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Law of Time


Intergalactic Bulletin #9:
Archetypes, Time Lenses and Telektonon Units

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In the last Intergalactic Bulletin we stressed the importance of becoming familiar with the nine time dimensions and five key daily numbers or Base Matrix Units (BMUs): (1) heptad gate, (2) daily calendar time code, (3) psi genetic space code, (4) synchronic kin code, (5) master daily code, and also the cumulative frequency code.

Once we understand this basic foundation then we can begin to “build up” our practice by adding in different levels of play and then plugging in and “reading” our results through the seventh mental sphere (holomind perceiver matrix). In fact any number can be plugged into this system to derive a new, multidimensional meaning.

As we increase our practice, we begin to see how the different interlocking facets of the synchronic order actually create one whole elegant system that begins to “light up.”  Also remember that this is a radial program, so when studying these matrices the left is the right and right is left. See graphic.

[441 Base Matrix showing radial relation to brain - Top of matrix = Back of Brain; Bottom of matrix = front of brain; Matrix left-side is brain's right hemisphere; Matrix right side is brain's left hemisphere]

[Graphic showing head with 7 Heptad gate locations and BMU numbers: Heptad Gate 1 = Dali, crown chakra, BMU 108; Heptad Gate 2 = Seli, root chakra, BMU 291; Heptad Gate 3 = Gamma, 3rd eye chakra, BMU 144; Heptad Gate 4 = Kali, secret center chakra, BMU 315; Heptad Gate 5 = Alpha, throat chakra, BMU 414; Heptad Gate 6 = Limi, solar plexus chakra, BMU 402; Heptad Gate 7 = Silio, heart chakra, BMU 441
Seven Heptad Gates
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The first step is always opening one of the seven daily heptad gates. These can be thought of as hyper-galactic portals in the brain that anchor and establish the holomind perceiver, the seventh mental sphere.

Ultimately the purpose of these daily practices is to gain the facility of locating the moving variables of the synchronic order and the cube matrix frequencies within the circuit chip of the holomind perceiver (and thus activate dormant powers of the mind).

In the last Intergalactic Bulletin, we focused on plugging the five key numbers (BMUs) into the Holomind Perceiver to get a “reading.” In the next Intergalactic Bulletin we will explore this further and show how to read more of the different coordinates. But for this Bulletin we turn our attention to the Hunab Ku 21 archetypes, the four time lenses and the Telektonon units.

Hunab Ku 21 Daily Reading

[Graphic showing head with 7 Heptad gate locations and BMU numbers: Heptad Gate 1 = Dali, crown chakra, BMU 108; Heptad Gate 2 = Seli, root chakra, BMU 291; Heptad Gate 3 = Gamma, 3rd eye chakra, BMU 144; Heptad Gate 4 = Kali, secret center chakra, BMU 315; Heptad Gate 5 = Alpha, throat chakra, BMU 414; Heptad Gate 6 = Limi, solar plexus chakra, BMU 402; Heptad Gate 7 = Silio, heart chakra, BMU 441
Hunab Ku 21 Galactic Superstructure
Seals/Archetypes/BMU reference
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For complete description, see
Book of the Cube, CHC Vol. VII
The Hunab Ku 21 practice helps us integrate the daily 13 Moon Dreamspell fifth force oracle with the 441 matrix, entering us into a daily archetypal story. Each of the 20 glyphs corresponds to a galactic archetype and to a numbered position within the 441 Base Matrix. Here we also have a 21st archetype known as the Hunab Ku 21/Magus of the Infinite (see “Intergalactic Bulletin #7: How to Enter the Hunab Ku 21”, as well as Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 5, Book of the Timespace and 7, Book of the Cube).

Each day we take the fifth force oracle of the daily kin and locate the corresponding stations of the archetypes according to the Hunab Ku 21 layout, inclusive of the daily heptad gate.

Example: Today is Crystal Moon 4, so we are opening Heptad Gate 4: Gate of the Initiation. This corresponds to the archetype of the Prophet (Skywalker) and holds the BMU 315 (V.11, H.17). Locate the numbers of the fifth force oracle and add them together with the heptad path.

