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Law of Time


Intergalactic Bulletin #2
Holomind Perceiver: What it is and How to Use it

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441 Holomind Perceiver MatrixIncluded in the graphic study pack handed out at the 7-day Synchronotron seminar was one of the Holomind perceiver. However, this graphic and its theme were hardly mentioned during the course of the teachings. The title of the graphic, to be precise, is “Synchronotron Application, Holomind Perceiver 441 Matrix Codes.” As the title indicates, the Holomind perceiver is the means of applying the 441 codes to the development of the seventh mental sphere and new evolutionary organ of perception, the Holomind Perceiver.

The Holomind Perceiver graphic is a diagram of the circuit board or holographic nano-chip of the new, evolving extrasensory organ, the seventh mental sphere of radial consciousness. The organization of this nano-chip is based precisely on the fractal of universal time, the 441 matrix. The Holomind Perceiver (HMP) is to be telepathically imprinted as an act of self-evolution. Its origin is in the beam codes of the Sirius Star Council in their activation of Earth’s noosphere.

Anyone doing the Synchronotron daily exercises can begin the process of telepathically imprinting the Holomind perceiver. The Holomind Perceiver is essentially a hyper sense organ of transcendence. It is a fractal program of the original multidimensional cosmic matrix. Through its activation in ourselves we may learn to perceive radially through the entirety of our reorganized psychosensory and etheric perceptual apparatus.

While it is projected as a telepathic nano-chip at the very center of the corpus callosum, its structure also corresponds to and is projected upon the two cerebral hemispheres of the brain. Bear in mind though, that when we look at the graphic matrix of the Holomind perceiver, it is like looking in a mirror: the right side of the brain is on the left, and the left side of the brain is on the right, while the back of the brain or head is at the top and the front is at the bottom.

When you study the Holomind Perceiver carefully you can see that it is divided into four quadrants, and nine time dimensions. The four outer time dimensions are easily defined by the thirteen units that mark each of the four corners of the entire matrix, with the middle 7th unit being precisely at the corners. The lines drawn from units 1 and 13 define the four outer time dimensions. By continuing the lines, connecting them to the opposite sides, the other five time dimensions are easily defined.

The four space quadrants follow the sequence of the four outer time dimensions, such that the first quadrant is in the upper left of the graphic, the second is in the upper right, the third is to the lower left, and the fourth to the lower right. The quadrants are identified as containing the four master programs of the four hyper-plasmas: alpha alpha, first quadrant, beta alpha second quadrant, alpha beta third quadrant, and beta beta fourth quadrant.

The 11th vertical and the 11th horizontal rows define the four quadrants such that each of the four radial time dimensions (5th left hand side, 6th, right hand side, 7th above and 8th below, are all divided in half by two quadrants each: 5th time, 1st and 3rd quadrants; 6th time, 4th and 2nd quadrants; 7th time, 1st and 2nd quadrants; and 8th time, 3rd and 4th quadrants.

The ninth or inner time is a perfectly self-contained circuitry, yet in its structure it is the master coordinator of each of the four quadrants, there being 9 units of each quadrant within the 9th time, the other 13 units being contained in the two 11 axes. These two determining axes are the carriers of the 5th hyper-plasma the Sirius B-52/element 113.

The vertical eleven is the electromagnetic axis and also corresponds to both the mauri tube around which the galaxies are spun, as well as to the central meridian of the corpus callosum unifying both sides of the brain.

The horizontal 11 is the gravitational axis holding the two major galactic force fields in balance – the thermic left hand side (right side of the brain) and luminic right hand side (left side of the brain); it is also the connector between the front and back sides of each of the two cerebral hemispheres.

Throughout its organization, the Holomind Perceiver is a totally integrated circuit exhibiting perfect radial symmetry. To learn the system it is helpful to color each part the same color, keeping the color the same for that part in the four time dimensions – and the four quadrants. Once you have colored the graphic then it is well to use it as an object of meditation, familiarizing yourself with the perfection of its radial symmetry.

The following catalogue or index of parts will help you understand the functions, purpose and way the Holomind perceiver works.

I. The Four Outer Time Dimensions

The four outer time dimensions are each self-contained and identical in their parts. Like all the time dimensions, each contains 49 units. Note that the number sequences are all divided into (+) and (–) sections. The (+) refers to activating magnitudes and the (–) to sublimating magnitudes. Note that in the upper set, the (+) and (–) sequences match each other, and in the lower set the sequences also match each other in the same way, but are opposite to the upper set.

