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Law of Time


Intergalactic Bulletin #11
: Building the Archetypal Structure

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In the practice of the Synchronotron we are always working with a simultaneous holographic template of different working models.

We know that the foundational structure of the 441 matrix lies in the nine time dimensions. Of these, the four outer time dimensions govern all aspects of the galactic time knowledge including the 13 Moon calendar.

The other five time dimensions, including the ninth, the master coordinating time dimension, govern and coordinate radial time. Radial time includes all the alternate universe possibilities.

Note that the entire Hunab Ku 21 structure is located in the radial time dimensions.

As we saw in Intergalactic Bulletin #3 Principles of Telepathic Memorization,we want to begin to visualize and imprint this matrix so that we embody it. The daily numbers help us to familiarize ourselves with the different overlays of the 441 matrix.

We are actually activating a whole other template or vibrational frequency so we can bring it into our etheric nervous system and activate our whole body. In this way we can methodically imprint this whole system onto our corpus callosum so that we can start to visualize the circuits, the gates, the points in the head, etc.

The following exercise is a simple, but powerful way to enter our body into the 441 matrix, activating the different force fields, circuits and time dimensions.

If you are already familiar with the 20 + 1 archetypes, then this structure should not be too difficult to memorize. Once memorized it will open many keys of understanding regarding this entire system (see CHC Vol. 6-7).

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Once the above structure is memorized the entire system of the Hunab Ku 21 will make a lot more sense (see “How to enter Hunab Ku 21” as well as CHC Vol. 7 for more details about this system).

Here are step-by-step practice instructions:

  1. Orient yourself by locating the first four gates of light: Dragon/Primal Force (1), Wind/High Priestess (2), Night/Dreamer (3), Seed/Innocent (4) and work from there. Keep in mind that when looking at the graphic that left is right and right is left (you might find it helpful to hold the graphic facing out and glance down at it), so that Night/Dreamer (3) is at your right, on your equatorial heart meridian and Seed/Innocent (4) is at your left, on your equatorial heart meridian.
  2. Be aware of the vertical and horizontal channels with the center axis (Hunab Ku 21) at your heart. The vertical channel is the energy activation axis, which is balanced by the horizontal gravitational axis. It is all about balance. Be aware of the Marka pole (north) and the Darka pole (south).
  3. Note how the two horizontal force fields balance each other: left hand side, right hemisphere, dum kuali red thermic (heat) force field; and the right hand side, left hemisphere, dum duar blue luminic (light) force field. You can visualize the feeling as red activating heat on left and blue sublimating light on the right. Remember, feeling the balance is key.
  4. Note which time dimension each of the archetypes is located in. Note the archetypes are located only in dimensions 5-9.
  5. Feel the position and qualities of each of the archetypes within you. We each contain all 21. Take time with this and be patient – you will begin to feel a recognition of this structure as already existing within you.
  6. After you become skilled at locating the 20 + 1 archetypes within yourself, then you can begin to memorize the numbers for each on the Base Matrix and their corresponding place within the Holomind Perceiver.
  7. Note that the seven heptad gates all correspond to one of six UR Harmonic Runes, as well as the central Sirius B 52/Element 113.

We always begin with opening one of the seven heptad gates located both within your chakra system and with the corresponding position in your brain. Note that in this arrangement the 7 heptad gates assume a sequential rather than radial sequence. Crown, heart and secret center remain the same, but the root and third eye change places, as do the throat and solar plexus. This is also the same as the location in the brain (see graphics at bottom).

Practice simultaneously locating the heptad gates in both positions (brain and chakras), as well as the mental spheres (see CHC Vol. 6/Synchrogalactic Yoga). We want to gain facility to immediately locate, for example, the first heptad gate – both at our crown chakra and simultaneously in the position of the back of our head at the base of the skull. This increases our continuing consciousness and flexibility of the mind to hold different models of reality simultaneously. 

Index of the 20 +1 Archetypes with their Base Matrix Unit number, location on the Holomind Perceiver, and Time Dimension they are located in.

Four Gates of Light (note these four key gates are each located in a different time dimension).

