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Law of Time

Closing the Cycle: Seven Last Moons of the Thirteen Baktuns
Crystal Moon 1 (May 30, 2012) – Overtone Moon 28 (12-12, 2012)
Inner Heptagonon of Mind: The 144,000 Cubed Within

(From pages 63-72 of the 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation instruction manual, by Valum Votan)

{See Text Graphic: 7:7::7:7 Codon Catalog, Inner Heptagonon of Mind, Days 22-28 Closing the Cycle, Seven Last Moons Thirteen Baktuns, Seven Mystic Moons to Timeship Earth 2013 Table of Correspondences; see also, 7:7::7:7 Instruction Sheet, back cover, Map of Seven UR Earths, Hidden Moons Script, and 20 Tablets of the Law of Time, Chronograph Tablets Fifteen and Sixteen}

The sequence of “Seven Last Moons of the Thirteen Baktuns,” Week Four, hinges together the last eight permutations of Codon 47, Calling the Source; the complete thirteen week sequence of Codon 24, Radiant Return and the first seven week permutations of Codon 32, Mind Enduring.

[Image of Tablet 15 Chronograph]
Chronograph Tablet Fifteen

[Image of Tablet 16 Chronograph]
Chronograph Tablet Sixteen

Click here to download printable versions of Tablets Fifteen and Sixteen

To locate the precise permutation sequences of these Codons turn to the back side of Chronograph tablets Fifteen and Sixteen. By contemplating and studying these Codons in their meanings and permutational orders, you can Call the Source, the Supreme One, who will then establish you in a Radiant Return, in order to complete the cycle with the Mind Enduring power to transcend all endings and beginnings. The following sequence may be followed and studied every fourth week of every Moon.

[Codon 47]Codon 47, Calling the Source, “Dynamism Resolved as Architectonics”

  • [Kin 194]Week Four, Day 22 (June 20), Cube 16: Permutations 6-9 = Crystal Moon, AD 2012, Return of the first Lost Generation of the White Crystal Wizard,, Chronograph Kin 194. Return of First Solar Witness.
  • [Kin 195]Week Four, Day 23 (July 19), Navigation Tower: Permutations 10-13 Cosmic Moon AD 2012, Return of the second Lost Generation of the Blue Cosmic Eagle,, Chronograph Kin 195. End of Year 15, White Rhythmic Wizard. Chronograph Night Wavespell Fifteen, original location: –5787 to –4487, Monkey Genesis stage five, Camelot sequence; also synchronically realized as the lost generations of katun and, AD 692-732, and first two years of prophecy, AD 1993-1994. Return of Second Solar Witness.

[Codon 47]Codon 24, Radiant Return, “Way of Wielding Power Ascends to Heaven”

  • [Kin 196]Week Four, Day 24 (August 18) Heaven Walk, Day One: Permutations 1-4 = Magnetic Moon, AD 2012, return of the third Lost Generation of the Yellow Magnetic Warrior,, Chronograph Kin 196. Beginning of Year Sixteen, Blue Resonant Storm, Chronograph Warrior Wavespell Sixteen, original location: –4487 to –3187, completion of Camelot Sequence, final retrieval of lost Monkey Genesis. These five moons complete the last five generations of the five katuns, –, AD 732-830. Return of Third Solar Witness.
  • [Kin 197]Week Four, Day 25 (Sept. 16), Heaven Walk, Day Two: Permutations 5-8 = Lunar Moon, AD 2012, Return of the Fourth Lost Generation of the Red Lunar Earth,, Chronograph Kin 197. Return of Fourth Solar Witness.
  • [Kin 198]Week Four, Day 26 (Oct. 15), Heaven Walk, Day Three: Permutations 9-12 = Electric Moon, AD 2012, Return of the Fifth Lost Generation of the White Electric Mirror,, Chronograph, Kin 198. Return of Fifth Solar Witness.
  • [Kin 199]Week Four, Day 27 (Nov. 13) Heaven Walk Day Four: Codon 24, Radiant Return, Permutation 13, Codon 32, Mind Enduring, Permutations 1-3 = Self-Existing Moon, AD 2012, Return of the Sith Lost Generation of Blue Self-Existing Storm,, Chronograph Kin 199. Return of Sixth Solar Witness.

[Codon 47]Codon 32, Mind Enduring, “Binary Order Defines Movement of Space”

  • [Kin 200]Week Four, Day 28 (Dec. 12), Spirit Tower: Permutations 4-7, Mind Enduring = Overtone Moon, AD 2012, Return of the Seventh Lost Generation of the Yellow Overtone Sun, (Nineteen is over all), Chronograph Kin 200. Return of Seventh Solar Witness.