Bear in mind that the four outer time dimensions are the locus of the first four mental spheres: first mental sphere, preconscious (1st time dimension upper left, right side of brain); second mental sphere, subconscious (3rd time dimension lower left, right side of brain); third mental sphere, conscious (4th time dimension, lower right, left side of brain); and fourth mental sphere, continuing conscious, second time dimension (upper right, left side of brain).

Remember that the four outer time dimensions also coordinate the movement of 364 days of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar in sequences that go from left to right, top then bottom (first seven moons), and then right to left, bottom then top (last six moons). The movement of consciousness (mental spheres), on the other hand goes from top to bottom starting at the upper left, and then from bottom to top ending at the upper right.

Holomind Perceiver showing Four Outer Time Dimensions

Four Outer Time Dimensions, Index of Parts

External time flows. All occur on the first or outermost 441 circuit, 13 units each (52 units total), such that the 7th unit precisely marks each of the four corners, dividing the flows into six activating and six sublimating units on either side. The external time flows coordinate the 13 cosmic time magnitudes (wavespell tones) with each of the four mental spheres, so that all consciousness functions are informed by the totality of cosmic time. The 13 unit flows each literally function as the outer time frames of the Holomind Perceiver.

Radial sense matrix. The remaining 36 units of each of the four outer time dimensions (144 total) constitute the radial sense matrix of the mental sphere coordinated by that time dimension. Each radial sense matrix consists of:

  1. Sixth-dimensional ESP circuit, 11 units each (44 units total). This circuit runs on the inside of the matrix just like the external time runs on the outside of matrix, and just as the 7th unit marks the four outer corners, the 6th unit coordinates the four inner corners of the four outer time dimensions. With five activating and five sublimating units on either side, the 6th-dimensional ESP circuit coordinates the first four mental spheres with subliminal communications according to magnitudes 1 to 11. The 11th (Ω) magnitude corresponds to the 11th horizontal and 11th vertical rows that coordinate the entire 441-Holomind Perceiver Matrix.

  2. Fifth force coordination circuit, 13 units each (52 units total). Always starts adjacent to the 3rd unit of the 6th-dimensional ESP circuit, but runs in opposite direction. The 7th unit is always adjacent to the 7th unit of outer time, (six activating and six sublimating units on either side of it), while its 11th unit is always adjacent to the 11th Ω unit of the 6th-dimensional ESP circuit. The 13 fifth force coordinating units are internal fifth-dimensional superconscious correlates to the 13 cosmic tones of the external time circuit, and transfer the cosmic time signals to the radial sense core.

  3. Radial sense core matrix, 8 (+1) units each (32 (+4) units total). Consists of a master time unit (at the exact center of the 49 unit matrix): 13, 26, 39 or 52. Each unit coordinates the five external sense nodes, including all internal and etheric body sensory information (the sense of touch, closest to the beginning of the fifth force circuit, always begins the sequence): the five senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight); the five organs (ears, skin, eyes, tongue, nose); the five consciousness modes (tactile consciousness, gustatory consciousness, olfactory consciousness, auditory consciousness, visual consciousness); the five objects (object of touch, object of taste, etc.); as well as the five action organs (mouth, hands, bowels, genitals, and feet)—the entire psychophysical spectrum composed of four sets of pentads.

    The matrix core also includes a psi input unit (adjacent to the 13th fifth force coordinating unit), and a psi output unit (adjacent to the 1st fifth force coordinating unit). Psi is the psychic energy released from the interaction of consciousness with mental sensory information. The +1 unit is the 3-D–4-D interdimensional phase alternator unit which the radial sense core matrix shares with the intergalactic core. This is located at the 5th unit diagonally located from any of the four outermost corners of the 441 matrix.

  4. Intergalactic core matrix, 3 (+1) units each (12 (+4) units total). Consists of the intergalactic core channel (located at V6-H6, V16-H6, V6-H16, and V16-H16); and an ESP output and an ESP input unit. The intergalactic core channel is the extrasensory means for channeling the four hyperplasmas—alpha-alpha (first time), alpha-beta (3rd time), beta-beta (4th time), and beta-alpha (or beta nova) (2nd time). The hyperplasmas are the lubricants of the four outer time dimension mental spheres. The ESP output informs the first magnitude of the fifth force coordinating flow, while the ESP input is informed by the 13th magnitude of this flow. The +1 shared unit is the 4-D–3-D phase alternator for plasmically activating the entire radial sense core.

