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Law of Time


Intergalactic Bulletin #10:
Key Codes

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The 441 matrix Synchronotron is an evolving system of which the daily numbers are actually frequencies. As we become more familiar with the numbers, then we begin to understand more what these frequencies are and then begin to locate them on the Holomind Perceiver template (remembering that the left side of the template is the right side of the brain and the right side is the left side).

Every day you will be looking at a minimum of five points that are simultaneously activated in the Holomind Perceiver. The Synchronotron system teaches us how to maintain simultaneous levels of experience, points of reference, and simultaneous dimensions of reality which helps increase our continuing consciousness and tunes us into higher-dimensional thoughtforms (or mentation waves).

The following are the key codes to find the five key Base Matrix Units (heptad gate, daily calendar time matrix code, space (psi genetic) matrix code, synchronic matrix kin code and the daily master coordinating frequency (from which can also be found the cumulative frequency).

Click the links below to download the key codes:

7-day heptad codes
364-day 13 Moon cycle Time Matrix codes
260-day Tzolkin cycle Space and Synchronic Matrix codes

Special thanks to Kin 97-Ashani for typing these in and Kin 201 Jacob for arranging and enhancing them. Also thanks to Kin 259 Mertxe, Kin 229  Luna, Kin 201 Jacob, Kin 1 Mike, Kin 4 Cecilia, Kin 193 Reynaldo and Kin 198 Luis for all of their assistance.

If anyone would like to type in the 260 fifth force oracle TFI/BMU’s and fifth force seal oracles to add to the key codes that would be wonderful. Also, please let us know if you find any mistakes.

The following is a list of the various Synchronotron practices that can be followed daily. 

  1. Five basic BMUs is where it all began + cumulative frequencies. (These are the main daily telepathic synchronization numbers to focus on). Can include musical notes with these (see “How to Enter the 441 Cube Matrix”).
  2. Hunab Ku 21: Oracle BMU (five BMU’s for each of the five seals in the daily oracle, added to the heptad gate BMU). This can be laid out daily on the Hunab Ku 21 Playing Board. Also includes heptad path frequency (two different ways to play – primary way is given in “How to Enter Hunab Ku 21”, second way is described in Intergalactic Bulletin #9).
  3. 13:7 Synchronotron Wheel: 13 and 7 reciprocal interval BMU, sum BMU and composite BMU. (See Intergalactic Bulletin #4 for instructions – Click here to download the key codes). Also, click here to see some interesting Reciprocal discoveries from Kin 193 Reynaldo.
  4. Galactic I Ching BMU (see CHC Vol. 6, as well as this template, click to download)
  5. Tonal Value (Time lens x Daily Tone – see Intergalactic Bulletin #9)
  6. Hexamaride of the Octave (simply follow along each day)
  7. Fifth force oracle: Sum of the five kin numbers of the daily oracle.
  8. Daily fifth force number signature: Sum of the five solar seals of the daily oracle, plus the seal of the daily heptad gate.

Key to the Four Outer Time Dimensions

These four outer time dimensions function as a multiple track recording. All of the universe as you know it, and even beyond what you presently know, is a function of the four overlays of galactic time.” – Valum Votan[3x3 grid illustrating nine time dimensions]
Memory of all time contained in
the four outer time dimensions.

The four outer time dimensions govern all aspects of the cosmos as an evolutionary process from matter to consciousness that pertain to the issue of prophecy and its relation to the struggle between spirit and matter.

Let’s look more closely at these four outer time dimensions and what information is loaded into them. We can only give clues here – these are to be meditated on to derive the deeper layers of meaning. 

Imagine the 441 cube as a master synthesizing matrix that contains all knowledge that has been known or can be known in a simple matrix, which is a fractal of a larger matrix. The following as given by VV (Note: this is just to give a rough idea of how to think about the nature of each of the four time dimensions, but is really meant to be meditated on as a single whole). 

