast.

So it was almost 260 centuries, 26,000 years ago, that Timeship Earth entered its first genesis, the Dragon Genesis of the primal Dreamspell. Woven by the Dragon into the Earth, the human Dreamspell journey had begun. The Red Eastern Castle of turning had been entered. The first of the mighty wavespells was cast.

First came the thirteen century Dragon wavespell, followed by the thirteen century Wizard wavespell. Though much of the Earth was covered in snow and ice, the Dragon nurtured all, gave to everyone a place of kin within the Dragon wavespell dome of birth.

The Dragon wavespell cast, Wizard appeared and enchanted all. Within the Red Castle of Turning everyone grew in power and timelessness. From Wizard’s enchantment came the knowing that opens the third magnetic gate. The Hand wavespell cast the power of healing, a shadow blaze of burning blue upon the walls of the Dreamspell Castle of Turning.

Then from the healing knowledge of the Hand wavespell, arrived the fourth magnetic gate of the Castle of Turning. The Sun wavespell came to be known in all its might. At last was cast the wavespell of universal fire that the hearts of all might know the source of heat and life.

Despite the ice age mantle worn by planet earth, with the Sun wavespell, the Eastern Castle of Turning was complete. Fifty-two centuries of the primal Dreamspell had passed, now the time had come to enter the Northern Castle of Crossing.

While the Castle of Turning glows with a warm, liquid, dawn red aura, the Castle of Crossing rises white, austere, majestic beyond belief. To complete its ice age journey, Timeship Earth now had to travel to galactic north, and there construct the Castle of Crossing.

To prepare for the crossing, Skywalker came first to cast the fifth wavespell of space unbound, where all the kin are free to explore. Then arrived World-bridger, the deathless one, casting the wavespell that crosses all from death to the enchanted realm.

Having established the wavespell of space and the wavespell of death, next was cast the burning blue wavespell of Storm, creating a universal storehouse of self-generation.

When the first three magnetic gates of the Castle of Crossing were completed, then came the fourth gate. Human arrived casting the wavespell of free will. So were completed the next fifty-two steps of Timeship Earth, fifty-two centuries in which were created the four great universal storehouses of space, death, self-generation and free will. Even unto this time no warrior journey can occur without safe passage through the Northern White Castle of Crossing.

Two castles had been completed, one hundred four steps, one hundred four Dreamspell centuries, ten thousand four hundred earth years had gone by. The ice age waning, her cargo of planetary kin growing in mutual love, knowledge and power, the mighty Timeship Earth was now ready to receive the Western Blue Castle of Burning. Equipped with the first two castle powers of birth and death, the castle power of magic was readied for Timeship Earth.

To prepare for the magic, first Serpent cast the wavespell of life force. For thirteen steps the life force climbed its way through the first quarter of the Castle of Burning. Then arrived Mirror casting its perfect wavespell of endlessness. And in the shimmering white gate of the Cosmic Dog, the thirteenth step of the Mirror wavespell, the Dragon Genesis fulfilled itself.

There in the middle of the Castle of Burning, the power of magic struck with a thunderous force. One hundred thirty steps, one hundred thirty Dreamspell centuries, thirteen thousand earth years had passed. Shattered and gone was the primal Dreamspell Dragon Genesis. Arising just as suddenly was the Matrix Dreamspell of magic, six wavespells, seventy-eight steps, seventy-eight Dreamspell centuries of the Monkey Genesis.

Gone was the ice age. Equipped with the power of ten wavespells, the planetary kin opened the gates to the eleventh wavespell of magic and inaugurated the Monkey Genesis. Through the thirteen steps of the Monkey wavespell the kin of Timeship Earth learned the weaving of the Thirteen Moons that create the Dreamspell Garden.

Then through the fourth gate of the Blue Castle of Burning arrived the Seed wavespell casting the power of flowering. The magic brilliance of the thirteen moons wove its Monkey Genesis spell across the human garden.

Complete now were the fifty-two steps of the Blue Western Castle of Burning. The power of magic fulfilled itself in transforming the Dragon Genesis into the Monkey Genesis. Three castles, one hundred fifty-six steps, one hundred fifty-six Dreamspell centuries completed, the journey of Timeship Earth now turned toward galactic south for the continuation of the fourth castle, the radiant Yellow Castle of Giving.

