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About José Argüelles/Valum Votan Rainbow Bridge

Law of Time

Rinri Project

Image of Psi Bank activated by Magnet of Be-nessRinri means "ethical enlightenment. The Rinri Project is the name given to the overall experiment of triggering the circumpolar rainbow bridge. This includes scientific explorations as well as meditations for establishing a telepathic network, all based on the 13:20 codes of the Law of Time. One of the key meditation/visualizations is the Rainbow Bridge Meditation.

To learn more and begin participating now, download the Complete Guide Below:
download the Complete Guide to the Rinri Project, Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Experiment

The Rinri Project newsletters are a series of meditations and synchronic studies for advanced practitioners of the codes of the Law of Time.

Archived newlsetters, listed most recent first:

Rinri Newsletter Phase III, Mystery of the Stone Edition (2004-2010)

Rinri Newsletter Phase II, Phoenix Edition (2000-2004)

Rinri Newsletter Phase I (1996-2000)