315 (Heptad Path 4/Prophet)
288 (daily kin/Serpent Initiate)
315 (guide/Prophet)
282 (antipode/Seer)
279 (occult/Pathfinder)
276 (analog/Wizard)

[Kin 5 Oracle]Hunab Ku 21 oracle TFI = 1755 (5 x 351)

BMU = 432 – Master Frequency (2 x 216; 4 x 108; 6 x 72; 8 x 54; 12 x 36; 9 x 48; 18 x 24; 16 x 27)
Holomind Perceiver (V.12, H.13):  Holomind Perceiver (V.12, H.13) 5th Force Guardian of Buddha, final unit ninth 441 circuit, Inner Core Time, Ninth Time Dimension
Kin eq.: Kin 195: Cosmic Seer

You can then “read” the daily oracle together with its heptad gate, this integrates the Dreamspell codes, the 441 matrix and the new archetypes. Here is an example for Crystal Moon 4, Kin 5 Red Overtone serpent.

The Prophet opens the Gate of the Initiation
The Serpent Initiate enters, guided by the prophet; supported by the Wizard;
challenged by the Seer; and receives hidden help from the Pathfinder.

Additional Practice

In addition you may also add the kin numbers of the oracle to arrive at the fifth force oracle TFI. This can then be reduced to its BMU and kin equivalent. 

Kin 5 – Overtone Serpent
Kin 213 – Overtone Skywalker
Kin 174 – Overtone Wizard
Kin 135 – Overtone Eagle
Kin 256 – Solar Warrior

TFI = 783; BMU = 342; HMP = V.7, H.6 = +5, 6-D ESP coordinate of Cosmic Creation; Kin eq. 3 – Electric Dreamer

As mentioned in “How to Enter the Hunab Ku 21”, you may also wish find the daily kin frequency by adding the numbers of the 5 solar seals plus the solar seal for heptad gate (with Hunab Ku 21 counted as the 21st seal).

(Heptad Gate) Skywalker = 13; (Destiny seal) Serpent = 5; (Guide seal) Skywalker = 13; (Analog seal) Wizard = 14; (Antipode seal) Eagle = 15 and (Occult seal) Warrior = 16. 

13 + 5 + 13 + 14 + 15 + 16 = 76
Kin Frequency TFI = 76 (4 x 19)

52 Heptad Paths

In the Hunab Ku 21 practice we can also arrive at the daily Heptad (weekly) Path frequency (refer to the Hunab Ku 21 Playing Board). There are 52 heptad paths, which correspond to a seven day cycle.

The 52 Heptad paths connect all 21 gates. All the paths are evolutionary paths. There are two levels to the interplay of the 52 paths.

The heptad (weekly) level, where each of the 52 weeks of the 13 Moon year are correlated to a path of the corresponding number. Weeks are easy to determine since every moon has four perfect weeks. The heptad paths are arranged or indexed in just that way.

The second level occurs in the daily movement of the seals. Every day there are six moving elements, the daily heptad gate—and the five oracle seals. Any time two of the seals enclose a path then the path becomes part of the daily Hunab Ku galactic mediation. So every day there is at least one path—the weekly heptad path, plus possibly one or more other connecting paths.

To arrive at the daily heptad path frequency we add the weekly heptad path to any of the connecting paths. (For the weekly heptad path see 52 paths graphic and to find daily paths see Hunab Ku 21 Playing Board).

For example, Crystal Moon 4 corresponds to heptad path 45: Meditation evolves Sex.

So we add 45 to the connective paths according to the oracle and heptad gate.
45 + 41 + 20 + 19 = 125 (TFI for Heptad Path).

Note that if there is a double value on a particular path, we still only count the path once when adding our daily value. (This differs from daily BMUs in which double and sometimes triple values are added).

[Graphic showing all 52 Heptad Paths in sets of 4 each in Annual Planetary Service Wavespell format]
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 Daily Tonal Value and Four Time Lenses

Galactic time is a synchronization of events happening in a number of different dimensions of reality simultaneously. These four lenses or dimensions of consciousness, as illustrated on the Hunab Ku 21 Playing Board, are projected through the four time track overlays as simultaneity of on-going cosmic creation.
The four time tracks of “outer time” are coordinated within the first four mental spheres, and refer to functions of higher galactic consciousness.

Each day we can calculate the tonal value of the Hunab Ku 21 by multiplying the daily tone to the daily time lens. For example, Kin 5, is also tone 5. Tone five is located in the first time lens: 108.
5 x 108 =  540 (TFI tonal value; BMU 99; Kin eq. 20)

Remember that from the point of view of the higher dimensions timespace is a vast multidimensional cube. The four time tracks play within this cube.

Note that the vision of these four time lenses, as with the rest of the Synchronotron system, came through actual experience. This particular facet of the practice came through Valum Votan when he was in deep contemplation of how the third heptad gate opens to the third eye, and that 144 opens its gate.

