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Law of Time

Introduction to the Synchronic Order

Appendix from Book of the Initiation, Cosmic History Chronicles Volume IV

Synchronicity is the operation of a higher moving template of mathematical order that coordinates all phenomena telepathically. The synchronic order is the fourth-dimensional order of reality; it is the realm of universal synchronization. The synchronic order and the Law of Time govern all manifestations of the third-dimensional physical plane. Its frequency, 13:20, codes in numerous ways the patterns of fourth dimensional time.

The 13:20 frequency constitutes recurring sets of cycles; the smallest cycle being the four-day pattern of the harmonics. In this pattern, we see that the 20 solar seals are coded by four colors to create the five sets: red, white, blue, yellow. One set of these is called a harmonic, the four-day cycle that establishes the first pattern of meaning: Red initiates, White refines, Blue transforms, and Yellow ripens. The next pattern is the chromatic (5 units for five-day cycles)—starting and ending with the same color.

The fundamental cycles of the synchronic order are:

4-day cycles
5-day cycles
7-day cycles
13-day cycles
20-day cycles
28-day cycles

Within the 28-day cycles, there are four seven-day sub-cycles. Everything is patterned, organized and harmonized in the seven-day pattern. The seven days are coded by the seven radial plasmas, the psychotelepathic plasmas that govern and organize the sequence of the seven-day cycles.

7-day Week/Heptad

260-day TzolkinWe are also following a 260-day cycle or galactic spin; there are 73 of these 260-day cycles to every 52 years. There are 73 five-day chromatics to every 52 weeks. There are five 52-day castles to each 260-day spin. In contemplating these cycles, we feel the rich complex of interactions and overlays, or harmonic patterns:

4-day harmonics/time cells,
5-day chromatic,
7-day week (heptad),
13-day wavespell (tones 1-13),
20-day vinal (five harmonics/time cells),
28-day moon,
52-day castle,
65-day galactic season/spectrum,
260-day spin (five castles),
364 + 1 Day Out of Time = 13 Moons.

4-day Harmonics/Time Cells

Smallest fractal cycle. The 20 solar seals are coded by four colors to create the five time cells (4 x 5 = 20). Each of these sets is called a harmonic with a basic pattern of meaning: red (initiates), white (refines), blue (transforms), yellow (ripens).

Harmonics/Time Cells diagram


5-day Chromatics

Five day sequence that starts and ends with same color. Each chromatic set has four chromatics each. The chromatics are essentially three types:
1. Clan chromatics,
2. Overtone chromatics
3. Wisdom chromatics.

Diagram showing Clan Chromatics

Clan chromatics define hands, feet, fingers and toes (human holon):

Human Holon Graphic

Clan chromatics also establish Earth's noospheric grid (planet holon):

Planet Holon Graphic

Overtone Chromatics diagram

Overtone Chromatics are defined by year-bearers (Gateway Earth family seals: Yellow Seed, Red Moon, White Wizard and Blue Storm); measure the 365-day year as the movement of the biomass constant: 73 5-kin Overtone Chromatics = 365-day solar orbit.

Wisdom Chromatics diagram

Wisdom chromatics code and define the Wisdom Cycles of Becoming and Return.
52 Becoming + 52 Return = 104 Wisdom Chromatics per cycle.

Click here to download a Chromatics/Harmonics qwik reference. [pdf]

7-day cycles (week or heptad):

Standard measure. There are four seven-day cycles per moon (4 x 7 = 28). Each day is coded by one of the seven radial plasmas.

13-day cycles (wavespells):

Standard fractal unit of measure. A wavespell can be 13 days, 13 weeks, 13 moons, 13 years, 13 baktuns, etc. There are 20 wavespells of 13 days per 260-day spin (20 x 13 = 260).

20-day cycles (vinals and solar seals):

20-day sequence always coded by the solar seal that codes the year. Creates an annual cycle of solar meditations.

20-day cycle also refers to 20 solar seals: Dragon to Sun (Harmonic Run)

28-day cycles (moons):

28 is the harmonic standard. 4 (weeks) x 7 (days) = 28. There are 13 moons per year (28 x 13 = 364) +1 (Day out of Time).

52-day cycles (castles):

Each castle consists of four color-coded wavespells (4 x 13 = 52). Five 52-day castles pace each 260-day spin (52 x 5 = 260) Castles are used to map different time ratios: 52 days, 52 years, etc.

65-day cycles (galactic seasons or spectrum):

There are four 65-day cycles within a 260-day spin. These cycles are coded by the third (electric) tone of the four kin of the polar earth family, i.e. Red Electric Serpent, White Electric Dog, Blue Electric Eagle and Yellow Electric Sun.