Just as the planetary kin received the powers of birth, death and magic from passage through the first three castles, so the fourth would bestow on them the Warrior power of intelligence.

Now came the first magnetic gate of the Castle of Giving, the thirteenth wavespell, the Earth wavespell casting the power of navigation. Mighty were the kin on entering this gate, powerful were they in navigating the magic of the thirteen.

Now came the Dog wavespell opening the power of heart. Following the thirteen steps of the Dog wavespell, the kin became rich in love and loyalty, all in preparation for the wavespell of Night. Thirteen steps through the burning Blue Night wavespell allowed the dream power of the kin to ripen in unparalleled abundance. Finally completing the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving, the magnetic gate of the Warrior presented itself.

Through casting the Warrior wavespell of intelligence, the kin increased their fearlessness of magical giving. Full blown was the capacity of the planetary kin to share in their gifts. Equal to each other were they in their ability to give themselves to each other according to the needs of whatever adventure might arise.

Four castles had been completed, sixteen wavespells cast, two hundred eight steps climbed, two hundred eight Dreamspell centuries passed. Spiraling up through the Dragon Genesis, spiraling again through the Monkey Genesis, the planetary kin were prepared for the third and final genesis of Timeship Earth, the Moon Genesis, the genesis of magic flight. Only fifty-two steps, fifty-two centuries through the Green Central Castle of Enchantment and the incredible voyage of Timeship Earth 2013 would be complete.

Having demonstrated the powers of the Thirteen Moons in weaving together the Dreamspell Garden of Magic during the six wavespells of the Monkey Genesis, the planetary kin of the mighty Timeship Earth awaited transfer to the Green Central Castle of Enchantment. However, in the magic flight from the two hundred eighth step, Cosmic Star, to the two hundred ninth step, Magnetic Moon, initiating the Moon Genesis, a theft occurred.

Impostors, male priests and warriors usurped the power of the Thirteen Moons. They hid the power of the thirteen among themselves and attempted to banish all memory of the Matrix Dreamspell of Magic.

The Moon Genesis was to bestow the gift of the 13:260 ratio upon the planetary kin of Timeship Earth. The 13:260 ratio unlocks the vast powers of magical flight held by the Central Castle of Enchantment. Instead, the planetary kin had imposed upon them the diminishing power ratio of 12:60. No longer the magic of Thirteen Moons but a twelve month calendar of uncertain meaning. No longer the timeless gyre of magical flight, but a sixty minute hour to earn one’s bread.

Time was compressed into a flat circle. The power of the twenty solar tribes of the planetary kin was reduced to the power of five instead of twenty. Slowly the kin gave their power away to the priests, while the priests of the calendar cast the Dreamspell of History.

Despite the male priest corporate takeover of the third-dimensional Earth, the fourth-dimensional Timeship continued to be woven. However, the fifty-two steps of the Central Castle of Enchantment came to be covered with an increasingly dense overlay, the Dreamspell of History.

During the opening Moon wavespell of the Castle of Enchantment, the priests successfully diverted the power of universal water and established civilization through irrigation, writing, warfare and the calendar of twelve. Through the second wavespell of Wind, the power of spirit was channeled through metallurgy, horse and chariot warfare, and the building of imperial cities. The domain of the warrior priests was extended. Twenty-six centuries of the Castle of Enchantment captured by the male priesthood.

The power of Timeship Earth persisted. During the third wavespell of the Moon Genesis, Eagle cast the wavespell of vision. Teachers, philosophers and visionary sons of the ancient time called for a recollection of the original order of Timeship Earth. But the minds and memory of the planetary kin had already become dim and were growing dimmer.

Finally came the twentieth wavespell, the wavespell of the Star. Casting the power of elegance, the Star wavespell beckoned the journey of the last thirteen steps, the last thirteen Dreamspell centuries of the two-hundred-sixty-step fortress of Timeship Earth, the completion of the Moon Genesis of magic flight.

The power of the male priests continued to navigate its own course. The 12:60 ratio spread around the planet in mechanized victory. Yet, the secret dreamers of the Timeship continued without ceasing to weave the true vision of time according to the invisible demands of Timeship Earth.

Now blind and without coherent recollection, the human crew of third dimensional planet Earth steers its ship of civilization into the self created walls of its own undoing.