First Time Dimension: Cosmic Creation (back right of head)
Located in Quadrant 1: Alpha-Alpha
First mental sphere: Preconscious
["Time" binary letter - two solid/yang lines] Time Generator

All Creation myths and cosmic creation codes.
Includes DNA programs—carbon-based, four-enzyme (C-G-A-T);
1-64 260 array of psi bank, binary sets.
832 – 13-unit UR rune permutation cycle, 64 codons
0-63 Absolute radial I Ching program, 252 array, amplification of 7 and 9 programs; 128-Codon/64-Cell, array 512 – 12-Strand Second Creation DNA programs
7 radial plasmas; 7-day cycle, 7 generations creation codes
Cosmic science; galaxy generated codes. Hyperparton—cosmic electricity—7-stage cosmic evolution codes.
Laws of crystalline-binary/molecular amplification codes. Tables of elements-logarithmic spiral, mathematical laws of creation.

Profound Samadhi Alpha-Alpha plasma flow plugs into 9th time dimension, inner time, as Hunab Ku 21: Cosmic Archetypal personality reorganization codes.


Second Time Dimension: Cosmic Ascension (back left of head)
Located in Quadrant 2: Beta-Alpha
Fourth mental sphere: Continuing Conscious
["Mind" binary letter - an open/yin line below a solid/yang line] Mind Generator

Includes all programs of ascension/enlightenment codes/
Programs of cognitive-perceptual field/systems analysis
All systems of yoga (hatha, karma, jnana, bhakti, raj, kundalini, etc)
Integral yoga methods of cosmic reintigration
Sciences of self-perfection
All systems of knowledge that lead to enlightenment
Science of nutrition
Intergalactic spiritual unification codes – mathematical laws of psychospiritual communication
Psychology of soul programs/structures of supermental cognition and revelation
Methods and structures of suprametnal ascent and descent.
Divinatory and oracular methods of transcendence.

Higher Mind Control Beta-Alpha plasma flow plugs into 9th dimension, inner time, 441 Synchronotron telepathic communicator/telepathic synthesis codes and evolving field analysis –Universal Recollection (UR) and unified universal unification programs.


Third Time Dimension: Cosmic Synchronization (front right side of head)
Located in Quadrant 3: Alpha-Beta
Second mental sphere: Subconscious/Unconscious
["Radiance" binary letter - a solid/yang line below an open/yin line] Radiance generator

Includes all Law of Time codes of synchronic order – “Tzolkin matrix” programs and 52-unit light body programs.
13:28 synchronometer codes – interplanetary lunar cycle codes/Telektonon codes.
Prophetic timing and revelation codes.
Psi chrono/noospheric evolutionary and timing codes/5th force social reorganization codes.
Dynamics of Time and cosmic evolution
Telepathy and cosmic creation codes/psychic activation and acceleration codes (time beams etc. including the 5,125-year time beam).
Planetary/interplanetary heliospheric activation codes.
Binary/stellar – intergalactic pulsation information codes.
Psychoaesthetic activation codes
Bipolar spectral equalization and synchronic auto-luminosity codes.

Informative Samadhi Beta-Alpha plasma flow plugs into the 9th time dimension, inner time, as all intergalactic stellar-planetary evolutionary supervision and coordination codes.


Fourth Time Dimension: Cosmic Cube (front left side of head)
Located in Quadrant 4: Beta-Beta
Third mental sphere: Conscious
["Space" binary letter - two open/yin lines] Space Generator

Fourth-dimensional cube creation codes includes:
4-D space activation codes/cube of law
All timespace geometries.
Science of architectonics
Science of sound/geometry of music/synesthesia
Synesthetic field codes—morphology of galactic space
Construction of planetary art whole, stellar and galactic art whole
Cube cosmologies and cosmic time engineering
Stellar/planetary design principles
Hyperorganic field projection codes
Crystal/mental space transduction and transposition codes.

Waking Conscious Mediumship Beta-Beta plasma flow plugs in the vulom magnetic attraction force field and interdimensional portal codes.

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