260-day cycles (one Tzolkin “spin”):

Fourth-dimensional timing gauge, based on a 13 x 20 matrix, which codes the 13:20 timing frequency.

365-day cycle (one solar orbit):

Also known as a solar ring, perfectly measured by the 13 Moon, 28-day harmonic standard.
364 + 1 (Day out of Time).

Note: If we coordinate the 13 Moon, 28-day pattern plus the 365th day (Day out of Time) with the 260-day pattern, we arrive at a cycle of 18,980 days, or 52 years, or 73 of the 260-day patterns. Also note that the 52-year solar-galactic cycle corresponds to the orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A.

Synchronic Order as Symbolic Construct

We are dealing with fractal patterns and symbolically coded constructs, inclusive of moving patterns of symbols: 20 solar seals, 7 radial plasmas, 24 Futhark runes, etc.

The synchronic order is the immediate elaboration of the primal pattern of number as it is projected from mind into time. There is void mind, then there is mind with the primary self-arising qualities of sound, light and fire; then there is mind that logically discriminates and creates a dimension of pure number.

[Generation of Time - 13:20 - 3 + 4 = 7 (3+1+3). 6 + 7 = 13 (6=3+3)+(1)+(6=3+3). 7+13=20]

The Law of Time is made up of primary symbolic constructs, the first being 13 galactic tones. Each tone or symbol has a unique quality that defines a wavespell of time. The 20 solar icons or symbols describe the movement of space in time. The 13-tone wavespell coordinates the 20 units of the movement of space in time to create a pattern of 260 different symbolic constructs, referred to as galactic signatures.

[Adventure Wavespell]

Each of these galactic signatures corresponds to one of the 13 galactic tones or numbers and also to one of the 20 solar seals and one of the four colors. These permutations create 260 possibilities. This is the primary symbolic set of the synchronic order. With their affirmations, the 260 galactic signatures constitute the Book of Kin.

[Generation of Space: Fifth Force Oracle (4+1)]The 20 “solar seals” each have their own fifth force pattern called a fifth force oracle. These fifth force oracles combine to create a larger fifth force pattern, which is the fifth force oracle board that shows the coordination of the movement of space in time. This creates a fractally repeating fifth force pattern with its own numerological constructs. These patterns move in time according to shifting color patterns.

[Oracle Board]

Everything is a harmony of fractally repeating patterns projected from the fourth-dimensional higher mind. This higher mind receives its imprint from the center of the fifth dimension that projects a specific program into the fourth-dimensional space of the evolving mind of whatever particular point in space might need and be receptive to such a program. The projecting fifth-dimensional mind is the “Sirius B program”. The fourth-dimensional mind, in this case, is Earth’s noosphere.


The 20 seals, with their fifth force oracle patterns, are organized by the wavespell in time to create a fractally repeating pattern of 20 wavespells (13 x 20 = 260). These 20 wavespells are contained within five castles; four wavespells per castle, with different colors, directions and functions: the red castle (East), white castle (North), blue castle (West), yellow castle (South) and green castle (Central matrix). There are five harmonics of time with 20 seals, and five castles of time with 20 wavespells. This defines the basic patterns of the synchronic order, but it is well to note that when placed on the boards they create genuinely moving symbolic constructs in time. The fifth force oracle, as well as the journey board can also be folded into a cube.

[260 patterns: Journey Board = 5 Castles of 52-days each]

Graphic of 28-Day MoonSo this sequence of 260 coded patterns interacts with a sequence of 365 (364 + 1) coded days. The 364 + 1 coded days reduce to the simple pattern of thirteen repeating sets of four seven-day weeks. Each week is based on one of four color patterns. The first week is red, the second white, the third blue and the fourth yellow. Each of the seven days is also coded by one of the radial plasmas. Each of the seven radial plasmas has its pattern, color and meaning that forms the seven-day week into a heptad for recapitulating the primal cube of creation.

Even the pattern of the orbit, which we think of as a 365-day cycle, is a construct of 13 sub-cycles—moons—coded by the four colors and seven radial plasmas. These 13 sub-structures, based on the multiplication of four and seven, are coordinated by the wavespell pattern. All the frequencies are resonant with each other and fit into the code and pattern of the annual wavespell, which, again, is a symbolic construct. Just as there are thirteen 28-day moons, there are also 28 thirteen-day wavespells.

13 Moons of 28 Days +1 Day Out of Time = 365 Days

There are also four-year harmonic cycles that consist of a set of red, white, blue, and yellow years.