In contemplating this, he left his body on an astral journey and before he knew it the time lenses were opening. He saw a distant lens with a diameter of 864,000 fractal years and a closer one with the diameter of 432,000 fractal years, kaleidoscoping down to what he perceived as Lemurian-Atlantean lineages to the Galactic Maya, all in a simultaneity of perspectives in time and place.

In other words, he had been shot through a radial memory tunnel to experience the overlaying dimension of different cycles of time. These two great fractal time lenses are then stepped down and projected out as transmission streams accessible through the 1352 samadhi and which constitute the GM108X mind stream.

Through deep meditation these time lenses can actually be “heard” as they activate the auditory canals similar to the language of the dolphins. When meditating on these lenses listen for subliminal messages within the intrinsic sound channels of the inner ears—right ear channel ringing is superconscious, left ear channel is subliminal conscious.

Valum Votan described the auditory aspect of the interpenetrating time lenses like this: “Superhuman subliminal information frequencies transduced into mathematical ratio interval frequencies played by some celestial DJ in a far off sector of the universe.”

[Graphic showing the Four Time Lenses and their galactic tone correspondences]

See Appendix below.

Telektonon Units

The 7-day cycle coincides every 140 days with the 20 day cycle (7 x 20 = 5 x 28) to create one 140-day Telektonon unit. There are 13 Telektonon Units to 7 galactic spins (13 x 140 = 7 x 260) = 1820 days or five 365-day solar years less 5 days (1 Holtun). (365 x 5 – 5 = 1820)

The Telektonon Unit is the larger organizing frequency of the Hunab Ku 21. This is because it organizes both the 28-day cycle (solar orbital frequency), the 20-day sacred journey count and the 7-day heptad gate cycle.

The journey of Hunab Ku 21 is essentially an endless one. The Telektonon Unit is the measure of galactic radiance emitted by the Hunab Ku, and a means of recapitulating the intergalactic soul journey.

There are two types of cycles of Telektonon Units.

1) Absolute Telektonon Unit is the 140 days that begins with Kin 1 and runs to Kin 140, the Magnetic Dragon - Planetary Sun Cycle.

The second of the 13-unit cycle runs from Kin 141 to Kin 20, Spectral Dragon - Resonant Sun = 280 days; the third cycle runs from Kin 21 to Kin 160, Galactic Dragon - Self-Existing Sun = 420 days; then from Kin 161 to Kin 40, Overtone Dragon - Magnetic Sun = 560 days and so on, until you reach the 13th Telektonon Unit, Kin 121-260, Self-Existing Dragon to Cosmic Sun = 1820 days.

If you can follow one complete cycle of 13 Telektonon units (7 galactic spins, then you have consciously completed a cycle of absorbing a slow pulsation wave of Hunab Ku radiance (thirteen undulations per 1820 days).

The 13 Telektonon/7 galactic spin ratio (13:7) establishes the primary frequency of galactic creation = 1 Holtun (fifth force power of five orbits)

2) The Relative Telektonon Units. Every year there are two relative Telektonon Units: 1) Moons 1 through 5, 140 days or seven vinals, and 2) Moons 6 through 10, 140 days or seven vinals more for a total of 280 days.

The first cycle establishes the base of radiance through Overtone Moon of Radiance, day 28. During this five-moon cycle the four outer harmonic power cells of the Hunab Ku 21 grid are activated and the four galactic powers of Cosmic Knowledge, Cosmic Love, Cosmic Prophecy and Cosmic Intelligence are established within you. 

The second cycle is for the manifestation of the radiance, ending Planetary Moon of Manifestation day 28. Moons 6, 7 and 8 are for activating the Matrix Power Cell and realizing the power of Hunab Ku within. Moons 9 and 10 are for establishing the four electro-etheric power cells, and creating the power of radiance from within oneself.

This leaves 85 days remaining. This cycle comprises the three last Moons which accounts for 84 days (28 x 3 + the Day Out of Time = 85).

These last three moons define a unifying cycle of planetary redemption and transcendence.

The Spectral Serpent Moon represents the reconstitution and liberation of Maldek. This Moon completes the spectral frame of the Galactic Tree of Life and Knowledge.

The Crystal Rabbit Moon represents the cooperative redemption of Mars.
This Moon unifies the first two power cells with the matrix.

The Cosmic Turtle Moon represents the transcendent regeneration of Earth
This moon unifies the last two power cells with the matrix.

