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Law of Time

Intergalactic Bulletin #17
Synchronotron Challenge: Cube Your Destiny

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"The 441 template and cube are intelligence constructs put together by the Councils of Sirius and Galactic Federation Assembly of Assorted Universe Systems in accord with the supreme universal system and the centralizing plan of universal unification.

"By offering the system of the Cube at this time a clear evidence and demonstration of the 'unified field' and the plan of unity is provided for the mind needing and seeking such proof; this system at the same time is an elevated and multidimensional system of knowledge and field of coherence." —Valum Votan

The Synchronotron system, inclusive of the Holomind Perceiver, is among the Highest intelligence available on this planet today. It contains doors upon doors of entry to the numerous levels of knowledge which are unfoldings of a meditation that has no beginning. But who can see? All the basic tools have been given, but who is practicing? These codes have scarcely been activated on this planet. How can we fathom the enormous opportunity and gift we have been given? The only way to know is by entering into this meditation.

For this reason this is a CALL TO REACTIVE (OR TO INITIATE) OUR PRACTICE. HOW? By CUBING OUR DESTINY CASTLE IN 20 DAYS. In this 20 days, which culminates on Kin 168: Yellow Crystal Star (January 1, 2015), also commit to daily codings and note how your consciousness shifts in this time. Note the feelings experienced in your body/mind/heart. Feel free to send us a brief note if you are participating with your name, bioregion, birthday and galactic signature. This way we can all tune into the Cube together.

This exercise is intended to entrain your mind into the cube matrix and with concentration much will be revealed to you. The purity of the Cube is the purity of the consciousness of divine essence. This is your consciousness, the cube is the reflection of its intrinsic purity.

Step 1: Have your 52-year destiny castle on hand. If you have not yet done this click here for instructions.

Step 2: Decode each year of your life. For now just go through it. It can be studied after you weave the pattern. The Key information you want to get for each year is:

1) Your key BMU's: Time*, Space, Synchronic and Master.
2) Your Master Telepathic Frequency Index: TFI.
3) Your master Kin equivalent.

*Please note your Time BMU remains the same through all 52 years at it corresponds to a fixed timespace point (birthdate).

Just start with a basic "stat sheet" and after you gather this key data then you can study it and other facets can be applied. This is your key personal study guide that can wield enormous information. Templates are provided below for you to print out.

If you are new to this, or just need a refresher course, instructions can be obtained in the Star Travelers 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity or Accessing Your Multidimensional Self, or click here for a refresher.

Step 3: Once all 52 years have been decoded, study the patterns.

  • Which year of your life has the highest TFI? The lowest? BMU?

  • Play with the numbers. Find the multiples of your TFI.

  • Note the BMU and its location within the 9 time dimensions.

  • Note where the BMU is within the 10 circuits.

  • Remember that each circuit corresponds to a planet from Mercury (first circuit), to Pluto (10th circuit).

  • Recall key memories at these different years of your life. Look up your BMUs in the Holomind Perceiver index for deeper contemplation. Note your feelings. Do you feel deeper levels of wholeness? Are you experiencing deeper sensitivity to subtle realms? Do you get shivers of activation in your body? Meditate on this and see what is revealed to you.

Remember that the Telepathic Frequency Index (TFI) is the composite number based on an overlay of numbers of the three primary templates (Time, Space, Synchronicity) corresponding to the same unit in the base matrix. All TFI numbers are multi-valued and can refer, depending on the natural and/or imaginal realms, ranging from elements of nature to scriptural verification and 13:20 kin codes.

However these are only outer meanings. The real meaning and value of TFIs numbers is in their intrinsic synchronic coding which create augmented intensity of internal changes, perception, and memory activation through pattern recognition. These changes correspond to the evocation of an innate template of knowing. This template of knowing is the 441 being made conscious as the transition formulation of intelligence that directs the neurocerebral functioning from a mental to a supermental stage of functioning (VV).

This is the opportunity of the New Beam. Feel free to share with us your results!