II. Index to the Four Radial Time Dimensions

The four radial time dimensions can be categorized into two sets: a) horizontal (fifth time dimension, left-hand side, right hemisphere; and sixth time dimension, right-hand side, left hemisphere) and b) vertical (seventh time dimension, above; and eighth time dimension below).

Holomind Perceiver - Showing Radial Time Dimensions

The radial time dimensions are characterized by:

  1. External hyperplasmic space flows of 28 units each (112 total), 24 of which are contained in each of the four radial time dimensions (96 total), with the remaining 16 in the inner ninth time dimension (see next page). These inform the four outer time dimensions with alternating sublimating (–) and activating (+) magnitudes that correspond to the units of the harmonic 28-day standard. Each of the four external space flows carries one of four hyperplasmic charges: alpha-alpha, alpha-beta, beta-beta or beta-alpha.

  2. Within the four radial time dimensions there are also 16 generators and terminals in eight pairs, (two pairs per each of the four space quadrants), each pair containing both an activating or a sublimating generator or terminal. These sixteen units are all located in the first or outermost circuit of the matrix, and are either the generators or terminals of the external hyper plasmic space flows. The flows are thus coordinated in the following manner:

    On the left hand side (right hemisphere) for the first (upper) and third (lower), time dimensions, the alternating flows - alpha alpha and alpha beta respectively  - originate and run horizontally in the fifth time dimension; while in the seventh and eighth time dimensions, the alternating flows switch polarity and run vertically, alpha alpha upward and alpha beta downward. (Please note the numbering of the flows is not totally sequential but in groups of four, each creating the same U-shaped movement. Also note that the units 13-16 of each of the four hyper plasmic flows runs through the ninth or inner time dimension creating four hyper parton “cells”. These will be further discussed in the section on the Ninth or Inner Time.)

    On the right-hand side (left hemisphere) the flows originate in the vertical time dimensions, beta alpha in the seventh time dimension flowing downward and beta beta in the eight time dimension, upward flow. After switching polarity in the ninth time dimension the two sets of alternating flows terminate horizontally in the sixth time dimension. (Please note and meditate on the overall radial polarity of the flows and the functions of the radial time dimensions.)

  3. Force Fields and UR harmonics, special programs of the radial time dimensions: While the hyperplasmic external space flows account for 28 units of each of the radial time dimensions, all four radial time dimensions are also characterized by a special 21-unit matrix (21 + 28 = 49) that runs down the center three rows of each of them, that is, down the 10th 11th and 12th rows both horizontally and vertically.

III. Ninth or Inner Time Dimension

Holomind Perceiver - showing Inner Time DimensionInner time constitutes the archetypal time matrix and cosmic hyperparton, generator of all cosmic electricity. Herein the supreme coordinating multi-dimensional timing program of the “celestial hierarchies” manifests its coordinating signals and ordinances.

At its center is the 441, the single unit from which the rest of the matrix radiates, the 11th-dimensional channel from which the entire cube system of thought and galactic life patterns originate. From here into the very center of the corpus callosum flows the radially concentrating hyperplasmic Sirius B-52/Element 113. Around the 441 is the 10th circuit, with its 8 “stations of the ark,” archetypal repositories of the various UR messengers and teachers. (See index below)

At the four corners of the inner time dimension are the four hyperpartons: located at V8-H8, dum kuali, primal heat or thermic element; located at V8-H14, dum duar, primal light or luminic element; located at V14-H8, kum, heat of inner light; and located at V14-H14, kemio, light of inner heat. Each of these is the nucleus of a cell of four units each – the units 13-16 of each of the four external hyperplasmic space flows, such that alpha-alpha interacts with dum kuali, alpha-beta with dum duar, beta-beta with kemio, and beta-alpha with kum.

The four hyperpartons constitute the 14th unit of each of the flows, while the 13th and 15th units are the input and output respectively. These cells also define the 8th circuit as the hyperparton electrical circuit, since V11-H8 is the hyperneutron (also UR Harmonic Rune 81) and V11-H14 is the hyperelectron (also UR Harmonic Rune, 90).

Also on the eighth circuit (H8 and H14) from V10-12, both above and below, are three units each for a total of six units of the eighth runes of the six rune strands. In corresponding positions, adjacent to the fifth and sixth time dimensions, are electro-activating terminals for each of the three lines of force of the two force fields. The central unit of each of these, V8-H11 and V14-H11, are also transformer units of the two electrical currents, the red current running down the fourteenth vertical on the right-hand side and the blue current up the eighth vertical of the left-hand side.