85 = 6 squared (36) plus 7 squared (49). The difference between 36 and 49 is 13, which is also the sum of the two root factors (6 + 7).

The 85 days also have meaning as an 8 squared (64 days) plus 21-day cycle. Building on the 280-day cycle of the establishment and manifestation of radiance, the 64-day cycle from Spectral Moon 1 through Cosmic Moon 8 represents the purification and regeneration of the line of force or DNA.

The 21-day cycle from Cosmic Moon 9 through the Day Out of Time represents the integration of the cosmic radiance of the Hunab Ku into the DNA.

The Telektonon Unit also represents a gauge for establishing fractal units of harmonic measure.

Every 20 years or four holtuns, there are 28 galactic spins to 52 Telektonon Units and 1040 heptad paths.

Every 28 years there are 73 Telektonon Units, and 1456 heptad paths plus 4 accumulated heptads to accommodate the 28 Days Out of Time that occur over 28 years, or 1460 paths plus one more for the 7 0.0 Hunab Ku days that occur.

So the total of heptads in a 28 year cycle is then actually 1461, this is the fractal of the number years in the Sothic cycle of the Great Star Sirius. Hunab Ku 21 is a Sirius B transmission as are the entirety of the Law of Time and the codes of the synchronic order.

It takes 260 years for the Holtun cycle to coincide with the 52-year Sirius B Solar Galactic Cycle i.e 52 5-year Holtun cycles = five 52-year solar galactic cycles.

Index of the 13 Telektonon Units -1820 day cycle = 91 cycles of 20-day journey = 7 cycles of galactic spin = 5 solar years less 5 days = 1 Holtun

Telektonon 1 = 1 Dragon – 10 Sun, Kin 140 (140)
Telektonon 2 = 11 Dragon – 7 Sun, Kin 20 (280)
Telektonon 3 = 8 Dragon – 4 Sun, Kin 160 (420)
Telektonon 4 =  5 Dragon – 1 Sun, Kin 40 (560)
Telektonon 5 = 2 Dragon – 11 Sun, Kin 180 (700)
Telektonon 6 = 12 Dragon – 8 Sun, Kin 60 (840)
Telektonon 7 = 9 Dragon – 5 Sun, Kin 200 (980)
Telektonon 8 = 6 Dragon – 2 Sun, Kin 80 (1120)
Telektonon 9 = 3 Dragon – 12 Sun, Kin 220 (1260)
Telektonon 10 = 13 Dragon – 9 Sun, Kin 100 (1400)
Telektonon 11 = 10 Dragon – 6 Sun Kin 240 (1540)
Telektonon 12 = 7 Dragon – 3 Sun Kin 120 (1680)
Telektonon 13 = 4 Dragon – 13 Sun Kin 260 (1820)

[Graphic of 7 Tzolkins highlighting 13 Telektonon Unit cycles]

—Red Queen/Stephanie South/Kin 185 Red Overtone Serpent, Kin 5
Rhythmic Wizard Year
Psi chrono-8 Human
Fehu is the breath of Votan that initiates the initiation
Heptad Gate 4: Gate of the Initiation (BMU 315-Prophet)
UR Harmonic 95: Galactic art whole becomes meditation of reality
Master TFI = 500 (10 x 50; 5 x 100)
BMU = 59 (V.19, H.1)
HMP = -5, fifth magnitude sublimating external time of cosmic synchronization.
Kin eq. = Kin 240-Rhythmic Enlightened one.
LC: 10 Etznab

Appendix: Tonal Values in the Hunab Ku 21

All galactic tones are functions of four time lenses. The frequency of the time lens determines the tonal value. The time lenses represent higher-dimensional time engineering creation devices that are encoded with harmonic orders based on fundamental powers of 9.

Each of the four types of time lenses is loaded with an archetypal design template by means of which the time beams focused through them can establish renewals of creation.

The time lenses are frequencies of 108 (9 x 12), 144 (9 x 16)  216 (6³, or 9 x 24), and 288 (9 x 32). Two master time lenses are established by combining the first two lenses and the last two lenses, or a 432 frequency lens and an 864 frequency lens. (432 = 108 x 4 = 144 x 3) (864 = 216 x 4 = 288 x3)

These two master lenses actually represent great cycles of time, one of 432,000 years and the other of 864,000 years.

The 864,000-year lens is the unity in time of cosmic wholeness where all the seeds of the past and of the coming worlds are gathered together.