[7=28 (4x7) (1+2+...+7=28) Power of 7 Cosmic Harmonic Standard (28). Primal Matrix = 9 (4+5) (4x5=20=Totality of Timespace

If we coordinate the 13 moon/28-day pattern plus the 365th day (Day Out of Time) with the 260-day pattern, we arrive at a cycle of 18,980 days, or 52 years, or 73 of the 260-day patterns. The mentioned cycles are all coordinated by yet another symbolic construct known as the galactic compass. Note that the 52-year solar galactic cycle corresponds to the orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A.

Galactic Compass

[Galactic Compass]

The galactic compass is comprised of five moving parts with different relationships of patterns, such as the four-color pattern at the center; the five-castle pattern in the ring around that; the 20-wavespell pattern with the seals of the wavespells; the 20-day pattern, which is not the same order as the wavespell pattern; and the 13 tones that go with the 20 days. Every year is coordinated by one of four seals from what is called the Gateway Family: Red Moon, White Wizard, Blue Storm or Yellow Seed year. Those seals recur every 20 days. The yellow ring corresponds to the pattern of the tones that occur every 20 days for any given seal. On the outermost ring is the frequency of those 20 day cycles. This frequency is coded into the Gregorian calendar to translate the old time into the new time.

All these moving parts on the galactic compass constitute a permutation frequency of 18,980 days, of which no two days are the same. These cycles repeat as 52-year patterns; every 52 years is itself a component of a whole different set of patterns. For instance, there are 260-year cycles of five 52-year cycles each—a chromatic of solar galactic time; there are also 260 52-year cycles and on and on ... Click here to download a printable template to make your own galactic compass.

(260-kin Tzolkin = Journey Board) x 73 =

How the Synchronic Codes Function

The symbolic construct of coordinates is projected into the layer of the fourth-dimensional consciousness from the “Sirius B” control center—projection of the 52:73 ratio. This ratio is projected down in such a way that the whole of the fourth-dimensional noospheric field is enlivened by the different permutations and patterns created by this Book of the Cube - Book Cover

Sets of 4 radial units. Tone sums always = 28
ratio. Once we have attuned our consciousness to the 13:20 frequency, then those pattern structures become obvious.

The basic timing frequency patterns are coded by what is called the Dreamspell, 13 moon/28-day frequency. This, as we said, is coded into the 260-day frequency matrix with its 65 sets of four radial units (or occult quartets), the tones of each set equaling 28. All the cycles are built into this matrix with its pattern of 52 galactic activation portals. The Dreamspell is the main significant symbolic structure. The Telektonon is the next symbolic structure in this unfolding and ever-evolving system.

The Telektonon shows the coordination of the 28-day cycle within the framework of the fourth-dimensional construct of the solar system. From this dimension, it is the planetary orbits that are of most significance, rather than the planetary bodies. A planet is viewed as an “atomic nucleus” (or electron) that holds a particular frequency in place; the frequency pattern is the orbit. The planetary orbits are the resonant frequency constants of the heliosphere.

The Telektonon is based on showing where the 28-day pattern occurs, which is in the circuit that connects the third and eighth orbits. The Telektonon also shows the structure of the 20 solar seals, broken down into a sequence of 10 each that correspond with the 10 planetary orbits of the galactic/karmic (GK) sequence, which goes from outer (galaxy) to inner (sun); and the ten orbits of the solar/prophetic (SP) sequence which goes from sun out to galaxy.

The 28-day cycle corresponds to the Earth sequence connecting to the Uranus sequence. This forms one circuit. The fifth force power in the Telektonon is seen as the five circuits that connect the planetary orbits. The first circuit connects Mercury and Pluto as the outermost (36 units). The second circuit connects Venus and Neptune (32 units), and the third circuit connects Earth and Uranus. The third circuit consists of 28 units which translates as the 28-day lunar orbital cycle. In this way, we are able to track the 28-day cycle as a planetary circuit. This is a unique and distinguishing pattern.

We are not only following a pattern of four weeks in a schematic coordinated by the wavespell, but we are also following a pattern that coordinates the orbital frequencies of the third planet, Earth, and the eighth planet, Uranus. This is the third circuit. The fourth circuit connects Mars and Saturn (24 units); and the fifth, the innermost circuit, connects the Asteroid Belt/Maldek with Jupiter (20 units).

