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The system of Synchronotron is a tool for learning the mathematical language of telepathy, which is coded into the Law of Time. It is a teaching from Sirius that contains the language of post-conceptual mind.

Sirius is a binary star – Sirius A and Sirius B. It takes Sirius B approximately 52 years to go in an orbit around Sirius A. This is the basis of the 52- year solar galactic cycle (and why the galactic compass is also called the Sirian Wheel).

Synchronotron refers to the compendium of the practices of the 441 (21 x 21) cube matrix system. This mathematical system represents the minimum fractal of totality cubed: 21 x 21 being the prime statement of totality (20) + 1 (unity). 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 = 21 (unity of totality).

This system was revealed to José Argüelles/Valum Votan 18 years after the discovery of the Law of Time (1989). It began with a dream initiation at the beginning of the Resonant Moon, Red Magnetic Moon Year (January 10, 2007), Kin 117. The number 441 was heard in a dream instigating an on-going process of decoding. He discovered that this 441 cube matrix is a living system of information transmission that is always occurring; the cube is being transmitted to the larger mental field of the solar system and then into the planet.

The second stage of this transmission occurred eight moons later when a cube crop circle appeared at Sugar Hill in Wiltshire, reported on August 1, 2007 (Magnetic Moon 7, Cube 1, Kin 54 year, Kin 60, Long Count 11 Chuen, Kin 11). On the night that this appeared Valum Votan dreamed that he was taken to the center of the cube matrix.

The crop circle contained 18 cubes, 54 faces, and 144 triangles. It was the year Kin 54 (2007) and he perceived this as the clear sign that the Kin 54 year marks the entrance into the 6 cubes of the interdimensional shift. The measure of the first six cubes define the interdimensional shift:

6³ = 216 = 2 Wizard Year
5³ = 125 = 3 Storm Year
4³ = 64 = 4 Seed Year
3³ = 27 = 5 Moon Year
2³ = 8 = 6 Wizard Year
1³ = 1 = 7 Storm Year

This crop circle occurred on the cubing of the first heptad of the fourth ring of the Mystery of the Stone: 54 x 4 = 216. This occurred at the beginning of the Monkey Genesis—20 Tablets, Cube 11: 2007- 2008. “Monkey Genesis Anchors Magic of Lunar Earth Wizards.”

After three years of daily work with this system, the Synchronotron was finally presented publicly at the 7-day Advanced Training Seminar, Babaji Ashram, Cisternino Italy, Lunar Moon 15-21, 4 Seed Year. This seminar is referred to in some of the Intergalactic Bulletins that elucidate different facets of the Synchronotron system.

The ultimate purpose of learning the 441 cube matrix system is to learn how to operate the Holomind Perceiver, a new sense organ located in the corpus callosum (see Book of the Cube). The Holomind Perceiver facilitates the integration of time, space and mind as the principle of radialized synchronization informing the totality of our being. Then we can begin to learn the language of telepathy or the language of Number.

This is a new cosmology based on the eleventh-dimensional system of the cube. It is a telepathic language referencing system that has nothing to do with historical modes. Within this system are various levels of hierarchical command and coding. Anything can be reduced to number and placed into this system.

When studying this system, it is helpful to keep in mind the following:

  1. Number is frequency.
  2. Number is the basis of all creation.
  3. Everything in creation is based on Number.
  4. Number is the primary, exalted language; it precedes and evolves language.
  5. After language, there is Number.
  6. Number is the telepathic frequency language based on complete whole number mathematics.
  7. Number is a dimension, just as space is a dimension and time is a dimension. (where there is Number, there is mind).
  8. Number creates order out of time and space.
  9. All is number. God is a number. God is in all.

Crop Circle, Sugar Hill - Cubes

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