The 432,000-year lens is the lens of the star councils (Arcturus-Sirius) where all aspects of the 2012 script and the cosmic renewal cycle are prepared. The two master lenses contain the nature of the programs focused through the templates of the four different time lenses.

Four different archetypal templates loaded with the two general types of programs – cosmic wholeness or cosmic renewal – accommodate the 13 galactic tones that correspond to one of the four time pulsars. The combination of the tone and the time lens frequency value create what is called the tonal value.

[Time Lens 108]Time Lens 1 -Fourth-Dimensional Time Pulsar (Tones 1, 5, 9, 13)

Time Lens 108 Star Mind Template coordinates tones 1, 5, 9, 13 (time pulsar)
Tone 1 tonal value = 1 x 108 = 108 Magnetic frequency power of attraction
Tone 5 tonal value = 5 x 108 = 540 Overtone frequency power of radiance
Tone 9 tonal value = 9 x 108  = 972 Solar frequency power of pulsation
Tone 13 tonal value = 13 x 108 = 1404 Cosmic frequency power of endurance

Sum frequency of 4-D time pulsar = 3024 = 28 x 108: Harmonic timing standard established as star template of galactic mind.

[Time Lens 144]Time Lens 2 - First-Dimensional Life Pulsar (Tones 2, 6, 10)

Time Lens 144 Template of Tollan (New Jerusalem) coordinates tones 2, 6 and 10 (life pulsar)
Tone 2 tonal value = 2 x 144 = 288 Polar frequency power of stabilization
Tone 6 tonal value = 6 x 144 = 864 Rhythmic frequency power of balance
Tone tonal value = 10 x 144 = 1440 Line of planetary frequency power of manifestation

Sum frequency of 1-D life pulsar = 2592 = 144 x 18: 18-dimensional universe frequency of architecture of galactic life – foundation of Tollan.

Combine to create Master Time Lens 432
Sum frequency = 3024 + 2592 = 5616 = 52 x 108 (solar galactic time frequency) = 144 x 39 (triple order in time of the Life Temple of Tollan)

[Time Lens 216]Time Lens 3 - Second-Dimensional Sense Pulsar (Tones 3, 7, 11)

Time lens 216 Template of the Cosmic Cube coordinates tones 3, 7, 11 (sense pulsar)
Tone 3 tonal value = 3 x 216 = 648 Electric frequency power of bonding
Tone 7 tonal value = 7 x 216 = 1512 Resonant frequency power of attunement
Tone 11 tonal value = 11 x 216 = 2376 Spectral frequency power of dissolving

Sum frequency of 2-D sense pulsar = 4536 = 216 (cube matrix) x 21 (power of unity of Hunab Ku): Cube of time space matrix becomes ark of cosmic evolution realized as sensory spectrum of galactic order of being

[Time Lens 288]Time Lens 4 - Third-Dimensional Mind Pulsar (Tones 4, 8, 12)

Time lens 288 Template of the Sphere of the Polar Harmonic coordinates tones 4, 8, 12 (mind pulsar)
Tone 4 tonal value = 4 x 288 = 1152 Self-Existing frequency power of morphogenesis
Tone 8 tonal value = 8 x 288 = 2304 Galactic frequency power of holonomy
Tone 12 tonal value = 12 x 288 = 3456 Crystal frequency power of universalization

Sum frequency of 3-D mind pulsar = 6912 = 24 x 288 = 108 x 64: Stabilizing frequency of universal polar harmonic establishes Velatropa sector as base for generation of enlightened seed forms of galactic time travel.

Time lens of seeds of cosmic wholeness established = 4536 + 6912 = 11448 =
216 x 53 power of Sirian rebirth attains frequency of cosmic ark of consciousness
Cosmic Cube established as new order of mind.

The tonal values represent frequencies of harmonic creation in time. They should be studied for their intrinsic harmonic qualities and values in relation to other factors in the synchronic process. Like all harmonic numbers their telepathic frequency capacities increase with levels of intrinsic harmonic incidence, i.e., composite multiple factors that constitute the number's internal order. For example: 864 = 108 x 8, 216 x 4, 144 x 6, and 288 x 3, but also 27 x 32, 36 x 24, 9 x 96, 72 x 12, etc.

Also study the differences between the frequencies, for instance 3456 crystal frequency power minus 1404 cosmic frequency power = 2052 = 108 x 19,4th dimensional star mind template (108) moved by power of divine command (19).

[Graphic Showing the four time lenses in the 13-tone Wavespell]

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