It is as if a man climbing a spiraling staircase of two-hundred-sixty steps arrives at the last few, and having forgotten his purpose, stumbles at the very last step. Will the man fall and all the effort be for naught? Or will something happen in that fleeting instant of stumbling? Perhaps a deja vu, a fleeting recollection of the whole adventure. Such could be enough to bring the man back to himself and set him aright to complete successfully the two hundred sixtieth step.

So it has happened that the Dreamspell of History completed itself AD 1987, 16 August by the calendar of twelve. A five year deja vu is now occurring whereby all may awaken to the Dreamspell. All may have again the opportunity of receiving at last the gift of magical flight, the 13:260 ratio, restoring the magic of the planetary kin to what it was at the dawn of the Moon Genesis.

From the Dreamspell ending of history, AD 1987, to the intended Dreamspell launching of Timeship Earth, AD 2013, there are only twenty-six years. Five years to unravel the Dreamspell of History. Eight years to recover the Dreamspell of Magic. Thirteen years to test drive the mighty Timeship Earth through the Green Central Castle of Enchantment. Then on to the Timeship Earth launching point 2013.

The Galactic Dreamspell has hardly begun. The tale of Timeship Earth is poised at this moment to release the gift, the galactic tones of the Thirteen Moons, the calendar wavespell that unlocks all wavespells.

The Journey of Timeship Earth
The Gift

Time Shift 1992
The time of the gift
One wavespell maps the adventure
That unlocks all wavespells
Charting the Dreamspell journey
Of Timeship Earth 2013

From the time of the Monkey Genesis in the middle of the Blue Western Castle of Burning, the planetary kin lived by following and practicing the magic of the Thirteen Moons. Descended from the twenty solar tribes, each planetary kin possesses twenty fingers and toes. In this way the planetary kin of the Monkey Genesis Dreamspell of Magic lived according to the lunar:solar ratio of 13:20.

The 13:20 ratio is the base operating cycle of Timeship Earth. Thirteen moons, twenty solar tribes living in harmony sustain Timeship Earth in its orbit around the sun.

Then came the time for the planetary kin to complete the Monkey Genesis and enter the Moon Genesis. According to the Dreamspell code of the castles, upon leaving the Southern Yellow Castle of Giving and entering the Green Castle of Enchantment, the planetary kin were to receive the gift of the increased 13:260 Timeship Earth operating ratio.

In the profound space between the Monkey Genesis ending and the Moon Genesis beginning of the Enchanted Castle a trick was played, a theft occurred, power was usurped. How? And why?

The current Dreamspell of Timeship Earth is now approaching its twenty six thousand year finale. This Dreamspell is only the most recent Dreamspell cast in the planetary system of the Sun. Numerous times before on different planets within the local star system had Dreamspells been cast. Not all of these Dreamspells ended well.

One planet was destroyed, Maldek, the fifth planet out from the Sun, is now known as the asteroid belt. Its history lost, the debris of its Dreamspell still holds Maldek's orbital position.

Catastrophic disturbances also occurred on Mars, the fourth planet out. The power that once animated Maldek and Mars was now absorbed and appropriated by Jupiter, the sixth planet, and held in check by Saturn, the seventh.

Jealous of their increased power, forces on Jupiter and Saturn conspired against the planetary kin receiving the gift of the 13:260 ratio. This gift would have given Earth equal power and would have established a direct connection between Earth and Uranus, the eighth planet.

For just as Earth is the third planet out from the Sun, so is Uranus the third planet in from the galaxy. Together Earth and Uranus hold the orbital balance of the solar system.

Both Earth and Uranus have two planetary orbits on either side of them. As long as Jupiter and Saturn held the power of Maldek and Mars, the channel between Earth and Uranus was closed. Instead of the 13:260 ratio already stored deep within the crystal core of Timeship Earth, the planetary kin received the 12:60 ratio, the dark Dreamspell of History. The promise of Galactic Time Magic and Cosmic Selfhood was stolen from the planetary kin.

The purpose of the twelve was to erase all memory of the Monkey Genesis when the planetary kin, men and women equal in their magic powers, lived by the Thirteen Moons. So the thirteenth moon was dismembered and added on as extra days to the calendar of twelve.