Click here to download a full-sized Telektonon circuit board [pdf]

If we use this Telektonon board as an instrument of study then we see it is a matrix or template that shows the constituents or qualities of consciousness as functions of planetary orbits. Each of the planets is afforded two of the solar seals or symbols. For instance, Mercury has the symbols Moon (GK) and the Dog (SP). The Earth is represented by the symbol of the Hand (GK) and the Human (SP). Those symbols are perfect for the Earth since this is where the hand and the human reside. The symbols for Uranus are Wind (GK), which represents spirit, and Earth (SP) with the power of navigation, for Uranus is the other Earth navigating our Earth.

The Telektonon board, as a symbolic construct, is a fourth-dimensional map of the solar system with a sequence of five circuits that coordinate 140 nodal points of consciousness. The number of units of these five circuits is 140 (5 x 28 or 7 x 20).

This number 140 is the frequency “Telektonon” and defines Telektonon as a cosmic unit of measure. The Telektonon template also indicates that there are two basic fields of consciousness: the telepathic (five outer planetary orbits) and instinctual (five inner planetary orbits or fields of consciousness. It also shows that there are six different instinctual and telepathic alignments from preconscious to subliminal conscious. This is a fundamental tool for following the synchronic order.

The Telektonon board also consists of many internal matrices—the most significant of which is the Cube of the Law, first introduced in the cosmic structure of the Dreamspell color cube.

The Cube

Cube of the Law - Showing three planes: Mind, Spirit & WillThe cube structure is essential to the synchronic symbology. In the Telektonon, the cube structure represents 16 units between the 28-unit third circuit and the two planetary flows. These 4 x 4 = 16 units establish the construct of the plane of mind which is a perfect cube matrix. The horizontal line across the center defines the plane of spirit and the vertical line through the center of the cube defines the plane of will. These three planes define the three internal planes of the cube: The plane of mind, which is the two-dimensional plane (the cube’s top and bottom sides); and perpendicular to that, the plane of will (the cube’s left and right sides); and the plane of spirit (the cube’s front and back sides). It is this cube structure as well as the 28-day structure that create the possibility of numerous other coordinating patterns within the synchronic structure of the Telektonon.

One of these possibilities is the 16-year Cube of the Law program of the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time within the synchronic structure of the Telektonon: The 16-year Cube of the Law is based on the 16 units occurring from day 7 through the three planes to day 22. This is an elaborate and evolved symbology which incorporates every single permutational sequence of the 64 codons or hexagrams of the I Ching.

Each of these hexagrams goes through a 13-week permutation process. 64 x 13 = 832. This is the same number of weeks as in a 16-year cycle. 16 x 52 is 64 x 13. This is one of the special applications of the Telektonon. Every line and codon in the I Ching is accounted for in a permutation sequence over an 832-week cycle which began on July 26, 1997 and concludes July 25, 2013. For each of the 832 weeks, the first six days are for placing the six lines on the six sides of the cube, and the seventh day is for “cubing the codon”.

The cube takes on increasing significance in the synchronic order as one of the principle coordinating constructs. In the higher-dimensional reality, the cube represents the complete integration of the time space. From the point of view of the fourth and fifth dimensions, time space is a cube. We often think of the universe as patterns of moving spheres in space creating the megasphere as the ultimate defining geometrical form of the synchronic order. The sphere represents the perfection of consciousness and mind—there are no corners. It is an utter perfection, everything has been equalized. This is why in the Padmasambhava Dzogchen meditation practices it speaks about the ultimate sphere. The ultimate sphere is the primordial, pristine consciousness in which there is no differentiation. In this regard we can say that the sphere is the absolute of the absolute.

The cube, on the other hand, represents the sum potentialities of time space realized as being perceptible and sensible to the different sense organs. The cube also represent the evolution of all the possible constructs of mind in the third dimension on up.

All permutational number constructs and whole number matrices are summarized and/or accommodated by the cube. The sphere, in some sense, is the realm beyond number. Insofar as we are dealing with evolving constructs, the cube is the perfect symbol. The cube has an invisible center point and everything is equidistant from the center: the top and bottom are equidistant to the front and back and the two sides.

The dimensions of the cube are in absolute equality. All the ratios are equal to each other. In the cube there are eight points or vertices, eight corners and six sides. From the point of view of the Law of Time the seven is represented by the center point. So the seventh day of the week is called the day of the cube. Each week, the six-line codon is cubed, that is, it is coordinated in a sequence with six sides—as are the different radial plasmas.

Seeds of the Knowledge of the Law of Time

The seeds of the knowledge of the Law of Time have been left by the Galactic Maya. Because of this, the Law of Time was able to be discovered, resurrected and constructed from the information left here (see Discovery of the Law of Time).