Here is the completion of the fourth and final cubing of the Heptagonon of Mind of the 144,000 Cubed within, the glory of the New Jerusalem, the fulfillment of the New Heaven New Earth, mystic splendor unparalleled, exaltation of divine power attained, the achievement of all prophetic revelation and cosmic order.

Note: the Last five days of the Overtone Moon Chronograph Kin 200, AD 2012 are the five kin representing the first five of the Lost Generations, Kin 194-198 = Days 24-28 Overtone Moon! Rhythmic Moon, days 1 and 2 = the last two of the seven Lost Generations, Kin 199-200.

Absolute fractal perfection of the 5:7 ratio (=5 +2), whereas the first two of the Lost Generations are the last two moons of the fifteenth year and the last five are the first five moons in the sixteenth year, the first five of the Lost Generations are the last five days of the fifth Moon and the last two of the Lost Generations the first two days of the sixth Moon! 2 + 5 Moons = 5 + 2 Days. The fractal compression of time is complete, from Seven katuns, to seven years, to seven moons to seven days.

Closing the Cycle – Chronograph Kin 201, Red Rhythmic Dragon, Rhythmic Moon, AD 2012-13, The “Moon-Out-of-Time”

(see bottom of Graphic 7:7::7:7 Codon Catalog…)

[Codon 47]Codon 32, Mind Enduring, “Binary Order Defines Movement of Space”

Note: Kin 201, Red Rhythmic Dragon is the third day of the Red Rhythmic Dragon Moon (Dec. 15), Chronograph Kin 201. Permutations 8-11. Stage 8 Mind Enduring = Codon 20, Wizard’s Contemplation = Week One, Rhythmic Moon.

The first two days of this week correspond to Kin 199 and 200, the sixth and seventh Lost Generations. This is truly the time for the Earth Wizards to contemplate the momentousness of having reached the conclusion of the Great Cycle. The Judgement to this Codon 20 in the traditional I Ching reads:

CONTEMPLATION. The ablution has been made,
But not yet the offering…

The “Image” for this same Codon declares:

The wind blows over the Earth:
Thus the kings of old visited the regions of the world,
Contemplated the people
And gave them instruction.

Roaming the Earth, the Earth Wizards make certain that all of the inhabitants of Earth are in tune and ready for the great and august moment, the end of the cycle of Thirteen Baktuns, the great alignment of Earth with the Galactic Center, the redemption of the Tree of Life by the Hunab Ku, the solemn completion and renewal of the life contract embedded in the DNA of the unitary life of the biosphere.

Stage 9, Mind Enduring = Codon 59, Dissolving, “Galactic Octave Sounds Mind” = week two, Rhythmic Moon. Winter Solstice = line two, day nine = Rhythmic Moon, Day 9 (6.9) = Kin 207 = Blue Crystal Hand = Round Table of the Galactic Karmic Earth Closes the Cycle of Thirteen Baktuns. The Earth Wizards, now proto-galactic Maya, call for the greatest Crystal Day Round Table of the New Time and the Second Creation.

Kin 207, Blue Crystal Hand (12-21) Solstice 2012, End of the Cycle, Long Count date

I dedicate in order to know
Universalizing healing
I seal the store of accomplishment
With the crystal tone of cooperation
I am guided by the power of self-generation
(= Allah’s power of 19 “is over all”)

The traditional I Ching read-out for the Judgement of this Codon 59 follows:

The king approaches his temple.
It furthers one to cross the great water.
Perseverance furthers.

The “king” is the enlightened power of the Earth Wizards of the New Jerusalem, men and women together, who approach the temple of the Great Planetary Manitou. Cubed from within with the power of the 144,000, which is “Ton,” the Earth Wizards evoke the power of sound to become vision, “On.” This is crossing the great water of the end of the cycle.

The image of the Dissolving Codon 59 indicates the profoundly religious moment augured by this unequaled winter solstice:

The wind drives over the water:
The image of DISPERSION.
Thus the kings of old sacrificed to the Lord
And built temples.

The temple is the Planetary Manitou now approaching its completion. The consummation of this unprecedented telepathic activity is the commemoration of the One God, the divine creative power of Hunab Ku-Allah realized in the cubically regenerated cells of everything that lives.

The commentary to the second line, which corresponds precisely to the Winter Solstice AD 2012 reads:

At the dissolution
He hurries to that which supports him.
Remorse disappears.

A better oracle for the end of the cycle would be hard to find! That which supports is the spiritual sustenance that submission to the will of God alone can give.