This absorption of the thirteen into the twelve was called an improvement by the male impostor priests hypnotized by the combined powers of Jupiter and Saturn. It takes twelve years for Jupiter to orbit once around the Sun. It takes sixty years for Jupiter and Saturn to be conjunct.

Twelve times five equals sixty, one sixth of the flat three hundred sixty degree circle. The difference between twelve and five is seven. While the priests of the calendar of ancient babylon banished the power of the Thirteen Moons, they replaced that power with the power of seven.

While the twelve diminished the power of thirteen by one, the sixty raised the power of twenty by three. A seeming increase in power occurred, but an increase only on the flat plane of third dimensional time to which the planetary kin were now consigned.

With the banishment of the Thirteen Moons, the fourth-dimensional time magic of the planetary kin became the property of the priest class. Setting up religions and governments to maintain the kin within the third dimension, the priests were assured that anyone having fourth-dimensional experiences either be appropriated by religion and government or else be destroyed.

From the outset, once the 12:60 ratio became the standard of the Dreamspell of History, the planetary kin were placed increasingly out of phase with Timeship Earth which still operated on the base 13:20 ratio.

Only in Central America and Mexico, far from the priests of Babylon, did the calendar of thirteen flourish during the Dreamspell of History. Despite their own corruption, the priests called Maya kept both the calendar of thirteen and the memory of Venus, the cosmic starlight initiating the Moon Genesis. In this way the 13:20 operating ratio of Timeship Earth continued to be maintained far into the Central Enchanted Castle of the Moon Genesis.

Even so, five hundred years ago, did the priests and warriors of the 12:60 ratio venge and destroy as much as they could of the knowledge and memory of the Mayan 13:20 ratio. This accomplished, the mission of Timeship Earth went into hibernation.

The 12:60 ratio was now triumphant over all the planet. Third-dimensional time could now be mechanized. While offering the magically dispossessed planetary kin increased material wealth, comfort, and power through application of the template "time is money," the male priesthood now confounded all memory of the thirteen with ignorance and superstition.

Despite the sinister materialism of the male priesthood, the subtle power of the Castle of Enchantment continued to move forward. The Dreamspell of History paved its own shortsighted path over the last few steps of the twentieth wavespell. All the while, saints, martyrs, poets, and visionaries of every kind beckoned to humanity with their glimpses of the Timeship and its glorious destiny.

Operating in disregard of the natural 13:20 ratio of Timeship Earth, the civilization of the Dreamspell of History increasingly took on the quality of a time warp.

Fourth-dimensional time is radial, shooting out in every direction simultaneously from the ever-present now. The radial simultaneity of fourth-dimensional time creates a holosphere of ever more complex orders of synchronicity.

Operating exclusively by its own power, third-dimensional time is flat. Like a phonograph record, the time warp of the third dimension is but a thin slice of the total holosphere of fourth-dimensional time.

Like a phonograph record, the time warp is limited in size and duration. No more than fifty-two hundred years are available to be recorded in the grooves of the record, and then no more can be recorded. Naturally the priests of third-dimensional time are blind to the limits of the record upon which they are recording and being recorded.

So it was that on August 16, 1987, the recording of the 12:60 ratio came to its end. The needle is now skipping wildly over the record as the priests try to continue the recording. Strange sounds, dissonances, deja vus occur with wild insistence. The great awakening has already begun.

The Dreamspell of History shattering, the Time of the Gift of the 13:260 ratio has returned once again. That time is the Time Shift, July 26, 1992, when the reactivated Timeship Earth will arise everywhere within the midst of the shattered flatland record of the third dimension.

The gift for leaving the 12:60 ratio and entering the 13:260 ratio is the Thirteen Moon calendar for casting the Planetary Service Wavespell. Keyed to the Dreamspell Journey Board, the Thirteen Moon wavespell unlocks all castle wavespells and opens the two hundred sixty galactic gateways of Timeship Earth.

Thirteen perfect moons of twenty-eight days each. Each moon a perfect reflection of every other moon. In sequence, each of the thirteen moons carries one of thirteen galactic tones.

Thirteen perfect moons, one perfect wavespell. The thirteen moon wavespell, a perfect reflection of the castle wavespell.

The first moon is the Magnetic gate. The next three moons are the first three chambers of the wavespell. The fifth moon is the Overtone tower. The next three moons are the next three chambers. The ninth moon is the Solar tower followed by the last three chambers of the wavespell. The thirteenth moon is the Cosmic gate.