1. Dragon (Primal Force) UR Harmonic Rune 84 (Heptad Gate 1) BMU 108
(seventh time dimension – GM108X force field)

2. Wind (High Priestess) UR Harmonic Rune 91 (Heptad Gate 3) BMU 144
(eighth time dimension – Arcturus force field)

3. Night (The Dreamer) Magnitude 2 red kuali thermic force field, BMU 126
(fifth time dimension)

4. Seed (The Innocent) Magnitude 2 blue duar luminic force field, BMU 90
(sixth time dimension)

Seventh Time Dimension/GM108X Force field
Court of the Avatar (Hand)

5. Serpent (Serpent Initiate) +7 beta-alpha external space flow, BMU 288
6. Worldbridger (Hierophant) -21 alpha-alpha external space flow, BMU 294
7. Hand (Avatar) UR Harmonic Rune 88 (Heptad Gate 2) BMU 291

Fifth Time Dimension/AA Midway Station/Red Kuali Force Field
Court of the Compassionate One (Dog)

8. Star (Artist) +7 alpha-alpha external space flow, BMU 300
9. Moon (Healer) -7 alpha-beta external space flow, BMU 306
10. Dog (Compassionate One) Magnitude 5 red kuali force field, BMU 303

Eighth Time Dimension/Arcturus Force Field
Court of the Prophet (Skywalker)

11. Monkey (Magician) +21 alpha-beta external space flow, BMU 312
12. Human (Sage) -7 beta-beta external space flow, BMU 318
13. Skywalker (Prophet) UR Harmonic Rune 95 (Heptad Gate 4) BMU 315

Sixth Time Dimension/Antares/Blue Duar Force Field
Court of the Pathfinder (Warrior)

14. Wizard (Wizard) +21 beta-beta external space flow, BMU 276
15. Eagle (Seer) -21 beta-alpha external space flow, BMU 282
16. Warrior (Pathfinder) Magnitude 5 blue duar force field, BMU 279

Ninth Time Dimension/Inner Core Time/Universal Cosmic Core

17. Earth (Navigator) red electrical current transformer, BMU 396
18. Mirror (Yogi/Yogini) UR Harmonic Rune 81, hyperneutron (Heptad Gate 6) BMU 402
19. Storm (Worldchanger) blue electrical current transformer, BMU 408
20. Sun (Enlightened One) UR Harmonic Rune 90, hyperelectron (Heptad Gate 5) BMU 414

21. Hunab Ku 21 (Magus of the Infinite) Element 113/Sirius B-52 (Heptad Gate 7) BMU 441

Review: Index of the Seven Heptad Gates of Hunab Ku 21

[Graphic showing head with 7 Heptad gate locations and BMU numbers: Heptad Gate 1 = Dali, crown chakra, BMU 108; Heptad Gate 2 = Seli, root chakra, BMU 291; Heptad Gate 3 = Gamma, 3rd eye chakra, BMU 144; Heptad Gate 4 = Kali, secret center chakra, BMU 315; Heptad Gate 5 = Alpha, throat chakra, BMU 414; Heptad Gate 6 = Limi, solar plexus chakra, BMU 402; Heptad Gate 7 = Silio, heart chakra, BMU 441The seven portals or heptad gates are played simultaneous to the 20-day cycle. These open the hyper-galactic portals in the brain that establish the holomind perceiver, the seventh mental sphere.

[Dali Plasma Seal]Dali: Arcanum of the Throne – Dragon – Light Gate of Cosmic Being
[Alpha-Alpha hyperplasma symbol]Alpha-Alpha – BMU 108 – GK Neptune

[Seli Plasma seal]Seli: Arcanum of the Avatar – Hand – Seat of Power of Cosmic Knowledge
[Alpha-Beta hyperplasma symbol] Alpha-Beta – BMU 291 – GK Earth

[Gamma Plasma Seal]Gamma: Arcanum of the Mystery – Wind – Light Gate of Cosmic Spirit
[Beta-Beta hyperplasma symbol] Beta-Beta – BMU 144 – GK Uranus

[Kali Plasma Seal]Kali: Arcanum of the Initiation – Skywalker – Seat of Power of Cosmic Prophecy
[Beta-Alpha hyperplasma symbol] Beta-Alpha – BMU 315 – SP Mars

[Alpha Plasma Seal]Alpha: Arcanum of the Timespace – Sun – Matrix Portal of Enlightenment
[Hyperelectron hyperplasma symbol] Hyperelectron – BMU 414 – GK Pluto

[Limi Plasma Seal]Limi: Arcanum of the Transcendence – Mirror – Matrix Portal of Meditation
[Hyperneutron hyperplasma symbol] Hyperneutron – BMU 402 – SP Neptune

[Silio Plasma Seal]Silio: Arcanum of the Cube – Hunab Ku 21
[Element 113/Sirius B 52 hyperplasma symbol] Element 113/Sirius B-52 hyperplasmic enlightenment – BMU 441 – Galactic Core

Kin 185, on behalf of Kin 11, Kin 66
Blue Resonant Storm year

[Hunab Ku 21 Grid showing the 52 Heptad Paths and their frequencies]
Special thanks to Paula, Kin 214 for compiling the 52 Heptad Paths graphic
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