The Cycle closes, only to bring the great preparation for the initiation of the next cycle, some Seven Moons hence.

The true Solar Age now dawns. The enlightenment of Velatropa 24.3 complete, the local star Kinich Ahau prepares for its next stage of excitation: galactic synchronization, the thirteen-dimensional ripple of divine bliss to be experienced as the UNITY unfettered.

[Biphasic Matrix Tzolkin diagram]
64 Codons • Biphasic Matrix

The Biphasic Codon for the Kin 205-208, Harmonic 52, Cosmic Elegance, including Kin 207, is Codon 12, Stabilizing (Standstill), which is one of the two Stop Codons. It is the inverse of Codon 11, Dynamizing (Peace), Harmonic 14, Self-Existing Intelligence, Kin 53-56.

Note that Kin 55-56 of this Harmonic are the Kin coding the Harmonic Convergence dates, August 16-17, 1987, which ushered in the prophecy of the Closing of the Cycle. Note also that the last four Moons of the entire cycle of the 16-Year Telektonon Cube of the Law, AD 2013, are also Kin 205-208.

The inverse Harmonic of the Harmonic Convergence thus codes both the end of the Thirteen Baktun Cycle and the end of the 26 Years of the Harmonic Convergence. The super “Stop Codon” of the last four Moons thus completes the 208 steps to Merlin’s Tower and prepares for the coming of the Psychozoic Era upon the arrival of the day Galactic Seed, (July 26, 2013), the “launching of Timeship Earth 2013.”

These are all elegant manifestations of the prophetic power of the Law of Time, whose precision only the Divine Plan could ordain.

Rhythmic Moon 13 (Dec. 25, 2012) the First Universal Resurrection of Christ = Kin 211, Blue Electric Monkey, Red Moon Wavespell, “Moon Genesis” fractal, = Pacal Votan Clear Sign, last line Dissolving Codon (“Galactic Octave Sounds Mind”)

[Codon 47]Stage 10. Codon 57, Mind of Breath, “Penetration of the Galactic Octave”

Rhythmic 20 – 6.20 – first day of Arcturus Dominion year 2013 = 10 Mirror = Galactic anniversary of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan (June 15, 1952 = Crystal 17, Kin 218, White Planetary Mirror)! Top line Codon 57, Mind of Breath, “Penetration of the Galactic Octave.”

The mystery that was unleashed by the opening of the tomb of the Great Pacal is now dissolved in the sound of the Galactic Octave. There is no further need for the mind to penetrate. Now it is time for time to penetrate the mind, the meaning of Stage 11, Codon 44, Time Penetrating, the final week of the Rhythmic Dragon Moon, the great pause for cosmic breath between the seven waning Moons and the Seven waxing Moons of the Closing of the Cycle.

[Image]Closing the Cycle: Seven Mystic Moons to Launch Timeship Earth 2013 – The Fulfillment of 7:7::7:7

{See: Right-hand side of Text Graphic, 7:7::7:7 Codon Catalog… “Seven Mystic Moons” - click here to download printable version}

The Red Rhythmic Dragon Moon 2012-2013, “Moon-Out-of-Time,” is the Cosmic Pause for breath between the seven last waning moons that close the cycle of thirteen baktuns, and the seven waxing mystic moons that precede the launching of Timeship Earth 2013.

The fourth week of the Rhythmic Dragon Moon, 2013 is marked by the Codon 44, Time Penetrating, “Dynamic Construction Empowered by Time.” Thence, beginning with the Resonant (7th) Moon through the Cosmic (13th) Moon of AD 2013 are the Seven Mystic Moons of the close of the cycle. Each of these Seven Mystic Moons corresponds to each of the seven last moons of the 13 Baktuns. Study these Seven Mystic Moons along with the corresponding Moons of the Seven Lost Generations, days 22-28, Week four of every Moon.

[Codon 47]Codon 32, Mind Enduring, “Binary Order Defines Movement of Space”
White Northern Quarter, Yellow Southern Star Quadrant (Weeks 14-26)

  • [Kin 202]First Mystic Moon of the Resonant Wind, Permutations 12-13, Codon 32, Mind Enduring, and Permutations 1 and 2 of Codon 40 Heart’s Release (“Cosmic Order Returns to Heart of Earth”) = White Resonant Wind, Chronograph Kin 202, paired with:
  • First Lost Generation White Crystal Wizard Moon, Chronograph Kin 194

These two Moons both have in common: white power of refining; two-dot overtone pulsar.