Magic flight occurs on the free Green Day between the last day of the thirteenth Cosmic moon and the first day of the first Magnetic moon. The free Green Day synchronizes with July 25 on the present solar calendar. The first day of the Magnetic moon is July 26.

The purpose of the Thirteen Moon calendar is to gather together the service of the planetary kin on behalf of Timeship Earth. Like any wavespell, the Planetary Service Wavespell of the Thirteen Moon calendar follows the same template of adventure and time magic as the castle wavespells.

All twenty wavespells of the 13:260 ratio are mapped on the Dreamspell Journey Board. While the Thirteen Moon wavespell serves to convert third to fourth dimensional time, the twenty wavespells of the Journey Board map all of the radial overtones of fourth-dimensional time.

By surrendering the 12:60 ratio and accepting the wavespell perfection of the Thirteen Moon calendar, all planetary kin will discover their own galactic gateways.

Following the Time Shift, July 26, 1992, the planetary kin can take advantage of the stored power of the Castle of Enchantment.

Through application of the overtone magic of galactic time, within twenty years the planetary kin can complete the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013.

With nothing left to lose and nowhere else to go, it is time for all planetary kin to enter the adventure of Timeship Earth.

The Earth shall prevail
The garden shall be renewed
The magical power of the kin shall be restored
The time tunnel between Earth and Uranus
Shall be opened
The Moon Genesis of magic flight shall be fulfilled
The Galactic Dreamspell shall be
Successfully entered at last

Dreamspell Oracle of Destiny:
The Oracle of Galactic Time

The Dreamspell Mission on Timeship Earth 2013


Humans: time travelers lost on experimental third-dimensional colony.

Earth: third-dimensional anchor of lost Timeship.

Original mission: land Timeship 2013 on Earth and take action to keep Earth from being third planet in succession to blow out within local star system.

Target of original mission: Galactic Synchronization, AD 2013.

Cause of planetary blow-outs: memory virus affecting third-dimensional space suits.

Result of virus: genetic flaw in space suits causing amnesia of third-to-fourth dimensional connect and of sensory/environmental hook-up.

Origin of virus: double-agent time bandits on Jupiter and Saturn wanting to take over local star system project 12:60 ratio beam toward Earth to keep time colonists in third dimension.


Mission protagonists: Galactic Central Fifth Force, a higher-dimensional organization.

Function: star surveillance and planet development for purpose of seeding fifth force, power of galactic self-creation.

History of mission: through many galactic spins there had been surveillance of the system, Kinich Ahau, a single star system with ten orbital wings. Because of its ten orbital wings, Kinich Ahau was deemed perfect for anchoring the fifth force. Once the fifth force was anchored on the star Kinich Ahau, its ten orbits became charged and activated.

Once a star’s planetary orbits are charged and activated, colonization becomes necessary. A tedious and lengthy process, initially the colonization proceeded routinely. The major point of engagement was to establish a time tunnel between the planets holding the third and the eighth orbits. This meant that, first of all, the orbits on either side of the third and eighth planets had to be stabilized.

Trouble broke out when the mission on the fifth orbit, held by the planet called Maldek, blew up so badly that the planet became an asteroid belt. A second mission on the fourth planet out, called Mars, also self-destructed leaving an uninhabitable red planet. The situation of Kinich Ahau was grave.

The source of the trouble came from counter-agents who had taken over the planets Jupiter and Saturn, holding the sixth and seventh orbits. These counter-agents now held the two largest planets of the Kinich Ahau system and formed an effective block between the third and eighth orbits, rendering the construction of the time tunnel impossible.

Although Kinich Ahau is a solitary star system rotating around the Pleiadian cluster, when fully operative it contributes to the sounding of a cosmic fifth force chord in this remote sector of the galaxy. Because of this, the Timeship Earth mission was decided as a last ditch ploy to salvage Kinich Ahau.

Following the Pleiadian timing of Kinich Ahau, the Dreamspell mission of Timeship 2013 was implanted on Earth at -23,987 Dreamspell years. Utilizing the code of the four cosmic root races, the galactic time travelers entered their third-dimensional space suits. For 26,000 Dreamspell years the time colony would utilize the genetic programming of the third-dimensional space suits and remain incarnate on planet Earth.