Decode Earth Families

Also study your Earth Family and the numbers and location on the base matrix, according to the Hunab Ku 21.

For example Polar Kin consists of Serpent, Dog, Eagle, Sun

288 = Serpent/Serpent Initiate
303 = Dog/Compassionate One
282 = Eagle/Seer
414 = Sun/Enlightened One

Sum TFI = 1287. BMU = 405. Kin eq = 247 (19 x 13)

Calculate your Earth Family, or better yet all Earth Families and find the total TFI for all five. Then find the BMU and Kin eq. You might be amazed!

All TFIs have 7 Multiplications of Themselves

As a function of the holographic cube, any base telepathic frequency index code has a total of seven multiplications of itself. These refer to the frequency increases of that base TFI during each of the 7 days of Creation.

In this example we will use TFI 672

1 x 672 = 672 (32 x 21)
2 x 672 = 1344 (64 x 21)
3 x 672 = 2016 (96 x 21)
4 x 672 = 2688 (128 x 21)
5 x 672 = 3360 (140 x 24)
6 x 672 = 4032 (192 x 21)
7 x 672 = 4704 (224 x 21)

The cumulative sum of these seven powers is 18,816 (672 x 28) (64 x 294) (49 x 384).

Here are some instructions given by Valum Votan…i.e. GOD (Galactic Ordering Dynamic). Time is Sacred Order.

  1. Study the cube until it unlocks your heart.
  2. If you have faith in one word of GOD, then you have faith in all of creation.
  3. Do your best, but the reward is from another dimension.
  4. Nothing is really up to you or your own desire. It is not we who do but God who does.
  5. Emanate your trust to your closest kin and serve all.
  6. Everything is of a matrix, moved by innumerable invisible forces.
  7. If you have doubt or fear then you are closing the door to the transcendent guide.
  8. What does GOD need of you but your mind purified and your heart opened?
  9. When the above are applied can the single thought construct descend upon you.

Stephanie South/Kin 185/Red Queen Yellow Overtone Star, Kin 148
Arcturus Command Station/GK Venus.
Signal Family unravels the Mystery
Seed Wavespell: flowering awareness
Day 120/812 day cycle
Magic Turtle Day: Completes Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance
Yellow Heptad (week 4) Power ripens fruit: Vision transmits intelligence
Complete fifth Master Time Molecule to the center of the earth
Fourth-dimensional Time pulsar
Blue Western Castle of Burning: Court of Magic

Heptad Gate 7: BMU 441, Magus of the Infinite
Sirius B-52 Hyperplasmic enlightenment: Activate 7th mental sphere-HMP
Silio: My role is to accomplish the actions of the Buddha
Heart Chakra mantra: Hraim

The Magus of the Infinite (441) opens the Gate of the Cube. The Artist (148) enters; guided by the Pathfinder (96), supported by the Magician (31) and challenged by the Yogini (18). The Artist receives hidden help from the Solar Prophet (113). Kin 113 = Day out of Time 2015.

Psi Chrono: Kin 197, Lunar Earth
Harmonic 37, Overtone Store: Remember Elegance of Radiance
Biphasic codon 30: Vision/Sun Crystal: Radiance of Space Defines Cosmic Awareness
UR harmonic 108: Infinite mind wave becomes waking consciousness

Time BMU 3: 4th time dim: cosmic cube
Space BMU 313: 8th time. dim. Arcturus forcefield
Synch BMU 401: 9th time. dim. inner core time
Master TFI = 1794
Master BMU = 30: 7th time dim. GM108 x forcefield
Master Kin eq. 234, Cosmic Wizard (signature of Carl Jung/Synchronicity)
Cumulative Harmonic frequency: 11183
Cumulative BMU = 158: 6th time dim. Antares forcefield
Kin eq. 3, Blue Electric Night
Hunab Ku 21 oracle TFI: 2049
Hunab Ku 21 BMU: 285
Hunab Ku 21 Kin eq. 229-Galactic Moon
Galactic I Ching: 20/32

Graphics and Templates for the Synchronotron Challenge

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