[Codon 47]Codon 40, Heart’s Release, “Cosmic Order Returns to Heart of Earth”
Blue Western Quarter, Yellow Southern Star Quadrant (Weeks 27-39)

  • [Kin 203]Second Mystic Moon of the Galactic Night, Permutations 3-6, Codon 40, Heart’s Release = Blue Galactic Night, Chronograph Kin 203, paired with:
  • Second Lost Generation Moon of the Blue Cosmic Eagle Moon, Chronograph Kin 195

These two Moons both have in common: blue power of transforming; three-dot overtone pulsar.

  • [Kin 204]Third Mystic Moon of the Solar Seed, Permutations 7-10, Codon 40 Heart’s Release = Yellow Solar Seed, Chronograph Kin 204, paired with:
  • Third Lost Generation Moon of the Yellow Magnetic Warrior Moon, Chronograph Kin 196.

These two moons have in common: yellow power of ripening; Tones 1 and 9, Fourth Dimension Time Pulsar

  • [Kin 205]Fourth Mystic Moon of the Planetary Serpent, Permutations 11-13, Codon 40, Heart’s Release, Permutation 1 Codon 48, Reaching the Source, (“Architectonics Releases Order of Whole”) = Red Planetary Serpent, Chronograph Kin 205, paired with:
  • Fourth Lost Generation Moon of the Red Lunar Earth, Chronograph Kin 197.

These two Moons have in common: red power of initiating, First and last Tones, 2 and 10, First Dimension Life Pulsar.

[Codon 47]Codon 48, Reaching the Source, “Architectonics Releases Order of Whole”
Yellow Southern Quarter, Yellow Southern Star Quadrant (Weeks 40-52)

  • [Kin 206]Fifth Mystic Moon of the Spectral Worldbridger, Permutations 2-5, Codon 48 Reaching the Source = White Spectral Worldbridger, Chronograph Kin 206, paired with:
  • Fifth Lost Generation Moon of the White Electric Mirror, Chronograph Kin 198.

These two Moons have in common: white power of refining, First and last Tones, 3 and 11, Second Dimension Sense Pulsar.

  • [Kin 207]Sixth Mystic Moon of the Crystal Hand, Permutations 6-9, Codon 48 Reaching the Source = Blue Crystal Hand, Chronograph Kin 207 (note: Winter Solstice 2012, end of Cycle = Kin 207) paired with:
  • Sixth Lost Generation Moon of the Blue Self-Existing Storm,Chronograph Kin 199.

These two Moons both have in common: blue power of transforming, First and last Tones, 4 and 12, Third Dimension Mind Pulsar.

  • [Kin 208]Seventh Mystic Moon of the Cosmic Star, Permutations 10-13, Codon 48 Reaching the Source = Yellow Cosmic Star, Chronograph Kin 208, paired with:
  • Seventh Lost Generation Moon of the Yellow Overtone Sun,Chronograph Kin 200.

These two Moons both have in common: yellow power of ripening, Tones 5 and 13, Fourth Dimension Time Pulsar. (See above: Completes Fourth Dimensional Time Pulsar began with Third Mystic Moon, Tones 1 and 9.)

The text graphic “7:7::7:7 Codon Catalog…” along with the back sides of the Chronograph Tablets Fifteen and Sixteen are very important for your study, every fourth week of the 7:7::7:7 exercise. All of the correspondences between the Seven Last Moons of the Thirteen Baktuns and the Seven Mystic Moons to launch Timeship Earth 2013, plus the Mystic Rhythmic Moon that balances the two Seven Moon Cycles, are contained in this Time Map.

This Map shows the corresponding Codons and Runes for every one of the (28 + 4 + 28 =) 60 weeks of this fifteen-Moon cycle. The Seven Last plus Seven Mystic Moons plus the Moon Out of Time, form a fractal Analogy to the 14 + 1 Year UR Council Program whose initiation accompanies the initiation of the 7:7::7:7.

There are a number of points to note: Codons 1 and 2, which hold the originating Time (1) and Space (2) binary letter codes, and which score the 1st and 65th Harmonics of the Bi-phasic Harmonic Code occur but once during the 60 weeks, both in the Seven Last Moons that Close the Cycle of the Thirteen Baktuns, showing the presence of the primal generating Time Space Codons at the End of the Cycle.

The very last of the Codons, 64, Prepared, occurs once in the Seven Last Moons of the Thirteen Baktuns. 64 holds the total Binary letter power of Mind. The very last Codon of the 28th week of the Seven Last Moons of the Thirteen Baktuns is Codon 42, Radiosonic Way, showing that the telepathic technology of Radiosonics is firmly established.

