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Law of Time

13-Tone Wavespell and Pulsars

The wavespell (or adventure wavespell) is a standard fractal unit of measure; a form constant of 13 units, representing a fourth-dimensional, 13-tone cosmology, or 13 tones of creation. Each of the 13 tones of the wavespell represents a discrete cosmological sequence, which describes a process of ongoing creation. Through conscious attunement to the wavespell, the self-reflective component of the planetary system, the noosphere, will recapitulate in unceasing waves the 13-tone cosmology of the fourth dimension.

“The wavespell is the primary template for evolutionary advancement provided by the codes of fourth-dimensional time. To understand the wavespell in its entirety is to reconstitute the epistemological basis and categorizations of human knowing.”
— The Call of Pacal Votan, pp. 55-56

“Through following the 13-tone cosmology of movement, the 20 tribes and four root races are capable of traveling anywhere through time, and entering other dimensions.”
— The Call of Pacal Votan, p. 62

The adventure wavespell can be used to plot action over any cycle of time operating by the wavespell: 13 days, 13 weeks, 13 moons, 13 years, 13 baktuns, etc.

[Wavespell Diagram]

Tone 1: Identify purpose. What is my goal?
Tone 2: Identify challenge. What are the obstacles?
Tone 3: Identify service. How can the goal be attained?
Tone 4: Identify form. What is the form of action?
Tone 5: Take command. Gather resources

Tone 6: Command equality. Administer challenge
Tone 7: Command attunement. Attune service to action
Tone 8: Command integrity. Action attains form
Tone 9: Formalize action. Action set into motion

Tone 10: Manifest challenge. Action and challenge meet
Tone 11: Liberation of service. Action dissolves service
Tone 12: Cooperation of form. Round table meets, past action formalized, future action prepared

Tone 13: Take magic flight. Magnetic return

Pulsars and Pulsar Code

The integration of the wavespell field of time is a function of the four pulsars. The pulsars show the unity of the four dimensions through time and hold true for any scale, 13 days, 13 moons, 13 years, etc.

“The cosmology of pulsars is the cosmology of interdimensional creation by universal telepathy. As the science of extending universal telepathy more profoundly into the present moment, pulsar cosmology is the intelligence factor informing the g-force or galactic beams.”

[Wavespell showing Pulsar geometry]
Note: colors shown are to illustrate the geometry and pattern of the pulsars

First-Dimensional Life Pulsar—Tones 2, 6, 10
Encompasses entire realm of biogeochemical changes which can now be studied or comprehended as the realm of geobiology.

Second-Dimensional Sense Pulsar—Tones 3, 7, 11
Encompasses entire psychophysical realm of electrosensory thresholds, which can now be studied or comprehended as the realm of art and physics.

Third-Dimensional Mind Pulsar—Tones 4, 8, 12
Encompasses the realm of mental and social development, which can now be studied or comprehended as the realm of cooperative cosmic order.

Fourth-Dimensional Time Pulsar—Tones 1, 5, 9, 13
Being of time and mind, the fourth-dimensional time pulsar unifies purpose through command, formalizes action and magic flight. The fourth-dimensional pulsar also informs and regulates the other three pulsars, which constitute three interactive triangular planes.

[Wavespell showing Pulsar geometry]

“While the four pulsars themselves define the synchronically interconnected realms of the four dimensions, the overtone pulsars provide cross-dimensional time structures.”
— The Call of Pacal Votan, p. 59

“The overtone pulsars are a function of the dot bar notation code and determine the appearance of Earth families within the wavespell.”
— Dreamspell, The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013, p. 58

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