The key to this information existed in a single template called the Buk Xoc—the template of divination or permutation of the numbers 13 and 20. These numbers were first decoded by Tony Shearer and then passed on to Valum Votan—this is the matrix of the 13:20 timing frequency. Every aspect of the Law of Time, in one way or another, is embedded in this frequency matrix.

As we know, the 13:20 matrix is a function of the frequency 13:20 which is a universal constant of synchronization. Every four sets of numbers radially opposite of each other within the matrix adds up to 28, and that sum of 28 appears 13 times in the Loom of Maya or 52 galactic activation portals of the 260-day matrix. This demonstrates that embedded within this matrix is the 13 moon/28-day cycle as well as the 260-day cycle. These two cycles create the patterns of synchronization, the fundamental basis of the synchronic order.

The synchronic order was not discovered and formulated until the final three decades of the cycle, beginning with the codes of Earth Ascending and The Mayan Factor and the full explanation of these codes in the Dreamspell: Journey of Timeship Earth 2013, including the 13 Moon/28-day calendar. The Treatise on Time Viewed from its Own Dimension explains the Law of Time articulated as T(E)=Art: energy factored by time equals art.

Law of Time as Symbolic Structure

All harmonic mathematics are coordinated by the Law of Time. As mentioned earlier, a key factor of the 28-day cycle is the I Ching DNA hexagram/codons. These 64 codons are coordinated by the permutations of the 16 stages of the Cube of the Law, located at the center of the Telektonon interplanetary template. The 64 hexagrams coordinate with the 64 UR runes, and are organized into 16 sets of four within the 16 positions of the cube.

The 24 runes of the Elder Futhark are also placed in the 28-day cycle, where again we have a sequence of 24 runes, 6 runes for six days and on the seventh day we cube the rune sequence or psi plate. These runes also correspond to the different plates of the psi bank. In this way, we coordinate different symbolic structures on a daily basis and also create a construct of the planetary noosphere, inclusive of the psi bank.

As the thinking band of the planet, the noosphere contains within it the universal future memory. The psi bank contains all evolutionary programs and preserves every motion, every thought, all the slightest nuances and feelings that ripple throughout the waves of undifferentiated nature, of the human and the universe. Everything is recorded and nothing is lost.

These practices that evolved, particularly from the Telektonon, integrate consciousness in time with biopsychology, as in the example of the codons with the psi bank, to create the dawning noosphere.

We also have the 7:7::7:7 practices, where the patterns of the daily 28-day sequence coincide with the pattern of the four weeks, and the seven radial plasmas. As with the 16-year Cube of the Law, the 7:7::7:7 also includes fractal time constructs to create different heptagonons of mind, which are actually constructs of time. These are cubed within the Earth.

This is merely to illustrate that the Law of Time is an ever-evolving system of symbolic correspondences that, when practiced, telepathically rearrange the mind. If practiced daily, the synchronic codes place the components of consciousness into different fractal geometrical constructs of time. Ultimately, when the planetary consciousness is fully in the noosphere then these codes will rearrange reality as well.

 For example, in the 7:7::7:7 practices, these constructs of time get placed in the Earth every week by the daily practice of creating a time atom of seven parts. There are four time atoms, which create the master 28-unit time molecule that coordinates the octahedron at the center of the Earth. These are very interesting adaptations of symbolic constructs, utilizing them to co-evolve with consciousness and various organizing factors of the Earth as a whole system.

We can also place the 22 Major Arcanum of the Tarot into the Telektonon, spanning the 22-day cycle from day 7, the first day of the cube journey, through the 28th day. The 28-day cosmology of the great Sufi Ibn al-Arabi also fits perfectly into the Telektonon. This is all to underscore that the synchronic order exists as a symbolic coded pattern for the organization of knowledge as a program in time.

Once we understand that we are working with a harmonic matrix, then we can begin to take other symbolic constructs and place them within the ongoing synchronic order—the time sequences: the four-day, the seven-day, the thirteen-day, the twenty-day the 28-day, the 52-day, the four quarters, etc. All systems are contained within these cycles.

For example, the Mystery of the Stone practice works with symbolic constructs based on the fifth force oracles that integrate the nine great Lords of Time into the noosphere and into the planetary orbits of the solar system. These are moving symbolic constructs of time. By participating in the synchronic order and codes, we are actually participating in a creative order that descends from the fourth to the third dimension. By seizing the opportunity to engage the symbolic constructs of the synchronic order, we are slowly rearranging our consciousness and perceptions, and thus our third-dimension reality as well. This is the basis of our becoming participants in the Second Creation.

 It is an evolutionary step to even begin to engage the Thirteen Moon calendar, the Dreamspell, and the Telektonon codes.