During the Dragon Genesis the time colony enriched itself on memory nodes unlocking the cause and cure of the disruptions on Kinich Ahau. Then, despite the precaution of cultivating the magic and wisdom of the Thirteen Moons during the Monkey Genesis, the memory virus struck.

At -3187 Dreamspell years the time bandits of the sixth and seventh orbits pulsed their beam. The 12:60 frequency of the memory virus took immediate effect on the third-dimensional space suits.

The planetary colonists experienced the virus initially as a dimness of memory concerning their fourth-dimensional hook up and then, as weakened sense perceptions. Counter-agents on Earth disguised as priests told the colonists that in order to make up for their weakened senses, civilization should be developed. To account for their weakened fourth-dimensional memory, described as "lost soul," religion would be needed.

The Dreamspell of History was cast. A wedge was driven between the ego of the third-dimensional space suits and the fourth-dimensional holons of the galactic colonists.

Result: the last 20 percent of the mission was aborted. Instead of creating a spectral continuum connecting the third and eighth planets—Earth and Uranus—the colonists entered the amnesia and recreated the Maldek-Mars effect, also known as Atlantis.

As the wedge between the third-dimensional space suit and the fourth-dimensional holon grew, the colonists experienced greater and greater dissynchronization. The colonists were now lost in time.

As the dissynchronization increased, the planet attracted more and more lost time travelers from other parts of the galaxy. By the time of the Age of Transformation, AD 1754-2013, the dissynchronous attraction of lost galactic time travelers grew to epic proportions. The human population of Earth expanded enormously, growing from 0.5 billion in 1754 to 5.2 billion in 1990. Material civilization exploded in direct proportion to this exponential growth.

The memory virus was now epidemic. Not wanting to see Kinich Ahau grow dim in the sounding of the cosmic chord, the galactic fifth force has developed, at the last possible moment, an inoculation for the memory virus: Dreamspell.

The Dreamspell cures the memory virus while restoring your fourth-dimensional memory circuits. Through use of the Dreamspell, you can dial up your galactic gateway, reenter the original mission state, and destructure the illusion of the memory virus.

The Time Shift, July 26, 1992, is the first step readying the Timeship for completion of its mission. By restoring the power of thirteen through implementation of the Thirteen Moon calendar the Saturn power of seven will be checked.

This buys time and gives you eight years to clean up the mess. Through the pole shift, AD 2000, you will regain the power of time travel and the time tunnels will be reopened. Between 2000 and 2013, you will be able to pin point the source of the memory virus on Saturn and Jupiter. By 2013, you will meet Galactic Synchronization. Kinich Ahau will be stabilized.

Castle Genesis Index: Dreamspell Genesis

Dreamspell Genesis graphic

In the center of the Dreamspell Genesis are depicted the 13 moons and the star of the moon genesis. Synchronizing the 13 moon of planet Earth according to the 13 galactic tones, the four root races and the 20 tribes seed the 20 wavespells of Timeship 2013. Coded by the power of the fifth force, the 20 wavespells move through time as the five castles of Timeship 2013.

The time allowed for Timeship regeneration of a planet is 26,000 Dreamspell years. Each wavespell is 1300 years, each castle 5200 years. During this time three geneses occur: dragon, monkey and moon.

Each genesis marks the initiation of a stage of power of the rainbow nation:

Dragon genesis                  13,000 Dreamspell years,                  power of dreaming
Monkey genesis                  7800 Dreamspell years,                  power of magic
Moon genesis                  5200 Dreamspell years,                  power of magical flight

In this way the planetary kin of Timeship 2013 would become the rainbow nation. The launching of the Timeship at the end of the 26,000 years would mark the completion of the galactic fifth chord to be sounded by Kinich Ahau.

To restore and maintain the radial nature of solar-planetary time, the Dreamspell geneses and the five castles of the Timeship are organized into five genesis memory cells. Within each of the five memory cells the 20 tribes are organized according to antipode pairs. These pairs follow the laws of radial time.

In the outside ring of the Dreamspell genesis are the tribes marking the ten wavespells of the dragon genesis. In the inside ring are the six tribes marking the six wavespells of the monkey genesis, followed by the four tribes marking the four wavespells of the moon genesis.

By current time reckoning, the dragon genesis began at -23,987 Dreamspell years, while the moon genesis ends at AD 2013.