The four weeks of the Rhythmic Moon establish the Self-Existing power of four, according to the ratio 4:7::7:13, from which emanate the Seven Rays to charge the Seven Waxing Moons to Launch Timeship Earth 2013.

The 28 weeks of the Seven Moons to launch the Timeship represent a time of mystic exaltation, the total redemption of all of the universal life on Earth in preparation for the moment of galactic synchronization. The fourth-dimensional power of time fully informs the mind; the individual mind is no longer part from the Whole.

Note that the final two Codons of the absolute sequence, 63-64 code these 28 weeks twice. Consisting solely of the binary letters Mind (63) and Radiance (64), these are the powers that are empowered to transcend Time Space in preparation for the galactic synchronization.

Codon 48 occurs in the sixteenth week and in the 28th and final week of the last seven moons of the entire Sixteen-Year Telektonon to complete the Mystic revelation of 13:7 which is the container of the 7:7::7:7. In the Radial Matrix Bi-phasic order, Codon 48 occurs in Harmonic 13.

This 28th week is the last week of the Seventh Moon and the 13th week of the sequence of Codon 48; The seventh Mystic Moon is also the 13th moon of the sixteenth year of the Revelation of the Law of Time, and hence this 28th (7 x 4) Mystic Moon week is also the 52nd (13 x 4) week of the sixteenth year.

On the Radial Mandalic Order of the UR Tree, the Time Phasic set of Harmonics begins at the top left with Harmonic 1, Codon 1, while the last Harmonic is 13, at the bottom left. This corresponds precisely to the Cube of the Law arrangement, which also begins with Codon 1, Cube 1 and ends with Codon 48, Cube 16. This shows that Codon 48 Reaching the Source is cued to the power of 13, of which 7 is the inverse 7th, hence 13:7 the mathematical code that is at the heart of 7:7::7:7.

Just as the seven generations of the Book of Seven Generations reappear as the last seven Moons of the thirteen Baktuns, so the 13:7 code that appears as the thirteenth sequence of Codon 48, Harmonic 13, concluding the seventh Mystic Moon prior to galactic Synchronization AD 2013 (=13 + 7 = 20 – 7 = 13) recalls the primal cosmogenesis of the Maya as recorded in the Annals of the Cakchiquels:

“Then we were commanded by our mothers and our fathers to come, we the thirteen clans of the seven tribes, the thirteen groups of warriors. Then we arrived in Tulan in the darkness, in the night” In the zuvuya of time, the beginning recycles the end recycles the beginning without end…Tulan is the well of time, the Source that calls and to which by destiny we are determined to arrive, that we might know ourselves as One once again.

Tulan! Tulan! The Well of Time
Tulan Tulan from Hurucan to Xibalay
Tulan Tulan from where the sun rises to where it sets
Tulan Tulan from North to South
The Thirteen Clans and Seven Tribes return again
Gathered in Tulan of the Center:
Tulan! Tulan! The Well of Time

Telektonon Ur-Uk
Uk-Uk Uk-Uk Can Uk
Telektonon Ur Uk

Tulan Zuvuya
Tulan Ur Uk!

“Your Creation and resurrection are only like the creation and resurrection of a single soul. Verily Allah is All-hearing, All-seeing.” Holy Qur’an, XXXI:28

The single collective world soul realized and resurrected is the Planetary Manitou. Through the Planetary Manitou the 144,000 Cubed within the Cube of their own divine self-perfection walk simply on the Earth as wizards of the time now unknown to all but them. The Manitou is “a supernatural force that, according to Algonquin tradition, pervades the natural world.”

The Planetary Manitou is the self-realized world soul that pervades the natural world, the Noosphere, the telepathic mind extending from UR of the dawn to the Seven Earths of UR, realized as one Mind, gestation of the dawing Psychozoic Era, the divine renewal of the 26,0000-year evolutionary cycle, the ancient future radiosonically realized, chromocellularly activated, spun into existence by the Mind Cubed and Cubed again, the Cubic Hologram, 7.28, 1+2+3+4+5+6+7, the measure of the Moon’s heavenly course, the absorption of the individual soul perfected as the Mystic Cube of ONE.

Telektonon Ur Uk
Uk-Uk Uk-Uk Can Uk
Telektonon Ur Uk

7:7::7:7 first Cycle Complete, Solar Moon 7, 49th day of the 49th Codon, Inverse 7th Cubed, 33rd Week of the Fifth year of Prophecy, Year of the First Seer, Lord Buddha, First Year of the Sixteen Years of the Telektonon Cube of the Law.

By the power of the Supreme ONE may the Earth Wizards prevail
Samaya gya gya gya!
Valum Votan Closer of the Cycle

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