Unit 16 of each of the four hyperparton cells occupies the corner position of the 9th circuit, the galactic fifth force: V9-H9, V13-H9, V9-H13 and V13-H13. These are the four master hyperplasmic-parton coordinating units for each of the four quadrants. (Note: 16 × 4 = 64, DNA life code, a clue to the potency of these four coordinating units.)

Intermediary to these four coordinating points on the ninth circuit are three units each for a total of 12 units: for each set of three there is a central Guardian at the Gate (on one of the 11 axes) and, on either side, an activating and sublimating station of the Guardians of the Fifth Force. These 12 guardians surround the 8 stations of the ark of the 10th or innermost circuit surrounding the central coordinating ninth station, V11-H11, 441, the channel for the hyperplasma Sirius B-52/Element 113.

The Nine Stations of the Ark—Archetypes of UR (indicated on the graphic by galactic notation):
1st Station: Abraham—archetype of the progenitor of UR
2nd Station:  St. John of Patmos and Padmasambhava—archetype of the revealer of hidden knowledge (terma)
3rd Station: Krishna and the avatars—archetype of the avatar as the embodiment of the descent of divine knowledge
4th Station: Buddha—archetype of the Enlightened One
5th Station: Primal Adam—archetype of the first created human type
6th Station: Eve, Mary, Red Queen—archetype of the divinely creative feminine (Shakti)
7th Station: Muhammad and Quetzalcoatl—archetype of the divinely inspired prophet
8th Station: Jesus Christ—archetype of the resurrection
9th Station: Noah, Pacal (and Valum) Votan—archetype of the messengers of time and the system of the Cube

Two sets of 48 UR Harmonics

Holomind Perceiver - showing 48 UR HarmonicsRunning down the three vertical rows of the seventh time dimension and up the same three flows in the eighth time dimension are 42 of the 48 UR Harmonics. The eighth units of the of all six UR Harmonic sequences, (6 total) are located on the eight circuit of the ninth or inner time dimension. Also recall that the 11th vertical row corresponds precisely to the center line of the corpus callosum which connects the otherwise disconnected right and left hemispheres. This means that two of the 6 sets of UR Harmonics (8 per set) run down the center of the corpus callosum, with the V10 and V12 on either side of the center line, accounting for the other four sets.

The 48 (6 × 8) UR Harmonics complement the 64 UR Runes that coordinate the 64 DNA Codons which function as the metabolic behavioral coordinators of the evolutionary unfolding of the genetic body. The 48 UR Runes, on the other hand, are the master coordinators, and refer to 6 octaves or 8-tone sequences of resonant frequencies intended to program the energy body for Second Creation functions and behavioral-perceptual modes.

The three upper 7th time dimension UR Harmonic strands are: 10th vertical, UR Harmonic Octave 1, Octave of Divine Decree, runes 65-72; 11th vertical Octave 3, Octave of the Galactic Life Whole, runes 81-88; and 12th vertical Octave 6, Octave of the Infinite Mind Wave, runes 105-112.

The three lower 8th time dimension UR Harmonic strands are: 10th vertical, Octave 5, Octave of Union of Ascent and Descent, runes 97-104; 11th vertical, Octave 4, Octave of the Galactic Art Whole, runes 89-96; and 12th vertical, Octave 2, Octave of the Tree of Cosmic Fire, runes 73-80.
The two key octaves are the 3rd (Octave of the Galactic Life Whole) and the 4th (Octave of the Galactic Art Whole), as they both align with the center line of the corpus callosum and define the evolutionary trajectory: crystalline matter is to life, as life is to art, only here life and art are understood to be functions of the galactic whole order of being.

Two Force Fields, Horizontal Time Dimensions

The central 21 units of the two horizontal time dimensions are characterized by the two force fields: left-hand side, right hemisphere, the dum kuali red thermic force field, and the right-hand side, left hemisphere, the dum duar blue luminic force field.

The horizontal eleventh row/gravitational axis defines the energizing core of each of the two force fields. On either side of the energizing cores, are the activating (+) or sublimating (–) transformer-insulator units. Note that these switch polarity, such that the 10th horizontal is sublimating in the fifth time dimension, and activating in the sixth, while the 12th horizontal is activating in the fifth and sublimating in the sixth.

Holomind Perceiver - showing Two Forcfields in the Horizontal Time Dimensions

Also note that the thermic force field activates the fifth superconscious mental sphere, while the luminic force field activates the sixth subliminal conscious mental sphere. It is important to tune into these qualities. The horizontal time dimensions and the two mental spheres unify the front and rear of the right and left hemisphere lobes.

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