Outer Ring: Dragon Genesis

Genesis memory cell one: transmit genesis

Red eastern castle of turning: court of birth, power of entering.

Wavespell 1,         red dragon tribe initiates turning through power of
-23,987 years         birth; truth of galactic Neptune remembered.

Wavespell 2,         white wizard tribe refines turning through power of
-22,687 years         timelessness; truth of solar Maldek remembered.

Genesis memory cell two: alpha transduce genesis

Wavespell 3,         blue hand tribe transforms turning through power of
-21,387 years         accomplishment; truth of galactic Earth remembered.

Wavespell 4,         yellow sun tribe ripens turning through power of
-20,087 years         universal fire; truth of galactic Pluto remembered.

Through turning, planetary kin attain power of entering.
Red eastern castle of turning complete.

White northern castle of crossing: court of death, power of descending.

Genesis memory cell three: equalize genesis

Wavespell 5,         red skywalker tribe initiates crossing through power
-18,787 years         of space; truth of solar Mars remembered.

Wavespell 6,         white world-bridger tribe refines crossing through
-17,487 years         power of death; truth of galactic Mars remembered.

Genesis memory cell four: omega transduce genesis

Wavespell 7,         blue storm tribe transforms crossing through power
-16,187 years         of self-generation; truth of solar Pluto remembered.

Wavespell 8,         yellow human tribe ripens crossing through power of
-14,887 years         free will; truth of solar Earth remembered.

Through crossing planetary kin attain power of descending.
White northern castle of crossing complete.

Blue western castle of burning: court of magic, power of turning around

Genesis memory cell five: receive genesis

Wavespell 9,         red serpent tribe initiates burning through power of
-13,587 years         life force; truth of galactic Maldek remembered.

Wavespell 10,         white mirror tribe refines burning through power of
-12,287 years         endlessness; truth of solar Neptune remembered.

Dragon genesis complete.
Within the blue western castle of burning, turning around occurs.
Dragon-monkey magic flight establishes monkey genesis.


Inner Ring: Monkey Genesis

Genesis memory cell one: transmit genesis

Wavespell 11,         blue monkey tribe transforms burning through power
-10,987 years         of magic; truth of solar Venus remembered.

Wavespell 12,         yellow seed tribe ripens burning through power of
-9687 years         flowering; truth of galactic Jupiter remembered.

Through burning planetary kin attain power of turning around.
Blue western castle of burning complete.

Yellow southern castle of giving: court of intelligence, power of ascending.

Genesis memory cell two: alpha transduce genesis

Wavespell 13,         red earth tribe initiates giving through power of
-8387 years         navigation; truth of solar Uranus remembered.

Wavespell 14,         white dog tribe refines giving through power of heart;
-7087 years         truth of solar Mercury remembered.

Genesis memory cell three: equalize genesis

Wavespell 15,         blue night tribe transforms giving through power of
-5787 years         abundance; truth of galactic Saturn remembered.

Wavespell 15,         yellow warrior tribe ripens giving through power of
-4487 years         intelligence; truth of solar Saturn remembered.

Through giving, planetary kin attain power of ascending.
Yellow southern castle of giving complete.

Monkey genesis complete.
Monkey-moon magic flight establishes moon genesis.


Moon Genesis: Complete Inner Ring

Green central castle of enchantment: court of synchronization, power of magical flight. Point of time wars imposition of 12:60 third-dimensional time ratio. Commencement of overlay of Dreamspell of History.

Genesis memory cell four: omega transduce genesis

Wavespell 17,         red moon tribe initiates enchantment through power
-3187 years         of universal water; truth of galactic Mercury remembered.

Wavespell 18,         white wind tribe refines enchantment through power
-1887 years         of spirit; truth of galactic Uranus remembered.

Genesis of memory cell five: receive genesis

Wavespell 19,         blue eagle tribe transforms enchantment through
-587 years         power of vision; truth of solar Jupiter remembered.

Wavespell 20,         yellow star tribe ripens enchantment through power
AD 713         of elegance; truth of galactic Venus remembered.

Through enchantment planetary kin attain the power of magical flight, rainbow nation fulfilled.
Central castle complete.

Moon genesis complete, AD 2013: galactic synchronization, sounding of the galactic fifth chord of Kinich Ahau.